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Victory and Freedom in Prayer

But do you know that you can access victory too? Do you know that you can be free from whatever plagues you through the power of prayer?

The Power of Your Tongue

God only made declarations, and things came into being. Why was it so? Because God knew that whatever He said would be carried out.

Living in Bondage

Those who are bound by God are people who clearly know what is right but still choose to do what is wrong.

Death, Sinners and Backsliders

As a sinner, you cannot cast the devil and his demons out. You can not be his servant and his master at the same time.

How Can You Keep Your Pregnancy?

Have you gotten pregnant before? Have you ever had to share the heartbreaking news of a miscarriage?Are you pregnant right now? God has favored you greatly! While you go through the process of keeping you and your baby in good physical health, you should also consider the spiritual well-being of your child. The bible revealed […]

Soaring Above Your Enemies

Have you been neglected, despised and ridiculed by people? Are you being attacked by household enemies and are suffering for righteousness sake?

The Secrets of the Secret

Have you ever met people like this? They’re clearly living in sin, reaping the rewards and for some reason, odds seem to be falling in their favour, and you wish to be like them?

Honeymoon: A Time for What?

When you do not know God’s will for your marriage, you may think that the honeymoon is the best time to enjoy sex.