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This course gives you insight into the concept of Evil altars and their influence on individuals and families. It also empowers you with knowledge and practical tools to dismantle evil altars and reclaim your faith journey.
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This an immersive course that guides you through the sacred tradition of fasting. It’s designed to not only educate but also to inspire a dedicated spiritual fast that resonates with biblical wisdom and personal piety.
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Destiny & Star Hunters

Violent Fire Prayers to Reclaim your Stolen Virtues
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Unleash your destiny & reclaim stolen virtues. Overcome limitations, recover blessings & embark on a transformative journey. Discover keys to fulfilling your divine destiny & unlocking your potential. Break free from chains of stolen virtues & step into a life of success & fulfillment.
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Dictionary of Demons & Complete Deliverance

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Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table
Your ultimate guide to understanding dark spirits and supernatural manifestations. Shining the light of God’s truth into the darkness. Top Secrets Satan and his demons don’t want you to know!!!

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Speaking Things
into Existence
by Faith

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How to Make Your Words Come True
There is nothing you cannot achieve as long as you believe it. Those who have this key have a language because nothing is impossible. Believe everything you say and you will reach your Promised Land.
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With an unwavering dedication to empowering Christian faith, Prayer M. Madueke has authored an extensive collection of over 200 books that delve deep into the realms of faith, prayer, and personal empowerment.

Embark on an enlightening journey where faith and understanding intersect to illuminate your way. Unlock your hidden potential, embrace the life-altering impact of prayer, and embark on a transformative journey towards a life of purpose and fulfillment.