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Overcoming & Destroying the Spirit of Rejection & Hatred

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Receive Love, Escape the Bondage of Hatred & Rejection
Everyone has been rejected at some point in their lives. This book has the secrets to being liberated from rejection-related behaviors such as perfectionism, fear, withdrawal from life, pride, self-reliance, people pleasing, lust, insecurity, inferiority, shame, and others.

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Overcoming & Destroying the Spirit of Rejection & Hatred​

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A wife’s submission is not a favor to the husband. It is God’s command. Therefore, she should submit in love, not as a slave. She

Opening the Doors of Idolatry

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Speaking Things
into Existence
by Faith

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How to Make Your Words Come True

There is nothing you cannot achieve as long as you believe it. Those who have this key have a language because nothing is impossible. Believe everything you say and you will reach your Promised Land.

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#1 Best Seller

Dictionary of Demons & Complete Deliverance

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Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table
Your ultimate guide to understanding dark spirits and supernatural manifestations. Shining the light of God’s truth into the darkness. Top Secrets Satan and his demons don’t want you to know!!!

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christian author books

Christian Prayer Books to
Fill your Life with Prayer

It’s time to set yourself free from spiritual bondage and live a happy Christian life. All you need to do is open your heart to God and let the right prayers and strategies empower you to overcome adversity. This religious bookstore has been created for this very purpose, helping you shape your life with Christian books by Dr. Prayer Madueke.

Whether you feel overwhelmed by the evil powers of Satan or are seeking divine guidance to help you live a sin-free life, a book can be a good starting point to lead your spiritual journey. Prayer practices will give words to your concerns and empower you to see the light in the darkness once you’re ready to accept God into your heart. Remember, you’re never alone in your journey as long as your faith is unshakeable.

As a founder of Prayer Emancipation Missions and a gifted author of Christian books, Dr. Prayer Madueke lets every believer in on the secrets of blissful Christian living through the power of words. You can now open your heart and mind to them as you browse this one-stop Christian bookstore in the United States. Identify your worst enemies, bring positive change to your life, and experience a healing touch from God — all while soaking in the Lord’s love.

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We say a resounding NO to wasting resources and feeling far away from God. Dr. Prayer Madueke’s books are available in electronic versions so that nature, humans, and other creatures are all united in His love. When you buy Christian eBooks online, you’re saving trees and spreading awareness that Earth badly needs these days.

You can opt for eBook bundles to get several books by Dr. Prayer Madueke at reduced prices. They are also great if you’re looking to give your loved ones a healing gift.

With eBooks, you can:

  • Start following Dr. Prayer Madueke’s words straight away
  • Choose from EPUB and PDF formats
  • Read them on your PC, smartphone, tablet, or any other device is considered a go-to place for Christian books for sale. Financial stress, relationship hurdles, and evil powers may take the wind out of your sails. But you can get it back with your head held high by embracing the power of prayer. Dr. Prayer Madueke can help you find the right words.

We all need a hand of hope. It can be a devout stranger, priest, or book written by someone who has devoted his life to God. And while it may be hard to get help in a face-to-face manner whenever you need it, Christian eBooks can guide you around the clock.

With an illuminated, valiant heart, Dr. Prayer Madueke has started this online store for all the children of God. It’ll take you just a few clicks to find a prayer book that’s best for your situation and be empowered through prayer.