Overcoming and Destroying the Spirit of Rejection and Hatred

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Find deliverance from the destructive effects of the spirit of rejection, receive love and acceptance, and finally obtain healing once-and-for-all.

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Overcoming and Destroying the Spirit of Rejection and Hatred by Prayer M. Madueke
Overcoming and Destroying the Spirit of Rejection and Hatred $19.99 Original price was: $19.99.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.
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  • Do you have a history of rejection from those who were supposed to love you?
  • Do you want to find deliverance from the destructive effects of the spirit of rejection?
  • Do you want to apply spiritual strategies and renunciation prayers to overcome the spirit of rejection?
  • Do you want to be equipped with breakthrough prayers, declarations, strong biblical parallels, and illustrations?
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Everyone has been rejected at some point in their lives. This rejection could have been caused by a variety of factors, including commission, omission, or ignorance.

Best-selling author, Prayer M. Madueke addresses a common wound that everyone suffers from, often at a young age. It is the feeling of being unwelcome and unable to receive love from others.

You will be liberated from rejection-related behaviors such as perfectionism, fear, withdrawal from life, pride, self-reliance, people pleasing, lust, insecurity, inferiority, shame, and others.

Find deliverance from the destructive effects of the spirit of rejection, receive love and acceptance, and finally obtain healing once-and-for-all.

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The secret to a thriving prayer life is not a formula; rather, it is the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Your prayer life will soar to levels you never dreamed were possible if you learn to engage with the Spirit of God.

Backed by sound biblical explanations and many testimonies,
The Holy Spirit empowers us to live transformed lives, and praying in tongues grants us access to the mysteries of God. He is our helper and has a rich, unique personality as part of the Trinity.

104 reviews for Overcoming and Destroying the Spirit of Rejection and Hatred

  1. Godsonn

    Very informative book thank God for vessels that are generous in with their gifts, in prayer, teachings, and impartations. God bless.

  2. Trust RMG

    This book is definitely a well written and hot topic. As someone who experienced rejection throughout my life, this book succintly identifies and calls out the spiritual identification of rejection but the prayer points and scriptures also provides practical insight for God’s promises for our lives and how by the power of his word we can prevail and overcome. This book is truly a great read.

  3. Malisa

    The review of Overcoming and destroying the Spirit of Rejection and Hatred by Prayer Madueke was very helpful. It gave me a better insight into how to overcome and destroy the spirit of rejection and hatred in our own lives. This is an area where many have been hurt by rejection in areas of their life. However, there is nothing God can’t do only if we believe. This is a very powerful book with prayers and decrees. This is a must-read book if you have experienced rejection in your life.

  4. Sergio

    Where to start? Well written by Brother Prayer, so many good details and information regarding Hatred and Rejection. Not only in reference to these subjects and or demons as well as their strongholds, but also “Hits the Nail on the Head”, where these can stem from, come from, derive from, and how to renounce and reject them with powerful pact prayers to take back what the enemy stole and crumble those demons and their oppression. This book walks hand in hand with Word of God, Brother Prayer quotes many good scriptures as lining up all points of reference straight from the Bible itself. Especially recommend this to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ that want to read up and armor up against such demonic forces, and take the fight back to the enemy! It was the Holy Spirit that led Brother Prayer to read and review this, and I am thankful to His Obedience as I am for the Spirit of Truth leading Me to find this book! I pray this book reaches many more souls, and may it arm them up against the enemy and set them free in Jesus name! Amen and Amen!

  5. drbaldwindrbaldwin

    This book addresses a common wound that everyone suffers from, often at a young age. It is the feeling of being unwelcome and unable to receive love from others. Everyone has been rejected at some point in their lives. This rejection could have been caused by a variety of factors, including commission, omission, or ignorance.This book has the secrets to being liberated from rejection-related behaviors such as perfectionism, fear, withdrawal from life, pride, self-reliance, people pleasing, lust, insecurity, inferiority, shame, and others. Did you know you could be spiritually marked to be hated, avoided and rejected ?As a biblical counselor I highly recommend this book. I believe many around the world will be set free. Dr. Prayer M. Madueke has done it again. Another excellent book. You don’t need to look far to see how these spirits are rampant in our society. He not only explains how people can identify these spirits but offers a 22 day plan for freedom.

  6. jann

    I love the multiple extensive prayer points. I realize that we can pray but knowing what element to cover during prayer and the strongman responsible, and leaving no stones unturned will give results to prayer; I know this download came under the Unction of the Holy Spirit & a blessing to us who will reap and gain understanding & be Free while adhering to the prayers . I like the incorporation of combining prayer points from ‘Commanding the Day’ that if you didn’t have time to do both in a particular day, sone of the points are already covered.

  7. Rosita Inesia

    Due to this explanation I understood why we are living defeated and how we can decree a thing and it shall be establish unto us.The various decrees are powerful and live changing.I am Xenia Welvaaart – Wright

  8. Robin McNeil

    What I really like about this book is that it is short and to the point. The author points out the fact that some Christians believe that once they accept the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior that all things of the past are automatically gone, but that is not true at all we must engage the spiritual world and cancel all curses and word curses said against us, cancel the curses of our ancestors and all these things just don’t go away. As always Mr. Madueke always has prayers that can be prayed to assist as well.

  9. Theresa L. Decembre

    There was nothing I disliked about this book. I have suffered with rejection from since I was a young girl and this book is exactly what I needed to help me in my journey of overcoming rejection. This is an awesome book. It hit on all the right points. Thank you so much for this book.

  10. Molebi Molebi

    One thing a lot of us christians are guilty of is prayer without declaration, and this book helps us do just that. But first of all we are taken through an eye opening teaching on on how the spirit of rejection comes about. I highly recommend this book. I have never come across such a teaching and I highly recommend it.

  11. Veronica Pinder

    Daily prayer arsenal to overcome challenges.

  12. Mario

    Truly a blessing to read this book. I can’t wait to see GOD’S deliverance in the area of rejection. I now know what triggers rejection.

  13. Sharhonda

    ANOTHER power prayer packed book from this annointed man of God!!! If you have found yourself in constant warfare & rejection then this book is for you!!! It’s direct & teaches you how to shift and break things off of your life using God’s word & principles. This is a LIGE CHANGER for those who are sick & tired of being sick & tired!!

  14. Rose

    Powerful prayer points that address all areas through which rejection can creep in

  15. Mamy

    I could not put this book down, from the first page to the last. I read it in one take😁. God still use his servant, the decrees are Spirit filled. May anyone reading this book experiences his/her breakthrough in Overcoming & Destroying the spirit of Rejection & Hatred by the grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  16. JEHOVAH’s Daughter

    Dr. Prayer Madueke’s book entitled: “Overcoming & Destroying the Spirit of Rejection and Hatred” is a must read for us who have decided that we must fulfill our destiny here on earth. Life is a battle. Life is spiritual warfare of satan against the LORD Jesus and His saints. The LORD Jesus said to His disciples in John 15:18-27, “They hated me without a cause, and they will hate you.” Dr. Madueke’s book is full of powerful prayer points that will, as guided by the Holy Spirit, indeed destroy covenants and curses of rejection and hatred against your life.I highly recommend this book. Upon utilizing this tool, you will surely come to know, As It is Written in Isaiah 54:17: “No weapon that is formed against a true saint of the most High God shall prosper.”Thank you, Dr. Prayer Madueke, for providing this powerful aid in spiritual warfare.

  17. M.R. Brown

    I enjoyed the message and the way the book is formatted with scriptures written in an easy to understand explanation that precedes and/or follows for easy reference. This book is the epitome of a man on a mission who executes the Great Commission through simplified teachings that’s eye opening, thought provoking, encouraging, and inspiring. This book is an exhilarating read that excites the soul.

  18. Reva Lee

    I love that this book has decrees to set you free from Rejection and Hatred. This book made me examine myself and I realized I dealt with spirits if Rejection and Hatred. Thank God for His power of deliverance through the Holyspirit and the revelation I received through this book.

  19. Jwaddell

    There are a lot of good prayers in the book. Overall it’s not quite as organized as some of his other books, but the prayers are really good.

  20. Jennifer G

    And where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Uncut honest review..after reading this book I seen a lot of what’s going on and has been going on in my own life in this book. Be prepared to pray for protection and bind any backlash retaliation and resistance, bind it in advance. I’m saying that’s how on point this book is. The enemy was mad at the declarations I’ve said. To me it’s a book you need to follow the prayer points more than once depending on how long this has been going on and with alot of us it can be years but we just didn’t realize it. The issue is humans believe in too many coincidences, I don’t even know why that word is in the English dictionary. What happens in the natural happens in the spiritual realm first. It’s almost like reading the book at some point of not majority is more of a prophecy than anything. It’s like a prophecy and a teaching and freedom all in one if you know what I mean. I’m really behind on my review, I read it a couple weeks ago, but it’s been so much going on and so much distraction which is another point that lets me know it’s truth in here. This review will bless someone and lead them into reading and God will reveal and he reveals to redeems. Everyone has face some kind of rejection in their life but are unaware it’s a whole demonic spirit. Rejection can lead to a spirit of heaviness, doubt, lack of hope and joy and distrust. It can lead to faith being watered because one may feel they will always get the same answer that there is no reason to pray or ask because they get rejection. He also teaches about different kind of rejection and hatred as well and you will be surprised at what you uncover. Don’t stall out, grab this and read and decree and declare and watch how Jesus will set the captives free. Giving God all the praise for knowledge, and using his servant to build his kingdom. We are in the last days and ignoring it and not believing in witchcraft, generational curses and etc is not going to make it not be, it is written many will perish from the lack of knowledge, and through knowledge the just shall delivered. As heirs of Christ we are the just. Deliverance is the children’s bread, God didn’t give us a limit is a all you can eat so get full on the word of God and the weapons of warfare he is giving us. God bless you all.

  21. sandrine griffin

    I love this book, it is very powerful…this book is a must read..

  22. Jane

    Rejection is a prison with very high walls. This book points the way out of that prison. It’s a must read

  23. Bryan Becker

    Good insight on spiritual warfare

  24. Lorraine Morris

    I appreciate all the supporting Bible scriptures. Great layout to follow was very easy to understand.

  25. Accidental Shopper

    This looks like a simple read; it is easy to read and it is short, but NECESSARY.You might say to yourself, I’m over rejecton and hatred, but this book will teach you some truths that you MUST know, even if you THINK you’ve overcome rejection and hatred on your own. How you FEEL is not all lthere is. The spiritual “film” remains on you until you do something about it. As always with Dr. Madueke the prayers are EVERYTHING.Get set free, for real.

  26. JillJill

    This book was an excellent read. It has opened my eyes up to so much. I have learned that life is spiritual and everything happens for a reason, sometimes unknown because of the mistakes of our ancestors. There are so many great prayers at the end. A true blessing to anyone who reads it.

  27. Ms I

    I give this book five out of five stars. This book can help to free a lot of people from feelings of rejection.

  28. Dan Chenoweth

    This is a wonderful book to help destroy the spirits of hatred and rejection. Complete with the prayers to pray to release you from all evil in your life. Simply beautiful!

  29. Taneshia F.

    I love the breakdown of rejection and the scriptural references used to show how biblical people were rejected and overcame it!

  30. The guy who buy’s

    For many years I knew there had been evil forces working against my life . I knew I had been black listed by the enemy. Things that I was thinking but yet not able to articulate was made manifest through this book. Yahweh gives us gifts and I believe that Prayer Maduke has had divine revelation with this book. I truly believe this was a God send. After praying theses prayers I truly feel the forces of heaven moving into action to help me . Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. Thanks for writing this .

  31. Amy Mendez

    This book is great for anyone who has been rejected or victimized. It helps to heal the soul!

  32. Nekisha

    This is a great read, and very informative. This is a MUST read for everyone especially those that are struggling with the spirit of Rejection. You can and will be set free in Jesus Name. Take the first step and get this book. The author provide a step by step guide that is easy to follow, and it will help his readers break free from Hatred and Rejection.

  33. Amazon Customer

    This book is a must have! It provides the rounds of hatred and way is can come into your life. The end of the boom provides decrees to apply to your life to eliminate the spirit of hatred.

  34. LaToya

    I want to personally thank you Dr. Prayer M. Madueke for your obedience to Christ Jesus opening up the understanding of the impact we all to most of us face dealing with rejection & hatred that’s outside of our control, a lot of us forget that it’s not against flesh & blood but against principalities & yet ignorantly we fight back toward our loved ones forgetting the battle is not ours but it’s the Lords, I’m dealing with so much spiritual warfare & I know it’s by Gods Grace & mercy he sent this brother in Christ to deliver this book, I needed it & I read this in less then an hour so the word of God draws my spirits attention & awakens life in me to be ready and able to speak against what’s fighting me, The teaching here is understandable and direct, I believe if you get this book Read this book, pray with fasting and apply the teachings from this book I believe a lot of healing will be achieved, Im grateful for this blessing book I’m adding this to my collection, I believe I have just about all of Dr. Prayer M. Madueke books & grateful to God to be equipped with the tools he speak to bless correction and away to live a God glorifying life, Glory be to God. Please get this book and share with every one you know, I’m declaring and decreeing Rejection & hatred will be lifted OFF ME & my bloodline in Jesus name Amen & those that know the word of prayer please pray for me as I thank you in advance Amen

  35. JR

    Another great book from Dr. Prayer Madueke. The author never fails to hit the nail in all of his books, but this book spoke to my spirit and my current situation. I am presently dealing with relatives that are full of hatred and bitterness. After reading this book on rejection and hatred I have come to realize that even as a christian I have been lacking the necessary spiritual warfare tools (prayers of decrees, fasting, and forgiveness) to deal with these demonic entities which are now working against me through my relatives. This book gives me the steps by step process I need to take to overcome these demonic spirits working against me. Thank You Dr. Prayer Madueke for this empowering book. I look forward to implementing your 22 decrees against the spirit of hatred and rejection!

  36. Angel

    Many people believers and non believers suffer from the spirit of rejection and hatred. This book is like a manual that leads us to breakthrough and freedom next to the word of God. Highly recommend into anyone who is suffering from the effects of rejection and hatred.

  37. John

    Excellent read for spiritual warfare and development.

  38. Yolie

    Dr. Madueke’s knowledge has given me understanding of certain verses in this book “Overcoming and Destroying the Spirit of Rejection and Hatred” ~ I am able to amp up my prayers including powerful decrees to make a shift in the atmosphere ~ this is a timely, well written, beneficial subject for all

  39. Delray

    Very thorough. Amazing reading!

  40. Paula Biancalana

    The book is awesome! If you have been rejected and hated by people for no reason you need to this book and do the decrees.

  41. Peter Opoki

    This small spiritual book by Dr. Prayer Madueke is loaded with vital information and prayers of decree for overcoming and destroying the spirit of rejection and hatred.I recommend every believer to buy the book, read it and pray the prayers of decree in it because everyone has ever experienced rejection and hatred in their lives.The book reveals that the main sources of rejection and hatred are Satan and sin while others are arrows of hatred from envious enemies.The good news is that believers can be delivered from rejection and hatred by the devil and his agents if they repent, live holy life, pray the prayers in this book and sprinkle the blood of Jesus.The author reminds the believers in the book that they are kings and their words of decrees have the final authority and not the words of the devil and his agents.Once again I urged believers to buy the book and use it in prayer for overcoming and destroying the the spirit of rejection and hatred in their lives.God bless Dr. Prayer M. Madueke and his ministry and all believers associated with this ministry.

  42. Kanazsha

    This book is awesome if you feel like everyone is against you or feel like people judge you everywhere you go this book is for you the decrees are very powerful. But this is a must-have!!!

  43. Rita

    So many people suffer from wounds of rejection that manifests itself in so many ways. Let this book help you walk through this.

  44. allofyou

    Another excellent book by this author. I have bought so many, because at the end of his books he doesn’t leave you hanging. He has prayers that you can pray to get healed. Some are so broken it will take several times praying through the prayers before you feel a release in the Spirit. But don’t give up, the spoken prayers cancel the words spoken over you throughout your life.

  45. Kindle Customer

    An immensely powerful book on spiritual warfare.As Children of the Most High God, we as Believers must be alert and take our position in authority, fixing and correcting our mistakes both spiritually and physically. And through this piece of knowledge and understanding we can prepare ourselves for battle to defeat the strongholds of Rejection and Hatred and to be delivered and set free from these spirits, in Jesus name.I do highly recommend this book to all who are in need of deliverance. As it is truth to our entirety, in this tug of war we face every single day.Thanks to be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And to the author, Prayer M. Madueke, for letting me read his book, it was very inspirational and helpful. HalleluYah, may our loving Father bless you and all our other brothers and sisters.

  46. Bernard Joshua Maye

    This book is informative to a follower of the Messiah, Jesus, and wants to be delivered from the spirit of rejection. The prayer points that Prayer Maduke provides are edifying, and will definitely provide insight.Thanks Prayer Madueke!

  47. Amazon Customer

    Teaching and Spiritual development

  48. Sonia Sanchez


  49. rickiya

    Overcoming & Destroying the spirit of rejection is a commandment for every believer. We all have experienced the spirit of rejection in our life. Thank God he has made a way of victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! This book will help the believer understand the origins of the spirit of rejection and how to declare war on the spirit of rejection. Lastly, there is a guide at the end that will help you to decree and declare victory!

  50. Shekema

    Rejection I endured at a very young aged lead me on the of Self Sabotage. I’m grateful for the Authors obedience..

  51. Lorijem

    Dr Prayer possesses an extraordinary knowledge of the supernatural and is a mighty warrior for the kingdom of God. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to applying it’s principles and prayers over my life.

  52. Amazon Customer

    This book: easy to read with very few errors, helpful in dealing with a common issue and the prayer points were very helpful because they address the various areas of our lives these spirits affect. Thanks.

  53. Alley W.

    His books have been a game changer for me, I appreciate the work of this author and his faith.Thank you for all you do in your ministry.Alley

  54. sheron mcfarlane

    Hatred and rejection is very destructive. This book taught me a lot of ways to overcome rejection. The prayers and decrees are very powerful. You won’t regret buying this book


    This book, by Prayer M. Madueke “Overcoming & Destroying the Spirit of Rejection & Hatred”, instills great wisdom and gives excellent instructions in righteousness. I praise the Lord for the work He is doing with this man of God. I am a better warrior in Christ after reading this book. My prayer is that this man of God will keep up the Lord’s good work.

  56. Eric

    Great book very helpful to understand the reason behind these matters. Great prayers to pray for freedom.

  57. Amazon Customer

    I will truly recommend this book to all followers of Christ. When you read this book you feel as if the words are speaking to your own soul. This book was hard for me to put down. I will read this book again and again I will use it in my personal prayer sessions.Another great book inspired by the Holy Spirit.Thank you Pastor Maduke

  58. ObaraJesus ObaraJesus

    Dr. Prayer Madueke’s new book “OVERCOMING & DESTROYING the SPIRIT of REJECTION & HATRED,” teaches us that the fundamental root cause of rejection and hatred lies in the spiritual realm. As he states that, “Such people are at times spiritually marked to be hated, avoided and rejected without help wherever they go. Sometimes, such demonic spirits move them to make heartbreaking, painful and unpardonable mistakes that will lead them into troubles. The spirit of hatred in the lives of her victims spread hatred, rejection and creates enmities that will move people to take negative drastic actions against them without genuine reasons.” Remember Ephesians 6:12 (For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places). Dr. Madueke also outlines our Heavenly Father provision to overcome, granting us love, acceptance, escape the bondage of rejection and experience the freedom of God’s acceptance. Dearly beloved, I strongly prescribe this book, and may our Lord Jesus Christ enrich your spirit as you read in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

  59. Mandy

    Powerful and encouraging book that deals with the demon of rejection and abandonment that people have carried for years not knowing that this demon has lodged upon them. V

  60. Adrienne

    So grateful we believers have more tools for freedom in Christ and how to activate our light to overcome the darkness! All Glory be to Yeshua amen 🙏

  61. Penelope

    I am grateful to have read this book! It has made me realize some of the things that has caused me to be trapped in a cycle of rejection/hatred. I recommend this to everyone in order to break out of cycle of rejection and hatred. Thank you Dr. Prayer M. Madueke!

  62. Robert l Shepherd jr

    Once again Dr. prayer Madueke has pinned a great book on being rejected and the steps to overcome

  63. Vicky

    Every Book teaches how we, as Christians need to take power and authority over the enemy. God never intended for Satan to overcome us.

  64. Apple of God’s Eyes.

    I must admit tho i use Hebrew names and was hesitant to read and once i started i couldnt stop.The Eyes of my understanding was opened on the root of Rejection and Hatred, i like the use of Scripture before the Authors words and i saw the Authors Prayer Volume. Decrees aren’t for kindergardeners its for SERIOUS WARRIOR. I recommend this book to those who experience Rejection and Hatred. I could not put the book down it magnitises. YAH Bless You Achi Madueke this is a MUST SHARE. EXTREMELY POWERFUL.

  65. Cassandra McWatters

    Rejection and hate are something we all experience at one point or another. Some of us prefer to write them off as just a part of life, but it goes way beyond that. This book helps you easily identify what rejection and hate look like and the exact steps to take to remedy and defeat these spiritual attacks. Must have and must read for every believer’s toolbox and one for their friend the non-believer as well. The prayers and decrees will prove more than handy in combating the enemy when he uses rejection or hate to try and defeat you and corrupt your heart. Very well written and easy to understand!

  66. Ka’ryress C.

    I expected more commentary throughout however I am new to Dr Prayers books & style of writing. However this book of decrees is very powerful & definitely one to keep in your library. I was blessed by this book and Dr prayers knowledge I look forward to reading more and learning more from Dr. Prayer great one to add to your library

  67. Amazon Customer

    Who knew that a spirit could be the cause of elusive love and acceptance, this book has the 20 steps of customized warfare prayers to overcome the marks of hatred and rejection following an education of how to identify this in ones life.

  68. Olorunwunmi

    This book is another masterpiece from Dr. Madueke! It is a must-have book for anyone going through the spirit of rejection and disappointment! If you have been experiencing shifting goalposts, this book will ensure your scoring and end all your troubles!

  69. 🎼music🎧

    Understanding the Principles truths of how belief in the lies of Satan who is a manipulator of our thoughts. If i could encourage someone to pray to our The FatherGod for HIS wisdoms truth, read particularly Pastor Madueke books, ask for simple clearity to understand, who we are in our FatherGod, thru Christ Jesus, we will stand against the weapons fiery darts of the adversaries. weapons can form, but not prosper. Blessings to Pastor Prayer Madueke and his Family, Congregation and Church Leaders. Thank you for accepting your call to the Fellowship of Christ Apostle. Read Pastors books. ask The Holy Spirit for peace and understanding while you study to show thyself approve. Blessings~ brenda form USA.

  70. Mrs.M

    When you finish this book you will feel like a roaring lion!!!!

  71. jestina kanja

    This book thought me how I should fight my problem with hate and rejection. if you are going throughextremely hated and rejection then this book is for you- You will have some dangerous decrees against hatred and rejection where you will pronounce it to yourself- I recommend this book to be read- Things will not be the same again in your life.Shalom

  72. Kindle Customer

    As the first chapter enfolds, one can see that words written are backed up with encouraging verses to reiterate what the author just said. Then comes in the prayers , short but powerful spiritual warfare prayers. I highly recommend the book to those who are learning how to pray.

  73. Yolanda Campbell

    Very Informative for God’s Children.

  74. tweety

    A must-read !!!. Be prepared for a life-changing experience when you activate the 22 steps. This book helps you see that you have an enemy you did not know existed. At a time we are being bombarded by an epidemic of rejection and extreme hatred. This book will give you step by step on how to deliver yourself first, then help others that you know are suffering from such behaviors as low self-esteem, shame, and inferiority complex. You can put a name on these unnatural occurrences that tend to be generational and have bombarded our lives too long. God has once again released a due word through our most honorable brother, Dr. Madueke. Thank you Jesus for our gift to the body of Christ. To God be the glory!!!

  75. Gaile Ford

    Great reading

  76. Alisa

    Madueke’s prayers have armed me like a warrior. I use his works when I’ve had enough! This book is another weapon against the devil and his works. You have to learn to fight through prayer and this book came right on time for my battle.

  77. Beryl Stuart

    There is nothing to like or dislike inthe Book. First ,in the realities of life some I have experienced inmy own life,and as a young mother and wife at the age of 19 i experienced my daughters baby clothes missing of the clothes lines.I will leave that alone,for nwo or in amore private time.Yes we have to believe because there is an enemy but thank God for our LIving Saviour who conquered every evil through HIS shed Blood.

  78. Cathy SCathy S

    My husband and I oversee the deliverance ministry in our church. This book will be one that we will keep in our arsenal! I couldn’t put it down. The decrees are biblical and powerful. I will go back to this book over and over again. I’ve been reading other book titles by Prayer M Madueke and so far I have loved every one!Highly recommend.Thank you to Prayer M Madueke

  79. David Searcy

    As always a wonderful book. Yes there are open doors to evil which we may have no knowledge of. This book rids ourselves of them.The book ends with wonderful prayers and decrees to help us in our spiritual warfare.

  80. Amazon Customer

    I really liked that before reading the decrees, the author gave a breakdown on key things that gives understanding to what the reader is about to read. Evidence was given through scripture on key things in the book. The book allowed me to really read each decree and then be able to speak with authority and stand on each decree.The decrees in this book really hit many different angles of dealing with the spirit of rejection. Many are crippled in the body due to this spirit. It is time that we call out this spirit with the decrees in this book.BlessingsPastor Alicia Jackson,Living In My Purpose (L.I.M.P.) MinistryBaton Rouge, La.

  81. Kindle Customer

    The prayers are helpful giving the reader many prayer examples.

  82. Tabitha

    I love how the author jumps straight to the point about the spirit of rejection and it’s cohorts and brings a spiritual biblical solution. I would recommend to anyone who has suffered from rejection in their life!

  83. linda booth

    Excellent read and highly recommend it. This is my 2nd review left.

  84. Rebecca Wilson

    Awesome book for anyone suffering from rejection. Be set free today

  85. J. LIM

    I have never realized that rejection and hatred is part of spirituality. But what this book said brought to mind some past not so nice experience… And made perfect sense to me.Thank you Dr. Prayer Madueke for the prayer points. And I look forward to victory and may my life give glory to God.

  86. shirley

    I really enjoy this book. It was a lot of things I didn’t know in the spirit world. It was a eye opening. Think you for writing the book. I will keep reading your books.

  87. Angela E Miller

    This book is timely and relevant for anyone seeking to overcome the powers of darkness in their life. The prayers are powerful and relevant! A must-read and must-pray in this season.

  88. Maggy

    It is very easy to understand with quoted scriptures from the Bible. I wish you could have include psalm 51 as a basis scripture for repentance before the steps.

  89. FaithfulBuyer

    This is an amazing prayer program. You won’t regret buying it. For years I was faced with such challenge but I am free!

  90. Abba’s son

    Wow; Truly we Christians are living far below our God given abilities our Heavenly Father intended. Father God forgive us of our ignorance and folly. It truly is amazing that when you know the truth you really are set free! Only believe-whosoever the Son sets free shall be free indeed. This amazing book helped me to be set free from spirits of bondage and darkness I was unaware of operating against me. When you are awakened to their tricks, plans and schemes it causes a righteous anger to arise within you to violently resist and destroy them by the power of your words! The militant decrees in this book help do that very effectively. Thank you Dr. Madeuke for your teachings on spiritual warefare. Any Christian struggling in life needs to look into this teaching that is able to help set you free of the enemies tactics!Abbas son

  91. John 3:16

    He’s an experienced Warrior for The Kingdom of God. He’s written a book with Powerful Applications from the Word of God, that are affective for deliverance. But we must take it back by force using the book as our Spiritual Guide.

  92. JM

    Prayer Madueke, has done again. This book is reader- friendly. He equips the reader with the necessary tools to get free from the spirit of rejection and hatred. He explains that people are rejected for various reasons. He also mentioned that ignorance can be a reason for rejection or hatred. He includes steps and prayers to help the reader get free.I would recommend this book to anyone who is dealing with rejection.

  93. Shary

    Great book to learn what to say and how to pray for deliverance. Thank you!

  94. Ty D. Wilson

    The book was so easy to read And helpful To me in identifyin areas in my home life where I felt rejected Which led to very very struggling battles depression times we allow people to disrespect us hatred is still hatred no one wants to be tolerated? We all want to be accepted for who we are… What I am experiencing my life right now where people are harming me and I don’t know why they have Sought to take my live and hold me accountable for something that I have no knowledge of I have no friends Or close family did I kill lean on independent finding out so from secrets they have any kept for they live in my life I turned 44 October 12th I cannot fathom in my mind Why so one would want to murder a 14 month old child? That is a heavy rejection to learn as of adult that’s your parents did I not want you… These days my heart is constantly heavy And I don’t know some days if I’m going to live Or die because these people are still after me they have infected me what HIV they have effected me with herpes on purpose maliciously what I read this book it enlightened me and soothe My mind to believe get there something On the other side of all of this Hate lies and vitriol… For people to have pretended to be only to walk away to attack me mentally in emotionally and in attack me physically My affecting my health… I don’t know what I did to them I do know that I helped them all at some point I did what Jesus would have done I Believe I have clothes and housed what Pampers in baby formula for children that were not even mine I have assisted in every way that I could taking a homeless into my home Make sure they will comfortable fed them image sure they were safe as well for a things I have been done to me I am appreciative That this book Existed during the time I needed most so thank you

  95. Peggy-Ann Lee King

    This latest book by Dr Madueke is a must read for believers. Most people at some time in their lives experienced feelingsof rejection and hatred and do not know how to overcome it. This book which is well written, highlights key points, prayers and declarations relevantto this topic. You would no longer have to be troubled by this evil, but apply faith to your prayers and declarations and be set free. Thank you Dr. Madueke for yet another useful resource.

  96. Jean-Bernard Digeon

    This book contains very good prayer points for spiritual warfare!! As believers, we have to be spiritually aware of the war that is present every day and always be strategic (the spiritual world is bigger than it seems). This book is going to strengthen my prayer life and wanted to thank Dr. Madueke for his work, many blessings in Jesus mighty name!

  97. MM

    This book was a book that was very much needed. This is a book will teach you things you did not know. This book has really blessed me. All I can say is WOW. This book will teach you decrees that you may have not known. I thank God for Dr. Prayer Madueke. My life will never be the same. This book is a must have book.

  98. Tom Connell

    This book is an eye opener. Lots of spiritual information need for this day and age we find ourselves in. Prayer has been given spiritual knowledge which is appropriate for anyone seeking knowledge for their lives. I enjoyed the spiritual revelation and understanding i have gained. Thank you.

  99. Kel

    His books are very powerful, and his prayers give insight into spiritual problems that we won’t hear about at alot of churches. Thank God for Dr. Madeuke and for answering his calling. He has blessed many and his work is setting many people free including myself!!

  100. Teresa DC

    Great book! Short but concise. Lots of thought went into it. Great message and super reading. This can be a really great addition to your Scriptural reading. A simple guide with daily readings to help you address challenges and negativity. Recommend.


    It’s a very good topic about how rejections affects a person’s life and other areas of hurts, anger and jealousy have affected people lives. And only God can set people free and can delivered them from the bondage. I liked all the prayers session. It’s very good prayers for deliverance. Protection and freedom. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and shared what He had shown you and you shared with the peoples who needed these informations. May God bless you and your ministry and family.God bless.

  102. Jerzica

    Rejection is a spirit that every one will encounter but this book will reveal the devices of the enemy so you can overcome and walk in full identity as a Kingdom ambassador

  103. Angela Bianca Echavarria

    Very helpful!

  104. Aaron Michaels.

    The author is always insightful in all things of faith and spirituality in God. Each book brings another insight into a different facet of life, the man knows spiritual warfare.

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