Praying with The Blood of Jesus

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Praying by the blood of Jesus is highly crucial in spiritual warfare. The power in the blood of the Lamb is the ultimate. No power supersedes it. The blood has been shed. But it must be appropriated and applied. You have the checkbook but you must write the check, This book will teach you how to apply this principle and technique.

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Praying with The Blood of Jesus by Prayer M. Madueke
Praying with The Blood of Jesus $15.99 Original price was: $15.99.$9.99Current price is: $9.99.
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A Divine Revelation of the Powerful Blood of Jesus

Christians are still trying to find the key to supernatural grace, protection, and mercy. Prayer Madueke unlocks the reality of the power of the blood of Jesus in this book.

Using accounts of healings, salvation, and miraculous deliverances, this powerful book emphasizes biblical concepts and explains how to apply foundational truths about the blood of Jesus to every aspect of life.

In this unique book, you will:

  • Become spiritually empowered, equipped, and energized
  • Break the terrifying grip of fear and torment
  • Create an atmosphere for miracles
  • Defeat oppression and sickness

Praying by the blood of Jesus is highly crucial in spiritual warfare. The power in the blood of the Lamb is the ultimate. No power supersedes it. The blood has been shed. But it must be appropriated and applied. You have the checkbook but you must write the check, This book will teach you how to apply this principle and technique.

53 reviews for Praying with The Blood of Jesus

  1. Kindle Customer

    I truly enjoyed this book. Because people need to know that the blood of Jesus works… Continue to teach us how to use the blessings if God to help others as well as ourselves.

  2. KARLO

    Great book! This book teaches you practical and powerful insights about how the Blood of Jesus can set you free from the evil forces of the kingdom of darkness. The book uses plenty of biblical references and it is based in the Word of God- Because we wrestle not against flesh and bones but against spiritual wickedness… Our weapons are not carnal but mighty in the Lord…. This book unveils the battlefield where Satan and his demons fight to try to devour whomever will let them. Satan has no answer to the Word of God, to the Blood of Jesus and the Name of Jesus!! This book is an excellent resource to help you understand the power of the Blood of Jesus and how to apply it to your life and loved ones and receive its mighty redeeming power of deliverance from satanic forces.

  3. Pastor AJ.

    I am so delighted in the way God is using M. Madueke through exposing the hindering secret of the enemies and also providing powerful praying points and topics to mitigate all negative impacts upon our lives. His books have greatly changed my life. He is a man greatly filled with deep revelation from the Holy Spirit. Please order his books and it will bless your Soul.

  4. Amazon Customer

    This book is another powerful reminder of the power of the blood of Jesus and it’s divine ability to heal, deliver, set free, transform, break yokes of darkness and so much more in the life of the believer. May God continue to bless Prayer Madueke for these life transforming books.

  5. Kindle Customer

    There’s nothing greater than the blood of Jesus that helps be cleaned! Praise the Lord!

  6. Porchia

    I need protection. I plead the blood of Jesus over my life on a daily basis. This book has helped inform me of the background of pleasing the blood . It has supporting scripture and prayers. I am currently praying the prayers. I will update at a later date how this book has impacted me and helped me.

  7. anita

    Our Lord is a Lord of truth ,love ,and the life a wonderful story glorifying Jesus and his power over the darkness ‘s ,principalities of the world and proof the devil is a liar and has very little reign left, I hope the youngsters of today AWAKE and see that playing with the occult no matter how mild has tremendous consequences STAY AWAY FROM THE OCCULT IN ALL ITS FORMS AMEN 🙏

  8. Melodye Geiger

    This is another powerful prayer book. Guiding the body of Christ in the authority and power of the blood of our precious Lord. Well researched so much explanation and scripture support then Pastor Madueke gives examples how to apply the blood of Jesus in powerful prayers. Deep understanding of the legal procedures in the spirit realm. Thank you Brother Madueke for this profound teaching. I highly recommend.

  9. Leah

    This is a great book to break off evil curses off your life. The blood of Jesus is the most powerful force and will speak on your behalf. This is a great book I highly recommend. It has prayers inside on how to pray the blood of Jesus to free you from judgement from your sins or that of your family.

  10. Noel Burrell

    Very powerful and fulfilling. A must read.

  11. Amy Mendez

    Another great read! Full of life changing prayers!

  12. Molly Schlumpberger

    Great book! Anointed Man of God!

  13. jabez

    This is one powerful book the unveils the efficacy of the blood of Jesus, it reveals the power of the Power of the Speaking blood of Jesus Christ; it shows how to engage the blood of Jesus prayer is a must read for every believer and intercessor.

  14. Jennifer

    Amazing book. Truly helpful for anyone looking to go deeper in knowledge on using the blood of Jesus in prayer.

  15. Bianca

    Good book

  16. Janet

    Great book

  17. Amazon Customer

    All about the blood of Jesus, who saves. Well written.

  18. Antonio

    WOW! WOW! WOW! This book is a must to get. I tell you since I have been commanding with a Decree the Crying Blood of Jesus – I am witnessing some changes in my immediate family. Halleluyah Jesus! My family is becoming on fire for Christ Jesus and they are on board with the Decrees of this book and other boos Pastor Madueke published. HALLELUAH TO THE LAMB OF GOD! Decree the Crying Blood of Jesus over your stubborn situation and family members that is not following Christ Jesus

  19. angela doyne

    a great read,powerful

  20. Tina M Beatty

    Learning more about praying with the blood and I would recommend it for everyone who is a believer of Jesus Christ

  21. Alisa B.

    I never read anything like this. Valuable to all believers and righteous in Christ. If you find yourself in a spiritual battle, like many of us are, this is a book that you must read. The blood of Jesus has power and it’s our protection.

  22. Krys

    A Powerful Book Of FreedomPrayer Madueke selected just the right wordings to pen the perfect book that is able to set you free from anything and everything that might have been holding you captive in any area of your life.Indeed, if The Lord Yeshua ‘Set You Free’ by The Power Of His Very Blood ‘You Are Free INDEED!!!’Thanks for the diligent work of the author and Glory To The Lamb That Was Slain 🩸

  23. Kindle Customer

    Another wonderful book by this author.

  24. SAM

    This book is thin but the content is brilliant if you need to break curses from the foundation of the world but this book . I’ve told all my born again friends . A new powerful tool in Spiritual warfare

  25. David Searcy

    Wonderful prayer book. Brother Madueke always writes great prayer books that I have learned from. Yes there are some misspellings but still a great book.


    This book excellently tells us how to apply the Blood of Jesus into our prayers, along with its importance and how we can use it to destroy the strongholds of the enemy. I truly enjoyed reading this book, as it was a way for me to learn, along with being entertaining while doing so. Thank you.

  27. Thabang

    This book has taught me that the greatest enemy of the church is not really Satan, but it is our ignorance. We are perishing because of lack of knowledge. What we don’t know has made a room for the enemy to have an advantage over us.I was reminded by the scripture in 2Corinthians 10:4 that God has given unto our disposal Weapons to wage war with the invisible enemy. For so long in my life I felt intimídate and full of fear of the enemy because I didn’t know the power in the blood of Jesus.This book has given me so much confidence and boldness in Prayer and encouraged my Faith in God to always know that I have the weapon that speak better things for me.May God bless you Man of God, Thank you for destroying the viel of darkness and bringing a light of revelation.

  28. Amazon Customer

    This book is amazing! I recently stumbled upon Prayer Madueke books when I was looking for Spiritual Warfare Books and ways to fight through prayer and proclaiming! This recent book Praying the blood of Jesus is another great tool in my toolbox! Thanks for continuing to educate and equip us with using goods word to fight against the principalities, powers and rulers of the dark!

  29. CW

    I have not yet completed this book but so far it is very interesting and informative!

  30. Angelica

    Very informative, a must read !

  31. Daphne Whitaker Spight

    The Blood will never lose its power. A lot of believers plead the blood but do not have a full understanding of the power in the blood. This book will teach you how to subdue kingdoms with the blood of Jesus. Get the book today read it and apply it to your life. Watch miracles explode.


    I just finished reading this incredible and eye opening book. I read from beginning to end as I was so blessed to read the scriptures, along with powerful prayers that I read out loud. I wanted the enemy to hear me claim the blood of Jesus.It was a short but powerful and concise read which I highly recommend to all who call on the name of Jesus Christ. Be blessed.

  33. Mrs. Mariela Alfonso

    Excellent book, I love the arsenal prayers in this book. Highly recommended it for anyone going through a difficult situation. The Blood of Jesus is the best protection against the enemy and his minions.

  34. Chrys Jaie

    I love how this author takes the time to go deep in a way where that even newest of believers can understand and grasp on to their authority in Christ! He teaches you how to fight and win. Anything he writes is worth the read.

  35. Barbara Laurent

    This book I like reading very interesting read this book 24 hours couldn’t put this book down.

  36. apriles78

    This book teaches you how to pray and decree using the name of Jesus. If you are born again, you are covered by the blood of Jesus, who is the mediator of the new covenant. Through faith in Jesus, your prayers become a weapon against the kingdom of darkness. The blood of Jesus will give you victory on the battlefield against sin, against failure, and against enemies who come to steal, kill, and destroy. You were meant to live an abundant life. Stand on the promises! As soon as you understand a promise of God, immediately the enemy comes in to steal it. So keep decreeing the decrees from this book, and don’t back down. STAND! And you will see victory.

  37. NOELLA K.

    This book is an eye opener, it is short and easy to read. It teaches about how powerful is the Blood of Jesus. I like how there were scripture verses to support the message. After explaining about the powerful Blood of Jesus, there were prayers that you can use to destroy anything sent at you from the kingdom of darkness. The only reason why I did not give it five (5) stars was because there were prayers to reverse what was sent and send back to sender prayers. I do not agree with reversing a curse or what was sent because it can come back once it was not destroyed or cancelled and I do not agree with send back to sender prayers since sending it back means that you are agreeing with the kingdom of darkness to send evil on someone and that equates to what the person initially did to you. I think it is better to cancel the curse or whatever was sent rather than to reverse it or send it back to the sender. Other than that, I think it is a good book and the prayers except for the reverse and send back to sender ones can be used if you are under attack from the kingdom of darkness

  38. Shaune Schockey

    From what I had read I like books that are backed by scriptures, its a good read.

  39. Carlos

    Excellent book

  40. Bryan Becker

    Great book really explains the power of prayer and the power of the blood of Jesus would recommend highly for all Christians to read


    i njoy read my book if help me a lot

  42. Robert Louis Shepherd

    Praying the blood of Jesus by pastor Prayer M Madueke is the ultimate tool and weapon for teaching Believers how to overcome our adversaries and enemies in spiritual warfare.The crying blood of Jesus which raised the dead saints and caused the centurion to believe and repent at the foot of the cross can never lose its power.This prophet who specializes in spiritual warfare, never ceases to amaze me with his in debt knowledge of the accomplishments Jesus has achieved for us by His death on Calvary’s cross and by the shedding of HIS BLOOD!!!

  43. Zumi Daniel

    Arrived next day. Very small compact book.Clear concise guide to what the Blood of Jesus does, and prayers for a wide range of issues.Highly recommend.

  44. Jane

    Thanks once again for a powerful resource to enrich our prayer lives. This books reminds of the central and all important part the blood of Jesus plays in our lives

  45. Tommy Brown

    This a Powerful and faith filled Prayer confession. I believe that this author; Prayer M. Madueke this is another great book from the man of God. This book give great insight into the power of the Blood of Jesus.

  46. Farida Mukungu

    Your books on prayer are a blessing am sure this one is great too.

  47. Shredder

    I know the Lord led me to this book. I decided to read it the exact same time I got it (before going to bed) and I am glad that I did. Not only was the info insightful,easy to read and the Scriptural references powerfully strengthened the message, but boy oh boy were the prayers powerful! I said every single one out loud and could feel the anointing destroying the yokes as prayer was made through the crying blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much Pastor for writing. I feel mighty- as I understand better how to use one of the greatest weapons of our arsenal. The Lord bless you amen!

  48. Lasonia Brown

    This book is indeed written in truth. I love all his books they easycto understand and it gives you exactly what you want to know.

  49. Fatima Cass

    The Book was AMAZING; it was simply POWERFUL! It has blessed my life; I now know how to plead the blood of Jesus for everything and over everything. Thank you sooo much for writing it as well as sharing it. This would be something that I will use Everyday for the rest of my life. God bless you, Sir(Man of God)

  50. Marika

    Thank you, Jesus, for Your precious blood!Truly anointed book that will open your eyes to unrepented sins to be addressed, and how by the power of precious blood of Jesus to fight and destroy all evil influences in one’s life.Also it will bring you an understanding about reasons and causes of a strongholds, seatback, illnesses, poverty and many failures in a different areas of life, and how it is important to call upon the blood of Jesus.Truly anointed book from Pastor Prayer M. Madueke that I can not praise enough, how incredible and powerful it is!This book is a necessity and one of must have as a blessing in believers life, as by applying blood of Jesus, you will too receive deliverance as I did.Be delivered, be blessed!

  51. Patrick Mensah

    An answer to prayers.Must read

  52. ak ash

    Prayers on praying with blood of Jesus is a must have for Christians to use as a tool in prayers.

  53. cocoabear

    There is power in the blood of Jesus.This scripure caught my eye,listen in this book.Numbers25;1-19 Israel was joined to baalpeor,and the number that died by plague was twenty and 4 THousand.Israel is still joined to idols,speaking of COVID.Deuteronomy 28 KJV,Jeremiah 16;13 KJV.No vaccine can save.Only Jesus can save.This book can help you learn how to break off your life,innocent blood that was she by your ancestors and crying against their descendants.learn how to break this off.

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