Evil Summon

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A wicked evil summoner can summon your marriage in a box, cup, or any container and put it in his room to speak to it every day. A single broom, image, or a feather of a fowl can represent your destiny in a place. Evil Summon is a must-read for every believer. Fight back, and expose the devil’s work in your life and family today!

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Evil Summon by Prayer M. Madueke
Evil Summon $15.99 Original price was: $15.99.$9.99Current price is: $9.99.
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Gain deep insight into a mystery, hell doesn’t want you to know! 

A wicked evil summoner can summon your marriage in a box, cup, or any container and put it in his room to speak to it every day. A single broom, image, or a feather of a fowl can represent your destiny in a place.

A wicked personality living next to your room may summon your health, business, etc. into his room and whatever he says to them every morning, day or night will be your portion if you do not know how to deal with evil summon.

Your greatness, health can be summoned and handed over to a wicked spirit living inside the water in a faraway country. Your star can be in a river in Africa, India, or far away continent while you are looking for it in just a nearby place.

Wicked occult summoners can put your health in the sun, moon, and stars while you are here on earth. Your greatness may be in the womb of your so-called a friend who is sleeping with you without you knowing it. As we know the world is filled with evil and wickedness.

Featuring practical strategies and stronghold-demolishing prayers, Evil Summon is a must-read for every believer. Fight back, and expose the devil’s work in your life and family today! 

38 reviews for Evil Summon

  1. Amazon Customer

    Straight to the point.

  2. Cindy

    This book is an essential for spiritual warfare.

  3. A grateful reader

    This incredibly informative book has been an eye-opener. The teaching in this, When Evil Altars are Multiplied, and in A Jump From Evil Altar is so relevant to the whole trajectory of my life, and I have not encountered these insights in the other authors I have read on the topic of spiritual warfare. I have prayed through about 10 of Madueke’s books at this point, and am growing in freedom by leaps and bounds. The Lord is unlocking many doors for ministry that have been sealed shut. People have been deaf and blind to the visions God has given me. But now, God is connecting me with on-fire Christians ready to see his kingdom strategies accomplished in this world. He is the one doing the work of simply believing, but I praise him for letting me partner with him in the good fight.

  4. Rachel

    Beautifully written and very informative. It helps to dismantled curses spoken over a child of God. You will be mightily blessed.

  5. Torfi Guðmundsson

    18/10 2020 Dear SirThis book has very valuable informations. I would like to thank you with all my heart for the informations in this book I live in the west fjords in Iceland the devil is not in the open here in Iceland, he is in hiding that is why the informations in this book is so valuable Thanks you and Many blessingsTorfi Guðmundsson

  6. Amazon Customer

    Very informative about the damages of being summoned. This book contains powerful prayers!

  7. Scott

    Powerful in the Holy Ghost to uproot ever seed of wickedness and command your enemies to scatter. Anointed and appointed!

  8. DO

    Exposition of satanic activities. Revelation knowledge. Powerful

  9. Frances Rivera-Cope

    I was very disappointed with this book. I thought it was a complete waste of money. Also, I noticed that the author recently changed the cover of the book in order to try to make it look more appealing. Apparently, since nobody was buying the book previously, he changed the cover to try to sensationalize the topic. The Word of God is NOT about sensationalism. Do not waste your money on this book. Read you Bible instead!

  10. AC

    Great and informative book! Must read.

  11. Barbara Mitchell

    This book highlighted the need for us to be vigilant in our lives as children of God. It also shows that God has given us the key and that we need to ensure we use it effectively. The scripture says that the people perish for lack of knowledge and we are seeing that in Christendom. Arise! Arise, God’s people. Although we are informed be aware that the enemy is also taking note and seeks to undermine what is the children’s bread. I gave this a five because it addresses things to be done in the Body but I think that the scriptures used should be labelled so that we can find them in our Bible to mark or ponder them, remembering that this is an ebook.

  12. Gladys Whitfield

    This is a must read book if you are in spiritual warfare or feel in your spirit that something isn’t right. Reading this book you will definitely have insight, hindsight and foresight into the demonic realm that tries to hinder, stop and block the Destiny God has ordained for us. Thank You for the Wisdom and Revelation. In Jesus Name

  13. Alexia Beckles

    This book was very informative. I always read for spiritual knowledge in books,much was given. It was a blessing to read this book .

  14. Kindle Customer

    I Love all your books, a tremendous blessing. More grace to you Man Of God!

  15. Mary Gamble

    This is a good book, it explains things I didn’t even know existed. A must read book !!!!

  16. Amy Mendez

    This book is absolutely eye opening! If you ever find your self moving from your bed to the couch in the middle of the night for no apparent reason then possibly you are being summoned. I recommend this book to those who are tired of being stuck to the same level and who are ready to disengage their enemies that are operating behind the scenes of their life.

  17. CW

    I have noticed a serious uptick in demonic activity in the area in which we live. I prayed to understand what it was that I was seeing and feeling. God told me to begin a study on witchcraft and was led to read Mr. Madueke’s book entitled EVIL SUMMON. This was the first book I read on the subject. EVIL SUMMON was quite informative and answered some of the questions I had been praying about. His writing was clear and easy to comprehend. The author uses scriptures to back up what he is stating which is what makes the book credible. I will look forward to reading more of his work in the future.

  18. watchmanseer

    You are on the right track, the book is missing Scriptures and references. This really is a must.

  19. Amazon Customer

    This book is a must read, it truly opened my eyes to some of the things I’ve been struggling with in my life and I am positive that the prayers at the end of the book are a gateway to my deliverance. Thank you to the author for allowing God to use him in this manner

  20. Alecia Layne

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     After my fasting i was lead to get this book.God is a good and great God .

  21. Kindle Customer

    Was short and didn’t have the prayers like I thought it would

  22. David Searcy

    Well worth reading. Great for all prayer warriors.

  23. Kindle Customer

    I love the prayer points in this book. They targeted the issues discussed. There were many Biblical accounts to backup the principles presented, which was good. However, the content is lacking. There was too little information and details about summoning and being summoned. I was expecting details and testimonies either from the author, victims who were delivered or converted individuals who practiced summoning. A bit disappointing.

  24. Jamie Hill

    Important information and I felt chains breaking as I read and declared the decrees over my life..God bless you and family in Jesus mighty name.

  25. princess thurston

    I enjoy reading this book it is an eye opening thank you very much Man of God for allowing God to use you to bring enlightment to his people.

  26. maureen davidson

    First and furthermost I honor and thank Father God for allowing our paths to cross. I thank our Father for the man of God for being obedient to share his gift with us for kingdom building. May our Father continue to bless you and your family beyond measure. I believe my restoration is here. I enjoyed reading it. It wasn’t hard to understand.

  27. Peter M

    I didn’t know what an evil summon is before reading this book. I definitely didn’t know how they can work and continue from one generation to the next. What a gift of knowledge this read is.It’s amazing the methods the enemy uses to steal, kill and destroy those who have chosen to follow Christ. It’s even more amazing to learn how to break free of these evil acts.

  28. Noxpen

    Hi Apostle Prayer Madueke, wow I got led to this book after a seven days of partial fasting. Yesterday I was somewhat questioning God and getting to a point of surrender to the enermy because I live a reveratial life towards the Most High was honestly concluding to say. I cannot amount to have the level God requirers out of me so this book became a light bulb. I cannot even express how revived I feel I can delve deeper into prayer and I am once more hopeful indeed the gates of Hades cannot prevail. Hallelujah🙌

  29. Merian Adderia Hudson Harmon


  30. Warrior H

    I was truly blessed by the contents. Very informative and provoking to take back your right from the wicked ones. It is an exposition that many need to read and be equipped in retrieving that which has been stolen from them.

  31. L

    This book is a major source of help along the journey to complete deliverance! God bless the author and all who helped this book to reach the masses! Shalom.

  32. Jessica LaToya Johnson

    I appreciate the prayers. This book is anointed to destroy the works of the devil. Thank you for allowing the Spirit of Jesus to bless you.

  33. Lisa Merdynes

    “Balaam told King Balak that as long as iniquity is not found in Jacob and perversion is outside the children of Israel, they will ever remain un-summon-able and will never be able to be attacked. Enchantment and divination cannot work against an un-summon-able person.”“To be summon-able, iniquity and perversion must be present in the life of the victims.”Prayer Madueke opens the eyes of the readers and educate them to how iniquity and perversion gives satan the legal right to impose evil summons on the lives of Christians. Evil summons work against the destiny, blessings, prosperity, marriage, health and the promotion of the children of God. Author Madueke educates the reader on how to defeat evil summons and get the victory in the name of Jesus! Powerful prayer points are included! Be prepared to burst forth and receive exceedingly abundantly above all you may ask or think!

  34. Amazon Customer

    This book is an excellent tool for dealing with spiritual darkness. Very powerful prayers are provided for success in every area of your life.

  35. apriles78

    If you have ever come face to face with evil, you need this book. Maybe you have fought against inexplicable injustice for years. Maybe you tried everything, everything, to break this curse. Well, you need this book. Don’t be fooled by the simple cover. This is a Christian book with solid principles that work against all forms of evil. It works against negative influences in your life and even neutralizes demonic forces. Some of the biblical imagery reminds me of Joseph Murphy’s work, which is also very solid.Have a corrupt boss? Have friends of the family who latched on to you? Have an unknown enemy? Have a known enemy, someone you’ve identified? Have a group of enemies? You need this book. It is very thorough and effective. The explanations cover mindsets that wicked people actually adopt to come against you — ways of summoning evil against you. Whether it’s an enemy operating against you with manipulation, lies, and corruption; or an enemy actually using witchcraft against you; or an enemy doing both — you need this book. Shut down your enemies. Protect yourself! Destroy every power working against your life.I bought both the print and the ebook versions of the book. Positive thinking is a great tool, but this is a SWORD (a sword of the Spirit, using the word of God). Wield it against your enemies! I’m going to read all the declarations over and over again. And I’m going to listen to them at night while I’m asleep. The Lord is a strong tower whereunto you can continually resort! Raise your battlements against those who are attacking you. Use faith that works on quantum levels. Get this book and employ it against the forces that have been opposing the good that you should be receiving in your life.

  36. Nicole

    This book sure enlightened me to some things. One of my top Authors! I love all his books and have ordered several for spiritual guidance and wisdom.

  37. Robin L. Hamar

    Witchcraft people will use this against you at night watches 12-3:00 a.m. or 1:00-6:00 a.m.

  38. Drema Crouse

    What a great book .I highly recommend this wisdom to anyone who feels their destiny has been on hold,or hindered from fulfillment.

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