Dangerous Decrees to Destroy Your Destroyers (Book 2) by Prayer M. Madueke
Dangerous Decrees to Destroy Your Destroyers (Book 2)
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Dangerous Decrees to Destroy Your Destroyers (Book 2)


In this powerful and enlightening book series, bestselling author Prayer Madueke helps readers grasp the power of inspired and finely tuned prayer. Join countless believers who love the Word of God and honor its authority through their prayers. Accept the challenge to pray the words of Scripture boldly in God’s timing, for his will and purposes!

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Decrees And Declarations That Carry the Thunder of Heaven

Dangerous prayers that break iron-like problems!!

The spiritual exercise of making decrees finds its precedent in both Old and New Testaments–the practice means simply quoting God's promises back to him, "reminding" him of what he has said. This kind of prayer is one of the most vital forms of intercession. The practice of decreeing God's Word not only builds our faith but transforms our lives.

In this powerful and enlightening book series, bestselling author Prayer Madueke helps readers grasp the power of inspired and finely tuned prayer. Prayer Madueke explains how to

  • find specific texts of Scripture for your need
  • counter problems with God's Word
  • speak Gods promises concerning them into reality
  • understand the difference between confessing the Word, proclaiming the Word, and decreeing the Word
  • and more

Join countless believers who love the Word of God and honor its authority through their prayers. Accept the challenge to pray the words of Scripture boldly in God's timing, for his will and purposes!

11 reviews for Dangerous Decrees to Destroy Your Destroyers (Book 2)

  1. Vonia

    Very good read use it for teaching and training

  2. Wonderful

    Dieses Buch ist nicht auf mein Kindle gerate geliefert.Es kann sein die gerate ist defekt. Habe 11 Bücher bestellt vor gestern und Ihre Mitarbeiter konntedas auch nicht liefern.Bitte das diese gerate zurück zu senden.R-Heath

  3. Jane

    The decrees are spot on. Very critical for anyone who wants to live a victorius Christian life

  4. Emmanuel Ehizuelen

    The Author Prayer Madueke’s book “Dangerous Decrees to Desytroy Your Desytroyers” demonstrates an unparalleled call of the christian church to rediscover and utilize her prophetic power and authority of decrees to govern from the spirit realm to earthly battles against the Kingdom of darkness. This rare of book, genuinely profound instructions equips the believer on how to sustain prevailing prayers.

  5. Sweet Lady

    Love this book!!!

  6. Amazon Customer

    I found this book at a time of need and the prayers help me so much. I pray the prayers everyday and I go to the one that I need. Very good book.

  7. marlene stewart

    Well the title says it all really, I found this book so valuable to my daily prayer time that I have also purchased number 2. I wanted to find a resource that assisted me to make daily decorations to see change in mine and my Family’s lives. I have gi en them both 5 stars because I am impressed with the way each topic and chapter is set out making it very easy to read, each bible scripture has a declaration following it. Both these books cover most of life’s issues and our only solution is the promises that God has us in his word, this Author has done all the work for us we just have to start declaring The Word of God and see those things being established to us as written in Job 22 :28. I highly recommend both part 1 & 2 to anyone who is seriously looking for change and seeing the promises of God come to pass in their lives, I certainly intend to wear these books out and they have become a valuable part of my daily prayer time.

  8. Terri

    In looking for Spiritual insights concerning subjects that need addressing in my own life, I find it quite the curious anomaly that many a Spiritual Leader is now deleting less than stellar reviews. Anything less than a 5 Star rating seems to be begrudged their posting. That tells me there’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed and that no book should be read by anyone who is not privy to the truth of a reader’s remarks. Doing so does not afford an honest person the right to discover the truth for themselves. It also proves the Religious Leader is not worth his salt if he can’t take constructive criticism or answer the response in a manner that can not only attest to his own insights but also wisely support the one who’s so-called negative review isn’t what he insists it should be. A 4 Star rating is not bad. A 3 Star rating can be questioned by someone else who actually got to read the review along with the book, resulting in healthy, supportive conversation. But this particular Religious Leader among others like him are begrudging us all the Holy Education necessary to procuring Divine Wisdom & Insight in Light & Love of Christ The Lord.

  9. A grateful reader

    I cannot recommend Prayer M. Madueke’s books highly enough. Of everything I’ve read on spiritual warfare and deliverance, these books are some of the best things I’ve encountered. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to God for helping me to find these books.Please pray through Dangerous Decrees Book 1 and Book 2, and Prayers Against Satanic Oppression, and pray through them. After years of ministry and personal doors being shut, my life has mostly been unlocked in the last two weeks! I was dealing with substantial demonic attack, and God has largely delivered me from all that.During the last week, I have been largely delivered from very substantial attacks against my eating. Even when I ate small amounts, I was experiencing headaches, depression, and many, many attacks against not only my ministry, but hindering my daily life. Now, God is fighting the demons and protecting me.I look forward to reading the rest of his books! He has written more than 100!I have gotten Quarantined for Deliverance (currently free) but haven’t had time to pray through it yet: https://www.amazon.com/Quarantined-Gods-Deliverance-Praying-Pandemic-ebook/dp/B08917XT1X/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=prayer+madueke+quarantined+for+deliverance&qid=1596235983&sr=8-2Praise God!

  10. John F.

    This book truly provides a powerful punch to speaking decrees when engaging in spiritual warfare.This book helps the prayer warrior take it up a notch or more!


    Great for giving actual words to pray reminding me we have authority over evil.

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