Destiny and Star Hunters



Unleash your destiny & reclaim stolen virtues. Overcome limitations, recover blessings & embark on a transformative journey. Discover keys to fulfilling your divine destiny & unlocking your potential. Break free from chains of stolen virtues & step into a life of success & fulfillment.

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Destiny and Star Hunters by Prayer M. Madueke
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Break The Chains

Free yourself from satanic full stops and demonic limitations with the enlightening wisdom of “Destiny and Star Hunters.” Unlock the keys to reclaiming your stolen virtues, shattering the chains that have held you back, and unfolding the destined life God intended for you. It’s time to release the limitations and step into your divinely ordained destiny.

Transform Your Life

Refuse to let stolen virtues define your story. “Destiny and Star Hunters” guides you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual restoration. With each turn of the page, gain valuable insights, answers to deep-seated questions, and a clear roadmap to fulfilling your divine destiny.

Discover Your Path

Take a profound journey into spiritual self-discovery with “Destiny and Star Hunters.” This book offers transformative insights into the hidden reasons behind unfulfilled destinies. Unearth the divine potential and virtues embedded within you by God and step towards a life of success, fulfillment, and authentic spirituality.

Seize Your Destiny

There’s a life of abundance, success, and divine potential waiting for you. “Destiny and Star Hunters” is your guide to reclaiming what is rightfully yours. Read, learn, and uncover the empowering truth: you are destined for greatness. Seize this opportunity, start your life-altering journey today, and step into the realization of your fullest potential.


Discover the hidden reasons behind unfulfilled destinies and the transformative path to reclaiming stolen virtues

In the depths of your being, God has deposited unique potentials and virtues to empower you towards a life of success and fulfillment. However, it is all too common for individuals to find themselves falling short of their divine destiny. Why does this happen? The answer lies in the theft of our virtues throughout our lives.

Discover the illuminating truths and transformative solutions within the pages of “Destiny and Star Hunters: Violent Fire Prayers to Reclaim Your Original and Recover your Stolen Virtues and Potential in the Courts of Heaven.” This captivating book delves into the complexities of how and why our virtues are stolen, robbing us of the blessings and breakthroughs we were destined to experience.

This seasonal book will equip you to:

  • Overcome satanic full stop and demonic limitations.
  • Uncover the keys to recovering your stolen virtues.
  • Shatter the limitations that has held you back over the years.
  • Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and restoration.

With each turn of the page, you will gain valuable insights, answers to burning questions, and roadmap to fulfill your divine destiny. Don’t let stolen virtues define your story any longer. Seize this opportunity to reclaim what is rightfully yours and embark on a life-altering journey towards success, destiny, and the realization of your fullest potential.

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20 reviews for Destiny and Star Hunters

  1. tweety

    After proclaiming these powerful prayers for one week things began to change in my life. Clarity came back in full force. Where there was foggy and a lethargic mind set. I can say without a doubt it was the firey prayers. Once again the word of God spoken thru our Dr. Prayer has been on point . Just what I needed.

  2. Jenieve

    A great tool to build confidence in what I can become. No limitations will stop me from actualizing the most high truth in my own life. A humbling read.

  3. Bon

    This book has been the confirmation and the clear examples of what God has been revealing to me. I may not have had the language at times to explain- what was occurring – however in time God makes everything plain. Those who have been fighting the good fight of faith-continue to stand strong in the Lord. I’d recommend this book to those who have family members who secretly practice or openly are in darkness in any form – you being the child of God must know those who are among you – yes especially family members.

  4. Rumi

    Great, I’ve learned so much, feeling blessed. May God bless you always and my God continue to use you for the extension of his kingdom. Thank you.

  5. tld1908

    This book is a great book to read to receive an understanding of why your life is stagnant. Why does it always feel like you cannot succeed in life? I love the way in which the author writes and unfolds the revelatory insight in this book. He firsts explain what destiny hunters and start hunters are, what they do, and how they torment your life. He then tells exactly how to pinpoint a star and destiny hunter. he helps you understand their roles and how they can wreak havoc in a victim’s life. He then teaches you how to be set free and how to release decrees over your life so you can be free from the star and destiny hunters. If you have been going through life feeling like you are on a hamster wheel. Then this book is for you. Do not hesitate to purchase the book today and be set free to live a life of total freedom.

  6. Sea-A

    I didn’t get to read this book yet, and even then I’m sure that books from this author help people spiritually a lot. So, I believe that the book “Destiny and Star Hunters” will do the same!

  7. Yolanda Campbell

    This has blessed me. Freedom in an area I was not expecting. Thank you for setting the captives Free. Amen!!!

  8. Angela

    This book answered so many questions for me regarding my life and destiny. Now I know why for sure that my life was like it was. The funny part is that I have thought about everything stated in this book but didn’t know exactly how to remove those things from my life. Jesus did deliver us from all of these things but the devil is a trick and a lie. Because of this we actually have to fight him and his cohorts to recover things that already belong to us by divine right. It’s worth the fight brothers and sisters.

  9. Charm Ming

    Always an amazing feeling of God’s love and protection after reading Prayer Madeuke’s books!!! And I see an improvement and positive changes always. Thank you Jesus for the gift of Prayer Madueke!

  10. JH

    Love this book. It is definitely a game changer. This should be mandatory reading in the church. Please please read this book.

  11. Beauty

    Short read. A well explained teaching on the matter with practical prayer points.

  12. PJ

    This is an interesting book. I’ve just started reading it. I have just one comment: The book doesn’t give enough explanation–in my opinion–on what “Star Hunters” actually mean. It talks about Satan and his fall with the angels that fell with him but it doesn’t explain “star hunters”. I hope I said this right. The book is fine, I just need more explanation of the title name. I haven’t finished it so I can’t say any more about it at this time.

  13. Cheryll DaCosta

    We are made in the likeness and image of God and Jesus as born again christians. Christians are assigned star and destiny hunters just as Jesus had a star and destiny hunter. through King Herod.Powerful prayers for deliverance are included in this book. A must read.

  14. Tom Connell

    I receive the above mentioned book. i enjoyed the precious information concerning this issue. Since i have been purchasing Madueke books i have gained a spiritual revelation that i have never learned in the Catholic church. this book in m y opinion is a must read if you want to know spiritual things that can harm you and your family. I feel secure in the knowledge i have learned. it was no accident that i found out about Prayer, i know the Holy Spirit lead to this man of God, that i’m very thankful for. Prayer may the Father bless you and your family. peace Tom

  15. Gladys Whitfield

    Blessings Beyond Measure,I am proud to read another awesome book that will help educate and inspire the spirit to fight against every diabolical attack and assault sent by Satan and his evil cohorts. A must read truly.Thanks AgainApostle

  16. Amazon Customer

    I liked everything about this book. The Bible says he people perish for the lack of knowledge and now he sends this author with this book and many many other books Dr. Prayer has written with extreme deliverance and knowledge helping Christians to fight

  17. Ricorda H.

    All Books from the man of God are awesome ,full with prayer mechanics . Well read and I encourage other to read and be bless .

  18. Sivakumar A


  19. Happy customer

    This is a very insightful book and the prayer points are powerful. Destiny will be changed forever through this book

  20. Heidi Hill

    Such a good teaching for the season every nation is in. It is good revelation how we got to where we are at. And great warfare prayers to be delivered and enter your God given destiny and future. Every teaching has so much insight. Very good read.

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