91 Days Decrees to Takeover the Year

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This book will help you pray targeted prayers of decrees that will give you results. Do not allow this year to pass you by. With this book, you can engage the year as many times as possible, from January to December. You will make it this year, in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen!

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91 Days Decrees to Takeover the Year by Prayer M. Madueke
91 Days Decrees to Takeover the Year $19.99 Original price was: $19.99.$15.99Current price is: $15.99.
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Provoking God to Respond: Prayers and Decrees that Activate Blessings!

Every year has blessings attached to it, with everyone’s name in each of the blessings. Unfortunately, many enter into the year and end it without enjoying any of these blessings meant for them for the year. Today, many people live and die without enjoying a single blessing that God has destined for them on earth. Lazarus was one of such people.God has answers to every question.This book will help you pray targeted prayers of decrees that will give you results. Do not allow this year to pass you by. With this book, you can engage the year as many times as possible, from January to December. You will make it this year, in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen!

10 reviews for 91 Days Decrees to Takeover the Year

  1. Laila

    I love reading books from this author, especially his decrees books. Ever since I stumbled across this author I have been hooked. I love the fact I can read his books of decree in a first person position. His books comes with powerful confessions that allows one to speak life into every dead things/situations in their lives. Overall, I highly recommend this book and author to everyone who wants to be more than a conquer and to strengthen their inner man. I always send copies of this author’s books to my loved ones whenever I get access to them. Thank you Pastor Prayer. Your books have changed my life for the better and have brought me closer to baba God.

  2. Christeen RivaRigobert

    Woooooowww, I just recieved this book today and must admit has me totally locked into it.It’s very well written and extremely easy to understand. Giving new understanding to why we’re in thr states we find ourselves in. But more importantly, how to fight or way out of them.I’m someone that just celebrated my 60th birthday only a week ago. In most of those 60 years, I’ve been seeking a roadmap with Daddy God, yet was devastatingly disappointed because no matter what prayer line, pastor, Bishop, Apostle, or even counselor I went to could help me to find what I long for. I’d explain that there had to be a block somewhere, because I’m seeking, knocking, and asking…. yet to no avail.This book is giving me hope that all is not lost. I’ve just begun to decree and declare things with the manifestations yet to arrive…. but I’m hopefully again because of this book.Thank you to the author and the publishers for making this book possible. But most of all….. thank You to ABBA Father, for hearing my desperate cries. Prayerfully now I will truly have that relationship I’ve so deeply longed for.

  3. gloria johnson

    This is the fourth book from Prayer M Madueke that I have read. All of the books that I read are very powerful and has impacted my life.One statement that really stood out to me in this book was what Prayer M Madueke said: The agents of the devil talk to their master, the devil.All of God’s children have an inheritance based on their relationship to Him, which is incorruptible, undefined, and reserved in heaven. Their inheritance includes an expectation of eternal life. This will only happen if we as Christians do as the devil does talk to our master, the Lord Jesus Christ.We may not be able to change the world, but we can surely put a hole in the darkness! We can turn on the Light! We can share what Jesus means to us and give God’s word to someone else. This book gives great insight on how to pray what God has decree over our life. The Lord gives power to those who put their trust in Him, Amen

  4. Rich Successful

    This book has given my the much needed fortitude to face my problems not run from them. These decrees were right on time and helped me to take my spiritual warfare right into the enemies camp.

  5. CW

    Excellent Book!I have read several of Brother Madueke’s books and I have not been disappointed! I would strongly recommend this prayer book to anyone who has struggled through 2020 and more. Consistently pray these prayers as you fast and stay before the Lord as you enter the new year and watch how God turns things around for you! CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY TO YOUR LIBERATION AND BREAKTHROUGH!!

  6. Emmanuel Ehizuelen

    Author: Prayer M. Madueke  “91 Days Decrees to the Takeover the Year”            The author Prayer M. Madueke is my favorite author on the subject of Spiritual warfare prayers and personal deliverance. He is a rare generational gift to the church and nations. Not very often one connects with a quality book written and inspired with the quest to see Christian believers walk in power and authority. This book achieved just that and more, I recommend this book for God’s praying warriors and new converts to the Christian faith who do not want to fall victims to the wiles of the kingdom of darkness and unaddressed foundational family evil altars.  This book is pertinent now with the rise of witchcraft, unprecedented occultic and demonic activities across the globe. This book is a must companion for every Christian intercessors who wants to see change and prevail in prayers for this generation.     Most importantly this book equips the discerning Christian intercessors, overwhelmed with demonic attacks and helplessness from traditional orthodoxy Christianity how to respond forcefully and violently with prayer decrees.  This book is well written, targeted and focused to wrestle anti destiny powers and prevail on the authority of God’s Word, Christ atoning blood and finished work on the Cross of Calvary. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to be God’s weapon of war and battle axe to recover what the enemy has stolen and stop further theft by enforcing decrees of God’s Word.Emmanuel E. Ehizuelen

  7. Angela B.

    This book is awesome. It will help me to take my warfare to another level. Being an intercession this book helps so much. God bless you.

  8. Kindle Customer

    This book is very inspiring! You are speaking truth. It is sad to see christian’s have returned to Egypt (to their old ways) just like God’s people constantly complained to Moses, let’s return to Egypt since we could eat whatever we want or have whatever we want.Christianity is a new breed of religion for me, infected by witchcraft and selfishness. We are supposed to seek and worship God in Spirit and in truth. As you mention in the book, “God is not a failure; therefore, his children must not accept failure.” “It is an insult to God for his own children to remain at the mercies of devil and his agents”.When God’s children choose to walk with the darkness, they do fail.Many christian’s they truly do not want God. They just want His benefits but not God Himself.Like you mention in the book,”Only few people among the professing Christians actually know the true meaning of Christianity and God’s demand in many areas of life. Materialism has replaced the true faith and many are now pursuing shadows. People who perform miracles without mercy, healing without holiness”.You are speaking the truth.Many leaders in the congregation only care about a title and a position, being in the spot light and stealing the glory.They do not care about the Holy Spirit and God’s Presence and they do not give God the glory.As you mentioned in the book, “Many leaders lack God’s grace, purity, discipline, mercy, love and other fruit of the spirit and yet they lead others”.If the leaders of the congregation do not show the fruit of the Spirit, then where are they leading the people?The Decrees are very good and powerful. Each one has something specific, something to throw at the enemy and hit them hard!Very good book, I recommend everyone to read it!May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.

  9. Alisa B.

    I own a few of M. Mueduke’s books. His prayers are designed to tackle any problem that I’ve faced. This book is amazing because it’s puts me 10 steps ahead of the enemy. It does require fasting, and praying between 12 am-2 am, however, I use his decrees and prayers any time of the day I need to. I’m not a fanatical religious person, but I am a firm believer in prayer. Prayer can be used as an auto-suggestion to reprogram your mind. This book is awesome for the purpose of uplifting my spirit, arming me with protection, and deepening my spirituality. I highly recommend this book. I hope you experience wonderful blessings too.

  10. Kindle Customer

    This book is fresh manna from the gates of heaven; a guide for Children of the New Covenant to use on the battlefield against principalities and forces of darkness. This book is a prophetic Intercession foundationally grounded in the Word of God that will give the Children of God timeless strategic advantage over the enemy.

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