The Power of Speaking in Tongues

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This book emphasizes the benefits of praying in tongues and urges you to imagine what your life could look like if you simply allowed the Holy Spirit to pray through you.

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The Power of Speaking in Tongues by Prayer M. Madueke
The Power of Speaking in Tongues $19.99 Original price was: $19.99.$9.99Current price is: $9.99.
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  • Do you wish to understand mysteries?
  • Do you want to know what you stand to gain when you pray in tongues?
  • Do you want to know what might happen if you allowed the Holy Spirit to pray through you, for you, and in you?

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Prayer Madueke tackles the controversial and often misunderstood gift of praying in tongues for personal enrichment. He urges Christians to be unapologetic and intentional about praying in tongues, normalizing it as a regular, “not weird” biblical Christian practice. The Holy Spirit empowers us to live transformed lives, and praying in tongues grants us access to the mysteries of God. He is our helper and has a rich, unique personality as part of the Trinity.

The Power of Speaking in Tongues emphasizes the benefits of praying in tongues. Backed by sound biblical explanations and many testimonies, this book urges you to imagine what your life could look like if you simply allowed the Holy Spirit to pray through you.

This book will help you:

  • Overcome common barriers to finally praying in tongues.
  • Cultivate a fiery desire to pray.
  • Walk in a 24/7 awareness of God’s presence.
  • How is a Christian edified and strengthened by praying in tongues?
  • Expose deceptive myths about the gift of tongues.
  • Discover the incredible power of praying in the Holy Spirit.
  • And many more!!!

The secret to a thriving prayer life is not a formula; rather, it is the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Your prayer life will soar to levels you never dreamed were possible as you learn to engage with the Spirit of God.

Move beyond striving and struggling in prayer. It’s time to pray in perfect faith from an unhindered union with the Holy Spirit!!!

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The secret to a thriving prayer life is not a formula; rather, it is the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Your prayer life will soar to levels you never dreamed were possible if you learn to engage with the Spirit of God.

Backed by sound biblical explanations and many testimonies,
The Holy Spirit empowers us to live transformed lives, and praying in tongues grants us access to the mysteries of God. He is our helper and has a rich, unique personality as part of the Trinity.

46 reviews for The Power of Speaking in Tongues

  1. Joy29 S

    I enjoyed the way this book is written, it’s very easy to understand and it will help those who are seeking to speak in a heavenly tongue to build oneself up, to rise your faith to a new level.

  2. wunuvakine

    Simply awesome teaching about Holy Spirit and the gifts. Learning how the gifts function and protocols, the prayers included at the end was a great tool to set me in the right direction in the giftings of Holy Spirit.

  3. Robert l Shepherd jr

    Dr. Madueke has blessed the world again by writing this book on the importance for Believers to speak in tongues…. I highly recommend this book to all who excels to grow on God by daily exercising on this gift after having been filled by the Spirit of God.

  4. Francisco Hernandez

    If You’re Busy, on the Go, or Need Quick Info. for Quick Results, Madueke’s Books are No Nonsense, Straight to the Point… I Like this Type of Style. Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean… JESUS LOVES YOU and Here are Pearls for Your Tears…

  5. A. Norwood

    I appreciate a book that offers explanations and supporting scripture references. Not only does the author provide an interpretation of scripture, analogies, and examples of how many scriptures are misapplied, but also the consequences of how strong ministries that have the potential to change lives may be weakened as a result of over-zealousness. This work is a valuable aid in identifying spiritual gifts and empowering the lives of those who desire spiritual change.

  6. linda booth

    An awesome spiritual development read to gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding in this love language unto God.


    I always enjoy reading a book from Dr Madueka. This one is powerful and eye-opening. if you want to get closer to God, please indulge yourself.

  8. Noel Burrell

    As usual, very informative and helpful information on how to enhance your spiritual walk with Jesus Christ.

  9. allofyou

    I was in the zoom meeting the author talks about in the book. He took time to try and explain speaking in tongues, but he didn’t have time to fully cover it. I am very impressed that he wrote a book right after to help explain in detail what the woman wanted to know. The book backs up what he is talking about with scriptures and then at the end he has 7 days of prayers that you can pray to help with praying in tongues. It is an easy book to read, I read it in less than 1 hour, and I look forward to praying the prayers for the next 7 days. The book is written with the feeling that he is sitting down next to you and telling you what you want to know and giving you examples from his own experience to let you know he understands where you are coming from.

  10. JH

    This book is a must for those who wish a better understanding of the power of tongues. The last part of the book are exercises to help believers.

  11. Mrs. Dianelys Sanchez

    I’ve been wanting to read a book like this for almost 7 years and it’s here now. It clarified of the reason why we have to pray in tongues. Father God told me a long time ago to pray in angelic language, but didn’t say why I should do it. At first I did it, and I saw the spiritual realm open up, this short book explains what happens when believers pray in tongues. I enjoyed the Warfare prayers, it gives us boldness to believe God for signs and wonders to show up.

  12. Amazon Customer

    This book was very good in explaining the importance of speaking in tongues. It reminded me of things I new but had forgotten. Speaking in tongues is a gift from God that all believers should have. The book also talked about other gifts that we are afforded as believers. We need to know and utilize our weapons daily and especially during warfare.

  13. Amazon Customer

    I love a book that is informative! As a believer I am HUNGRY for knowledge as a student in life’s classroom it’s always good to gain knowledge in the area of speaking in tongues you hear so many things and so many voices giving their opinions. But this book was an eye opening ! I pray it does the same for you !

  14. veronica

    A must read for anyone who wants to know more on speaking in tongues and a deeper knowledge of the spiritual gifts . It will definitely be a key to transform your prayer life !

  15. Robinsonswife

    This book is full of revelation. I am so excited about to prayer section. The prayers are just what I needed in this season. I thank God for this book.

  16. Beverly Slack

    This book is a must for anyone desiring spiritual growth and development.

  17. JR

    “What to do when your anointing is under attack,” “go on a prayer retreat” this is one of best spiritual advice I’ve received in a long time.

  18. Arturo Santana Jr.

    This book is very helpful for those who want to know the Holy Spirit more intimately. He answers many questions about speaking in tongues that I have had for many years. I highly recommend it.

  19. David Searcy

    It talks about his younger days in the ministry. Many, many scriptures. It then tells about the gifts of the spirit. The book ends with seven days of prayer for the gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit. It’s worth everyone’s time to read this.

  20. Jenny A

    A powerful book on the importance of tongues speaking

  21. Angela Bianca Echavarria

    Full of prayersfull of knowledge

  22. barb

    Use to clear why speaking in tongue is so important. Thank you

  23. Bernadine Carter

    As all the books I read of Prayer Mardueke they help give me insight into the things of God , and I can effectively apply them . Awesome!!!

  24. joshua moses

    This book is very eye opening and biblical backed!

  25. picon

    I love the writings and prayers of Prayer. Madueke. the explanation is straight to the point and easy to understand. Thank you. I love reading all your books. More grace Sir.

  26. Amazon Customer

    A concise teaching on speaking in tongues and the gifts of the Spirit. The real life examples of the problems encountered as a result of opposition from the enemy but also from erroneous beliefs. The prayers at the end are truly a bonus. A straightforward Biblical approach to an often controversial subject.

  27. SENSEN

    The author Clearly explains the importance of the Holy Spirit, the anointing of God, praying in Tongues, the gifts of God with bible scriptures and warfare prayers. Thank you.

  28. Melissa Welsh

    This is so exciting and definitely a great book in need to be on the market!

  29. SM

    If your wanting to now know more about speaking in tongues it’s a great book to help the body of Christ understand and also includes prayer to help you receive the gifts of speaking in tongues.

  30. Katrina Bolton

    This product helped me to understand the importance of the Holy Spirit & speaking in tongues.

  31. Peggy-Ann Lee King

    This book is very useful for seasoned and new believers in Christ. It was well written in clear and concise language, but well explained. Dr Madueke explained the purpose of Holy Spirit Baptism and speaking in tongues for the edification of believers. Dr. Madueke even included “A 7-Day Prayer Session to Prepare for Divine Empowerment, to guide readers to pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Thanks again Dr Prayer Madueke for whole-heartedly sharing your spiritual knowledge.

  32. Robin McNeil

    Another great book on a subject that is so misunderstood by those inside and outside of the church. This book breaks it down for those who are just barely understanding what speaking in tongues is, why it is important and how one uses it in his or her everyday journey with Christ. Sometime people do not understand or even know if they have already experienced this power of God, but the word says there will be proof that one has it, this book breaks it down for you as well. As always this book is saturated with scripture for learning and there is a prayer section that is powerful!

  33. Accidental Shopper

    This is the perfect book for anyone. Sunday School, Adult Discipleship Training. Bible Study.The cover is inviting and wonderful.Dr. Madueke informs fluently and fluidly making reading the book a pleasure. Then without warning: POWER. The book evolves into a platform of power that you can partake of to increase your life, and your ministry.Do it!Highly recommended.Marlene M.

  34. Yolanda Campbell

    Thus is a great spiritual investment. Please read and enjoy and grow from this. May God bless you.

  35. Rhondine Natalie Liburd Wilson

    I have not read this book as yet but I am looking forward with much anticipation as I have had an opportunity to glean from Evil Summons and Monitoring Spirits and I am now engaged in reading Dictionary of Demons. This author has real deep insight and knowledge that captivates your attention. Your knowledge will increase and best of all at the end of each book are effective prayers.You can only go higher in your knowledge. So I would recommend that you read this book from what I have read before. Very Powerful

  36. Rebecca R. Wilson

    I have enjoyed this book so much. The teaching is rich and I am learning so much.

  37. Judy D. Ash


  38. Nancy

    A practical guide on the holy spirit summarized into step to step teaching on the holyspirit and prayers to operate in the spiritual gifts. It is simple well laid out, systematic and very powerful tool for everyone who desires to walk in the spirit and to operate in the spiritual gifts.

  39. Ninja Rider

    This book was very informative on the subject of Speaking in Tongues.The author explains via commentary, how knowing about the gift of tongues andthe Holy Spirit can help believers experience God’s best.It is a resource on a very important topic. So expect to get fed.Sincerely Carlos Ruiz Esparza.


    This book was a good guide on how to use the gift of tongues

  41. Farida Mukungu

    Every book you write is a download from the Holy Spirit. We thank God once again for this new revelation

  42. Angela B.

    It’s important in the times we live in to get solid Biblical teaching. This is one. We are soldiers in a spiritual fight and need to be equipped. This book will help.

  43. Sharhonda

    Dr. Madueke has done it again!!! This book is filled with scripture backed knowledge & wisdom. My life has changed dramatically every since I started reading these powerful books!! I can feel the anointing on every single page. If you have been curious about speaking in tongues then this is THE book for you!!

  44. Karen Kanhai

    There’s so much information in this book. This book has truly helped me. Well written. I love this book.

  45. Rushell F.

    I learnt that speaking in tongues is very interesting and can be very beneficial to any believer in Christ. Being filled by the Holy Spirit is necessary for speaking in tongues. This book seems to reveal all about it. I recommend this book to every believer in Christ.

  46. Kindle Customer

    The gift of tongues is so powerful for a believer! The book has articulated the benefits! 🔥

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