Dictionary of Demons & Complete Deliverance

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Your ultimate guide to understanding dark spirits and supernatural manifestations. Shining the light of God’s truth into the darkness. Top Secrets Satan and his demons don’t want you to know!!!

(96 customer reviews)
Dictionary of Demons & Complete Deliverance by Prayer M. Madueke
Dictionary of Demons & Complete Deliverance $29.99 Original price was: $29.99.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.
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Your ultimate guide to understanding dark spirits and supernatural manifestations.
Shining the light of God’s truth into the darkness.
Top Secrets Satan and his demons don’t want you to know!!!

As a Deliverance Minister for close to 40 years, Prayer M. Madueke is well-acquainted with the enemy’s strategies. Now, as an experienced Minister in the deliverance Ministry Prayer M. Madueke offers exclusive intelligence on discerning and demolishing Satan and the schemes of his demons.

Satan and his demons prowl around, ready to pounce on our every weakness, fill us with fear, and destroy our intimate relationship with God. But we are not defenseless. We have weapons of warfare that enable us to be spiritually aggressive and face the devil head on. Rather than lose ground in our faith, we can live armed and be dangerous. Today, so many lives are destroyed by addiction, isolation, torment, and darkness. What can the average believer do to fight back?

In this book, he covers topics such as:

  • Strengthening your position as a warrior.
  • Opening your spiritual eyes.
  • Releasing the thunder of God against the devil.
  • Building your spiritual vocabulary.
  • Equipping yourself with ammunition and weapons for spiritual warfare.
  • Improving your understanding of cultic and demonic words, names, places, and things.
  • Bring light to areas of your life that the enemy wants to remain dark.
  • And there are many more!!!

Drawing from hundreds of verses from the Bible, Dictionary of Demons & Complete Deliverance will build your spiritual vocabulary, equip you with ammunition and weapons for spiritual warfare, and bring light to areas of your life that the enemy wants to remain dark.

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Dictionary of Demons & Complete Deliverance by Prayer M. Madueke

Rather than lose ground in our faith, we can live armed and be dangerous.
Satan and his demons prowl around, ready to pounce on our every weakness, fill us with fear.
As a Deliverance Minister, Prayer Madueke is well-acquainted with the enemy’s strategies.

96 reviews for Dictionary of Demons & Complete Deliverance

  1. Robert l Shepherd jr

    Once again, prophet Madueke has reminded believers that we”re in a daily warfare with a formable and invisible enemy. But we have a God in us who has already overcame the world and has given us victory over our Enemy, the devil!!! Once again, Dr. Madueke has equipped us with the knowledge in this book that: GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN US THAN HE THAT IS ON THE WORLD.Prophet and Spiritual Warfare Leader, you have blessed us again!!!

  2. Gladys Whitfield

    This Book is a must have and a must read book. It has such much information and scriptures to back up everything. It is very insightful and in-depth. I love studying it with great comprehension and compassion.Again Thank You for sharing the Revelation and knowledge God has given you.You’re Truly a Blessing

  3. Chrys Jaie

    Once again this author did not disappoint. You can tell he’s passionate about deliverance & helping believers become more aware spiritual warfare.

  4. Bryan Franks

    Growth, The more I understand the better a fighter we will become

  5. A. Norwood

    I began reading this book as I have any other from the beginning with the expectation to read it until the end, however, I believe this book is not one to be read cover to cover like a novel. It is a great book to have as it provides thorough explanations, descriptions, and identification of demons and demonic forces. Additionally, it provides examples of prayers, steps, and decrees to gain freedom from demonic forces, oppression, and covenants. It is an excellent reference and I believe a must-have for every believer, as we are all involved in spiritual warfare at many levels. I would definitely recommend this book to others.

  6. regina

    I thought This was a must read for all readers of the African diaspora, simply because it goes into deep into the spiritual understanding found within African religions and applies it to a Christian understanding. Many of us lost all understanding with the dispersement of our peoples. In essence, this book sums up the contextual understanding and gives you a real good foundation and info about casting out demons as well as a, knowledge of said demons. Arm your arsenal with this.

  7. Bridget Robertson

    This is an excellent Spiritual Warfare Book that explains and provide you with Biblical examples along with supporting Biblical Verses on how to pray Powerful Spiritual Warfare Strategies.

  8. Yakina Thomas

    Awesome Book

  9. Tracia Robinson

    It was very informative and helpful

  10. Friday Idise

    Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!Great gift to the body of Christ. The book is loaded and with this and your Bible, you may not need any other book to put the spiritual enemy on the run. The world is under the evil siege of Satan and the only way to confront the spiritual enemy in a battle is to be spiritually ready using time tested tactics as used by those who have gone before us. Until Christ return, Satan will still be here as nuisance to the children of God. This book will come handy in learning the tactics and prayers to use against the spiritual enemies of your soul.

  11. Mandy Watson

    What an amazing weapon for Americans to awaken them into the depths of the spiritual realm and how to deal with deliverance. This is truly outstanding! Thank you for edifying the body of Christ through the wisdom God has downloaded into man of God! May you continue to expand and increase in Jesus Mighty Name 🙏🏼

  12. Peggy-Ann Lee King

    Every believer in Christ should get at least two copies of Dr P. Madueke latest book, Dictionary of Demons & Complete Deliverance. One for yourself and one for someone you care about. This book should be included in your chest of spiritual arsenal. The enemy knows that his time is drawing near to expiry and therefore he is desperate more than ever and as believers in Christ, we should be warriors to secure our deliverance and salvation. We need to get in position to war against the plans of the enemy. Do not accept defeat. Be properly armed and fight from a victorious position in Jesus Christ. Remember scripture warns us in Hosea 4:6, My people perish for lack of knowledge. Get in with knowledge and live victoriously. Receive deliverance and breakthrough. Learn how to fight those demons.The contents of this book is vast. Dr. Madueke discusses in a clear format, areas such as, know your opponent, how can victims be delivered, how people are receiving the mark of the beast now for example, you can receive the mark of the beast by committing murder, planning your life without God, being wicked against others, be envious and full of hatred, by refusing to repent before the rapture or death etc.This book will encourage you to be born again, repent, forsake sin,live a holy Christian life consistently, bear the fruits of the spirit, be guided by the Holy Spirit, develop a prayer life and avoid worldliness etc. You will be blessed by reading this book, so go ahead and get two versions of this book for yourself; kindle and print and also one for someone you care about. I am not finish reading this book, but I know that I will be reading it a few times and will be referring to it often. Thank you very much Dr. Madueke. Be blessed people in Jesus name.

  13. jabez

    The Dictionary of Demons & Complete deliverance;is a master piece for every intercessor and deliverance minister;In this Book Prayer Madueke’s Dictionary of demons describes and defines different forces and powers a believer deals and encounters in spiritual warfare …The prayers in the book are life changing and help you go to the root of any challenge and how to overcome them ..it is must have copy

  14. Monica

    This book is a must have for every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.Absolutely LOVE the Warfare Section! A must have in every believer’s arsenal.Pressed down, shaken together and overflowing describes this book.Recommend with 5 stars.

  15. Katrina Bolton

    I’ve like the in-depth descriptions of each word listed.

  16. Cheryl

    This is one of best books on demons I have seen in quite a while. One of the first references I’m turning to in my studies.

  17. melicia mendenhall

    I rally like how informative this book. You must be informed or the enemy will sift you like dirt. This book has the information you need

  18. QueenbQueenb

    This is a must have book in your spiritual library that breaks down so many question and then give you the answer Biblically. I would recommend that you purchase this book it will change your understanding in so many way

  19. Kindle Customer

    Just want I needed to understand how the enemy attacks us and that we have a way out. The outline is well organised and very detailed. We are more than overcomes through Christ Jesus.

  20. Denise

    This is needed for the time that we are living in. The church often neglects this subject but Prayer Madueke has done an excellent job of explaining how the demonic realm operates. His book will open your spiritual eyes!

  21. Sabrina Alesia KazimSabrina Alesia Kazim

    The author has done it again, he has compiled this book systemically, showcasing his expertise and that he has truly chosen an accurate Niche. The way the book was written, it is clear that the data is sorted and researched, making the information organized and precise. Hence, the book is very valuable and necessary in overcoming the demonic plots of Satan!

  22. Seth Momcilovich

    I am in the process of reading this book, but sensed to write a review and say that it was well written and has great detail. It covers many topics that are not well known. It is a kind of text book on deliverance, from what I have read so far. If one has questions on this topic, you will find answers here in the book as it goes into great depth. Much is exposed regarding the enemy that much of the body of Christ needs to know.

  23. Nancy

    A must read. Very practical and empowering.

  24. David A. Burnet

    Prayer Madueke has written a lot of books. This one covers what is essential in many, if not all of them that he’s written so far.Not only is this book inexpensive, it gives you the best of many of his other books. And when you want to know even more about a particular topic that’s important to you, you can get that book, too.Seeing an overview of someone’s written works like this is rare – and valuable.Oh – and he writes about stuff that too few of us Christians know nearly enough about.We were born into a world in the middle of a spiritual war. It’s wise and good to know more about this. This author knows and makes clear a lot, in useful ways.So you and your family and those in your sphere of influence can be more safe.Plenty of good reasons to get this book! (Of which I was given a copy to review – this is my honest review.)-David Burnet

  25. MLynn

    This is quite an informative, resourceful, and comprehensive book on the demonic spiritual world. I found a wealth of information in this book, especially since I have minimal knowledge of this kind on the workings in the demonic spiritual world.Chapters in this book include information on many, many topics in the demonic world: understanding demons; evil altars and yokes; covenants and curses; the witchcraft kingdom; demons of war, death, sickness, diseases, and many more. Sections are included on warfare and dealing with the oppression, manipulations, and other workings of demons.I find this to be a very good resource on the demonic spiritual world.

  26. Mrs. Mariela Dianelys

    Since I already read the other books Pastor Prayers Madueke has, go straight to the warfare section, that is the best part of the book. All deliverances minister should have this manual, it’s a thorough explanation of the kingdom of darkness is and how to fight it back.

  27. allofyou

    This book is extensive and detailed. 535 pages! It gives you information and examples of common and not so common areas people are in bondage and why their life is not the way they want it. Detailed in that he writes example after example of what a particular demon does in your life. A check list to say “yes that and that and that are happening in my life. But not only does he give you the information you didn’t know you needed, he then gives you the prayers and decrees to combat your problems and he encourages you to keep fighting until the problem, warfare, is complete. You may have heard of several different phrases in regards to demons and evil and you will find in this book the definitions to give you knowledge and understanding of what it all means. I have read a lot of his books and I have learned so much from reading them. You will not hear this information in church because the church in the western world doesn’t want to address it. So Christians are suffering because of lack of knowledge. I am able to help other people because I have learned from the books this author writes. This is one I will recommend to others.

  28. Daniel Guinoza

    More than a dictionary, it is closer to a short encyclopedia, detailing demons in the firdt half and decrees to defeat them in the second part. As for downsides, it has a section where every instance of war and death appears on the bible is mentioned, it was unnecessary. Disclaimer: received a copy for review purposes.

  29. Amazon Customer

    This book is phenomenal! Extremely detailed and packed with information, the reader will definitely walk into their deliverance. The Bible says God’s people perish because they lack knowledge, but after reading this book, there would be no perishing!

  30. Carl Burden

    Greetings in the ONLY NAME JESUS this is a great tool for anyone serious about deliverance, driving out evil spirits, unclean spirits, and just studying more indepth, going wide into more studying about the enemy. this book has a lot to offer, as well as a wealth of information to share and to put into practice to enhance one’s higher level of knowledge . So in my reviews to this book its a great tool, very helpful, a need and must have will take you and I to other levels of learning and information to be a better add for Jesus and the KINGDOM of light and of GOD.THANK YOU MAN OF GODPastor Carl Burden with House of Prayer Impact Truth Ministries

  31. VCR

    This book is packed filled with information from the categorization of demons, curses witchcraft, and prayers against a broad spectrum of ailments! I would definitely recommend this book! It is like a one-stop all book and very well organized!

  32. Bryan Becker

    Eyeopener on the demonic and excellent on how to win victory over them. A must read for all Christians.

  33. Birddog

    There was nothing that I didn’t like about this book. This book is much needed.

  34. Teresa

    I am very pleased with everything that I have read so far. It is a blessing to have someone engage realms of knowledge and incite and be willing with detail to share. I was impressed to be able to verify every scripture for myself. Make certain decrees as I read and make notes on things I was not knowledgeable about. This book is packed with insights, direction and affirmation that you are not imagining things. This book is definitely needed for this time of Navigation in the Spirit.

  35. Tina M Beatty

    This dictionary book is great to have in your own library for ministry in church, home or personal use. This book gives you a better understanding about the meaning of different types of demons.

  36. Molebi

    This book is very intense and scripture based. A lot of us Christian are clueless of the war we are in. We know the devil is like a roaring lion… yet we don’t know the right prayers. We get saved and think now it’s all roses but the real war has begun. This book is zooming in into the works of the enemy in the believer’s lives. We are illustrated the evil foot prints the demons live in the believers life.

  37. memee

    This books break down the spiritual root causes and solutions to many of spiritual problems that someone may be dealing with. Clearly and easily to understand . Powerful and worth reading and buying.

  38. Sharhonda

    This is one of the most powerful books I have ever read in my life!!! Once I started praying these prayers I began to see things shift immediately in my life!!! I recently joined a new ministry & felt called to deliverance, this has helped me get a true understanding of my calling & how to operate in it.I thank God for allowing me to discover this blessed man & his works.

  39. mat turner

    This is the most comprehensive dictionary on demons that I have seen.It’s a must to have this information in your library. It will cause you to walk in complete freedom.

  40. Mary L. Guice

    This book/dictionary is very extensive; over 500 pages! In all my demonology and deliverance research and studying I have not come across a reference that contains this much information. I have not finished it yet, but I am looking forward to learning more and more about this topic that I haven’t learned before. I have many books from this author and will continue to purchase from him. He explains topics in “layman’s”/beginners terms. Excellent resource!!

  41. Brenda Sue Nichols

    I haven’t seen something this specific since the Morris Cerrillo series in the early 90s. We need this today. He is a bold & clear teacher.Highly recommend reading and following these directions to clean your house, your life, your family and rid yourself of curses and demon influence.Powerful.

  42. Ninja Rider

    This book by Dr. Prayer is the ultimate guide to understanding dark spirits and supernatural manifestations. He explains clearly the subject of demonology and gives you the tools to fight back.Thank you again for this dictionary on spiritual realites.

  43. Beverly Slack

    ‘Dictionary Of Demons & Complete Deliverance’ is a great read. It’s the book all God-fearing individualsshould have in their arsenal when it comes to winning spiritual warfare and gaining complete deliverance.

  44. Paulina

    This is an important and deep spiritual work; a must-have for every believer in Christ who wants or needs to know about deliverance. The detail is amazing and is great comprehensive study tool!

  45. Amazon Customer

    The is the best book I have ever encounter.

  46. Jackie

    Obviously the author is very, very knowledgeable about spiritual and demonic warfare; there is no doubt about that. In this book, I was hoping to be given a strategic plan or process to follow against which to track progress against certain issues. Instead, I found the book disjointed. Too much subject-hopping and some scriptures didn’t match the points being presented.In many instances, I knew what the author meant or was trying to convey, but didn’t find the overall message clear or concise; more proofing before publishing is needed as wellOverall, IMHO, the book is more about his feelings and/or thoughts on the subject and is presented in a sort of a mind-dump or 1-sided conversation. For this kind of endeavor, I can’t take feelings or thoughts on this particular battlefield.I’d definitely want him to battle in prayer for me if the need arises, however I’d rather be given the tools via a strategic plan or a framework for how to get where he is, so I can do it myself, if that makes sense, but didn’t get that.

  47. Daphne Whitaker Spight

    This is one of the most comprehensive Deliverance books I have in my library. It covers everything. Get it today study it, meditate on it. The world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God but we have to be equipped. You can’t fight an enemy that you don’t understand. This is a college course to me. Buy the ebook and the hard copy and Devour in 30 days. You ministry will never be the same. Praise God for you Pastor God bless you and protect you in Jesus Name Amen.

  48. wunuvakine

    All you need to know regarding Satan and his kingdom and how to battle properly to ensure victory in every aspect of your life. All the different things they use to defeat an unsuspecting believer of Christ and how to combat against them. Specific prayers for specific situations. If it seems like nothing is going well in your life, you may find the reason here in this book. If you thought you knew everything there is to know about evil, you may learn something new.

  49. ak ash

    Always a delight reading your books. Remain blessed in Jesus

  50. Sue Ann Heim

    M. Madueke is a most excellent author as he knows what he is talking about and explains himself is a way that is easy to understand.

  51. Angelique Krüger

    Covers a multitude of areas and is truly an excellent guideline on Spiritual Warfare.Thank you

  52. Amy Mendez

    This is another great book! The book gives you the tools to defeat your enemy.

  53. johnetta b.

    This book is a great education for those who want to learn more about spiritual warfare. This is definitely not for babes in Christ, but for those who are ready to go deeper

  54. Rhoshiika sease


  55. Jaradan

    This is a helpful resource for anyone who needs to identify the causes, symptoms, and cures for generational curses. A lot of it confirms what God has been teaching me during my “wilderness season” (e.g., Queen of Heaven is the spirit behind the “Mother Mary worship” in Catholicism). The only issue of concern is that some of the Scriptures provided to support the author’s points do not actually support his correct points. As I read, I knew that his points are correct and thought of the Scriptures to back them up…but those weren’t used. When I looked up the Scriptures that were cited, they had nothing to do with his points. Also, there are minor typos and grammatical errors. So he needs a better research assistant and editor, which are my God-given supernatural strengths. 😉Overall, I would highly recommend this book for believers who are believing God for some big promises that will destroy Satan’s kingdom in people’s hearts…because we only possess our promises by overcoming the devil’s opposition.

  56. Amazon Customer

    This book gives insight into demons and how we can fight against it with our armor of God! Must read and use!

  57. Linda Valeria

    This a thorough resource with power-filled biblical references on our God-given authority to recognize and overcome the enemy’s demonic schemes and attacks! I highly recommend this for any prayer warriors seeking to help others overcome and rise up from demonic strongholds!

  58. NormaD

    Just got the book and can’t hardly wait to get heavy into it. Pastor Madueke thanks for helping your brother and sisters to be able to prepare ourselves for what’s ahead. May the Lord bless you and continue to use you.Blessings,ND

  59. Phillip Wyllis

    The Bible gives us an insight into unseen worlds. We find in Scripture a revelation of what man needs to know of spirit beings.However, reading, “Dictionary of Demons & Complete Deliverance” has given me a greater insight into the operations of our arch-enemy and his schemes. I believe every believer who is serious about living a victorious Christian life and needs to know how to fight from a point of victory, should read this book.Pastor Phillip Wyllis. New York


    There is so much to share about this wonderful book. I was so glad to have read it as it helped me realize how much there is to learn about our enemy. It was empowering to have had all this information at my fingertips and humbling to understand how much there is to learn.Run, don’t walk, to purchase this incredible knowledge filled book.

  61. Amazon Customer

    Excellent book, very information and the break down of the information was easy to understand and helpful. Prayers were long but powerful. This book was able to answer any questions I had about evil altars, witchcraft, covenants and yokes. It explained the characteristics that a person may have who is under the influence of witchcraft. After providing detailed information on how to identify evil sources, there was information provided to help you defeat and protect yourself from witchcraft and any future manipulation from witchcraft and their manipulators.

  62. Robin McNeil

    This is such an extensive book that will put the average believer on the map! This is the type of book every believer needs in order to fight our invisible enemy. Christ has given us the keys to the kingdom, but how can we fight if we do not understand the enemy. This book really breaks down diverse demons and how one can recognize how these demons are playing out their agenda in the lives of people. This book gives proven biblical foundations regarding demons and the havoc they have reigned down on diverse men in the Bible. The warfare prayers in the back of the book are awesome and scripture ladden.

  63. Paula McGrew

    This is an comprehensive book written for Christians who want to know more about demons and deliverance from bondage. I would encourage everyone to grab a copy for yourself and include it in your own spiritual library. I will be referring to this one again and again.

  64. Sea-A

    “The Dictionary of demons & Complete Deliverance” gives you a thorough knowledge of the activities of the agents of the kingdom of darkness, the biblical examples, and the way to get deliverance. Dr. Prayer M Madueke has a thorough knowledge on this subject. If anyone is looking for a book that contains everything that they should know about demonic activities, and how to get delivered from, I recommend this book. I believe that it’s worth buying this book, and it’s worth reading it!



  66. Raeesah

    This is a powerful book for those who are serious about warfare and deliverance. To know your enemy is to win half the battle. There is a lot of information and testamonies regarding deliverance. My experience of Prayer Madueke’s books and decress and warfare prayers have been powerful, liberating. I am a prayer eagle with a community of prayer warriors. I have found that going to the root as in the teachings of Prayer Madueke that there is freedom and deliverance in a short time.I would recommend this book to anyone who wants freedom from the chains of their bondages.

  67. veronica

    Fantastic book as it brings a detailed fresh insight into the ministry of demons and deliverance . From the book , I get to learn all manners of prayer, spiritual time bomb decrees to cripple demonic activities, demonic oppressions , prayer contractors , evil altars and many more . The book also highlight on how one can get involved in evil altars and recognize the types of evil spirits and their manifestations eg tumor , heart disease . I love the section on Warfare ! Simply superb as the author details step by step guide on how to make powerful declarations against the different spirits and also on deliverance! An important guide for all Christians who need to stay alert in this end times . Definitely an eye opener for all who wants to engage and be delivered of the spiritual forces victoriously !

  68. Noel Burrell

    I love this book. It’s helpful with spiritual warfare and development.

  69. M W

    Very detailed information and deeper understanding.

  70. picon

    I just want to say thank you for all your prayer books including this one which helps me to understand the spiritual realm better as a prayer warrior. more grace sir.

  71. Kindle Customer

    This is a very insightful book. I recommend it highly to anyone desirous to minister effectively in the Lord’s vineyard.

  72. Amazon Customer

    I really like they way this book was formatted. It’s very easy to follow and understand.I also like that reference scriptures were available for further study.

  73. Tiffany R.

    This book is amazing and speak’s God’s truth. Thank you for answering God’s call to the world. I’m learning alot from reading your books. God Bless!!

  74. Wayne A. Weisphal

    This is a very well done book for spiritual warfare, with absolute victory through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, his mighty power and the promised Holy Spirit.

  75. ralph durden

    This book as written fills in the rest of the biblical scripture, the church spiritual nature, of the story. Seems we like dealing with spiritual truth, from a physical perspective and stand point. Yes, we live by faith and believe in scripture and Christ at a level that comfortable, and we are blessed. But after years of knowing that spirits exist and are active. Seeing that they war against us, like humans war against each other. Seeing the biblical scripture express the spiritual nature of spirits (angels and human) that we imitate, whether of the spirit nature (without the law of the Spirit of Life) control by the spiritual nature of sin; or the whether of the spiritual nature (the law of the Spirit of Life) not control by the law of Sin and Death. We are governed by spiritual principles of spiritual nature, one leading to eternal spiritual life or leading to eternal spiritual death. We are now to express ourselves as spiritual nature, whether by human spirit nature or angelic spirit nature. What are you trying to say? This book, and thanks to all leadership of our faith, but I had questions leadership did not know or find no Relevant need to teach, “what’s the altars about through out the old testament and eating food from demonic altars; why then with people in the Jewish synagogue with demons”. What was that all about? So Satan’s kingdom hasn’t gone away and we of the faith, express the emotions and feelings of unbelief and shock about affairs of evil, instead of declaring biblical terms that express we are governed by the Spirit of Life, that express a hidden nature and knowledge of spirit ( not the evil old dead human spirit nature) we are use to expressing) of the new human spirit nature of Life, the Spirit nature of Christ. This book and author filled in gaps many leadership don’t know or won’t answer because it causes confusion and fear and, the pews are filled with believers who don’t know different prayers for different demonic fighting as in the physical warfare. So this book helps those who are looking for spiritual issues, that are not taught but rejected. I learned it’s a matter of revelation of scripture by the Spirit and God’s grace to help fight, by faith through scripture these demons daily. From cradle to the grave, they fight humanity to destroy and deceive every individual. We served the kingdom of darkness for years, what happened to us during those years, before we were redeemed. If there was a covenant, in coming to the kingdom of light by Spirit nature then there is a covenant but nature with the king of darkness. No one expresses or entails that side spiritual life and light, which is an opposite spiritual nature and realm of living dead to the things of God. We call living a life without the new spiritual human spirit, a life of Falsehood, because Satan sells the physical realm, in its present state of spiritual nature as good to the human eye. When we lived on earth that is spiritually curse by sin. God had to destroy all things. But we believers sometimes don’t see it that way or feel that way about it. Thus, living by spiritual nature, you and I have no choice but to let go of the world as it is because you see evil spirits and the kingdom of darkness really rules the affairs of men until Christ comes back. So we see mankind making decisions living by the outer most man instead of the inner most man.

  76. Peter Cox

    Powerful book with powerful prayers to destroy satan’s kingdom.

  77. Glory

    I’ve been a Christian for 18 years always seeking the Lord Jesus for more revelation knowledge. Always seeking to be led by the Holy Spirit I was led to this book. The knowledge in this book opened my spiritual eye more because although I knew about covenants but unfamiliar about the spiritual realm of evil altars and their effects. So much spiritual foundational knowledge in this book will help you to understand what to pray about and the powers, principalities and rulers that keep Christians in bondage. This book similar to other books by Prayer Madeuke is a Holy Spirit led book to overcome the evil spiritual world and be more than victorious in Christ Jesus.

  78. Sonia Sanchez


  79. Joy29 S

    I have not completed your book, only on page 66, and I’m looking forward to completing it. You write about things I have not experienced yet but I can say I am armed with knowledge now. I know I’ll be gaining more throughout the book

  80. Melissa Welsh

    God breathed works of art to to prevail the Kindom of Heaven and rattle the kindom of darkness!!! I’ve read multiple books from this man of God and let me express that God has gifted this man with wisdom that comes straight from the Holy Spirit. I highly encourage anyone to pick up this man of God’s creations because they have blessed my life in so many ways. Thank you man of God…Heaven rejoices in your favor! Praise JESUS!!!

  81. Shekema

    Getting the wisdom needed to fight back

  82. Aja Brown

    What I appreciate most is the direct spiritual references provided in the manual. I have zero use for someone’s opinion. I do appreciate the revelation and power-packed prayers backed by scriptural reference. Another great book by Dr. Prayer M. Madueke

  83. JR

    One of the most comprehensive, yet, easy to read books on demonology and demonic activities occuring in the believers life.

  84. Tommy Brown

    Understanding the words use in the word of God. This is a powerful book and excellent help to any student of the word of God.

  85. Abbs

    Wow what an interesting and insightful book. I throughly enjoyed reading it as I learnt a lot. Lots of bible references which was great.Very well written and kudos to the author

  86. Bernadine Carter

    This book is AWESOME!!! This book is very informative, this book helps me to understand the spirits and demons they I pray against IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME

  87. Jane

    Knowledge gives strategic advantage over the enemy. This book will reposition you at a vantage point over the enemy and help you outmanouvre the enemy

  88. Stanley

    Dictionary of Demons & Complete Deliverance by Prayer M. Madueke is a thorough, authoritative work in understanding demons and the inner workings of the demonic kingdom.It is an essential tool for Deliverance Ministries and a must-read and study for every Christian Believer.This book will assist you in recognition, protection, and deliverance from demons. Stanley A. Weston, Author Will Thou Be Made Whole?

  89. Lethabo Maswikaneng

    This book helps me to target my prayers at the root cause of my problems. It has helped me to identify which forces of darkness have a stronghold over my life and how to overcome them. I definetly recommend it for every born again believer.

  90. Amazon Customer

    This book is eye opening to people who are in deliverance and those who are preparing to launch into deliverance. Thank you once again sir for this timely book.

  91. Ms. A1A

    The media could not be loaded.


  92. T.A.

    Great Book!

  93. Adrienne

    This book is an essential for every believer’s collection! For any believer! In our walk with Jesus, we are commanded to meditate on HIS WORD always, pray, cast out demons heal the sick, and raise the dead, being the vessel used for the mighty works of God almighty! If you’re reading this, it’s no coincidence!!! Holy Spirit is leading you in all knowledge and the hidden things of YAHWEY

  94. Amazon Customer

    This book is powerful full of deliverance prayers and how you can do deliverance on yourself and your family. A must-read!!!!

  95. SM

    This book has answered questions that I have had for years about things I could not put my finger on. I knew something was always off. Now I can see. It’s a must ready.

  96. Geovanny & Doris

    I was given this book electronically to review and I am grateful as I’m learning how to properly do spiritual warfare against the enemy. As agreed upon, I would do a review for the book. It is a very long book of over 800 pages and I did not go through the whole book because I wanted to do a review in a timely manner.What I have read of the dictionary, which dictionaries are not normal reading, that the things I went to gave a lot of Scripture references and pointed to things that I was familiar with and it was easily understandable. He has many things bulleted, which is a very neat way of displaying information.This dictionary is SUPER empowering. It will give you what something looks like in the physical realm, let’s say if this particular evil spirit is working, what that looks like in the natural. A lot of times a person doesn’t even realize they are under demonic attack or a curse because you’ve been living with it for so long or you just don’t understand that what you’re going through isn’t from God nor normal. This dictionary helps depict those things.When you think of a dictionary, it’s basically a list of definitions. BUT this dictionary not only spells out the demonic arsenal, but it tells you how to come against the demonic and how to get rid of those things through different types of prayers, decrees, taking your authority in Jesus Christ.It’s really the most thorough spiritual warfare dictionary I’ve ever seen. My ONLY maybe negative thing is, which I won’t take away any stars for, is there maybe some wrong wording or typos – so maybe more thorough proofreading. But at 800+ pages, those things can be missed. I would highly recommend this as a great tool to have in your spiritual warfare arsenal.And, I do already own a number of Prayer’s books that I have paid for, so I knew that whatever he writes is from God and that it will be good. God bless Prayer’s ministry and may he continue to use his god-given gifts and talents for the glory of God and bringing the kingdom of darkness down.

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