Total Deliverance from Destructive Water Spirits (eBook Bundle)

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The Queen of Heaven is one of the wicked and daring principalities that Satan trusts very much. She is connected with virtually all evil. She is to Satan whom the Holy Spirit is to God. This book exposes her mode of operation and how to defeat her with prayers. We are in the middle of an unseen spiritual war. God wants to break the coils of the Queen of heaven off of your life. He wants to help you breathe again!!

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Total Deliverance from Destructive Water Spirits (eBook Bundle) by Prayer M. Madueke
Total Deliverance from Destructive Water Spirits (eBook Bundle) $49.99 Original price was: $49.99.$29.99Current price is: $29.99.Save $20.00
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Exposing The Activities And Mode Of Operation Of The Queen Of Heaven!!

The Queen of Heaven is one of the wicked and daring principalities that Satan trusts very much. She is connected with virtually all evil. She is to Satan whom the Holy Spirit is to God.

Her witchcraft is the most sophisticated in the list because she is in charge. She is the eternal partner of Satan. She is the direct executive of Satan.

No department of Satan’s kingdom can act without her knowledge. She is in possession of every sinner’s file. Satan himself, in most cases, cannot do much without this principality. Her office is next to that of Satan. She is the inspirer of all false doctrines.

She is the overseer of dead churches and all evil groups, anti-God and anti-Christ organizations. She is the character builder of all evil men. Her chief ministry is to misinterpret, oppose and fight God and his people.

The Queen of heaven helps you understand the strategies of this subtle destroyer, how she works, how to detect her, and how to break her hold from your life.

This book of revelation will teach you how to:

  • Recognize the early warning signs that you are under attack
  • Find the ways you may have unknowingly given her access into your home
  • Bring God’s deliverance and restoration into every area of your life.
  • And more.


This book exposes her mode of operation and how to defeat her with prayers. 

We are in the middle of an unseen spiritual war. God wants to break the coils of the Queen of heaven off of your life. He wants to help you breathe again!!

May you receive unlimited revelations and breakthrough as you read this Book in Jesus’ name.


18 reviews for Total Deliverance from Destructive Water Spirits (eBook Bundle)

  1. L. V. Meerbeek

    May our spiritual eyes be opened and may every form of spiritual blindness that reigns in the American church die today! This book is not for everyone, but for those who want to know the mysteries of the Dark Kingdom, and understand what is happening to us on this earth.

  2. Kindle Customer

    I like everything about the book and the materials and information included according to the holy scriptures.

  3. Kindle Customer

    Great information and prayers to stand and fight against marine spirits. They are very powerful but He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.We must always be ready and this book along with God’s word helps prepare. Thank you Pastor Madueke, Many blessings!

  4. Vivian

    Powerful!! Will recommend to others to read!

  5. Patrick Mensah

    Understanding deep and secret mysteries. Thanks for Spiritual awakenings. It’s a MUST read book

  6. Amazon Customer

    This is a world that very few Christians know about, but are beginning to awaken to the deeper realities of the spirits realm and the many kingdoms that Satan operates in thanks to revelations like these. This book goes in deep even in the first chapter bringing to light who the Queen of the Coast is and the reach of her kingdom. Can’t wait to finish this book and learn more about the enemies kingdom, no longer being ignorant to his devices.God is equipping his end time army to properly war in the spirit.

  7. Mina

    I appreciate mr. Madueke for his dedication and special writing about Christ, about and against evil powers also. Descriptions of the evil powers are interesting for me and i learn a lot from other book by this author, also. I can explain now more clearly some of my difficult experiences from my life and even some insights long time ago, before reading about this kind of representations of evil powers. The power of the queen of the cost i think could be felt when someone enter in a bad group (ex. a sect) and he wants to exit, but he has no power to escape, even he wants to. I think that this kind of powers are huge in respect with human possibilities, so people are in needs for solutions from God. I have a question, if there is a difference between a person who is oppressed or under attack by this power and a person who is an agent or acts in submission to that power. Sometimes i feel that it is not made a distinction between this two situations.

  8. gloria johnson

    There was a statement in the book that caught my attention: When you see your policies are contradicting God’s Word, it is possible that coastal powers have taken over the control of your life and destiny. God did not give up on humanity, but He does allow us to go deeper and deeper into sin. He gives us an opportunity to see how evil sin really is and how desperately wicked people can become.

  9. Amy Mendez

    I believe this book is packed with revelation. I disagree with the bad reviews. This book exposes the power behind the scenes. The powers that we can’t see. When he speaks of David and the Queen of the coast, this is what it will do for the the reader: to look at scenarios in your life that are similar with some of the experiences that David went through. I know first hand for this to be true because it’s the testimony of a person that has overcame these scenarios. The writer is a deliverance minister and he is exactly that. I could care less about spelling and writing errors! Because the deliverance and the revelation far out-weights some simple typo mistake. Ask yourself what do I want to gain from this book? I want to be FREE!!

  10. jeremy hazelwood

    Very informative book. He properly gives a thorough explanation of the water spirits but more importantly the actual decrees and prayers to use to fight them in the spiritual realm. This book and his other are well worth it because you can actually put things to practice verses just reading about it.

  11. Queenb

    This was a very eye opening book in regards to the demonic and Strategies we need to assist us in spiritual warfare.

  12. Christeen RivaRigobert

    I’ve seen where people have left reviews that were not favorable of this book, Queen of the Coast. However, other than some proof reading errors, I find this book very factual and informative. The scriptures given were bullseye on and the manner to which it is written (with the exception of the proof reading errors) makes it easy to understand even for the spiritual novice.The examples given of those widely known that had fell victim to her purely evil schemes was a wonderful addition. Examples of those that fell and never repented (and what happened to them in the end) as well as those that fell, repented, and turned back to God….. points I had never actually gave much attention to until now. Kinda gave a human touch or more of a modern day feel to how things operate with actions and consequences in the spiritual realm.So much information is packed in such a few pages that I am, quite honestly, very eager to get back to it and continue learning.I would very much recommend this book to anyone that truly believes they are following Christ and want to know about ALL possible traps, plans, landmines, and snares of the enemy and his cohorts. In fact, I plan on buying a few of these and giving them as gifts to some spiritual children I have in Africa that are studying Spiritual Warfare.Thank you, author Prayer Madueke, for a wonderful teaching lesson and all the research you’ve done. It’s very much appreciated and will be put to great use, I assure you.

  13. Jane

    The depth of information in this book is what every Christian needs to overcome marine powers. Another great book from Pastor Madueke

  14. Amy Mendez

    This book is packed with the tools every child of God needs to know to win the battles of the enemy.

  15. Denise Smith

    This book has taught me well not to be afraid of the invisible world, thank you. I have learned ways In which the Queen of the Coast operates which will definitely bolster my faith to be courageous and never be afraid of demonic operations. My prayer life has certainly received a booster which I’ve longed for over the years. This exposure will enhance my spiritual life and grow my faith. Thank you sir.

  16. Bonnie Reems

    This is a powerful, to the point book with scriptures and insight and prayers to utilize to break free from the strongholds associated with the queen of heaven. The author has done an exceptional job of explaining the queen of heaven and how we all must repent and be vigilant and continue to serve God only.This is a much needed resource. My favorite thing about this book and other books I’ve read by Prayer Madueke is that he provides information on the topic and provides detailed prayers on how to overcome these adversities.Excellent work once again.

  17. Amazon Customer

    This stuff is deep and I only read the Introduction and had to leave a review. There are already so many prophetic things happening just in the revealing of the introduction that just make me shake my head. We can see the falling away of the church who are in bed with the whore of Babylon causing the church to look like the world instead of the other way around. It’s happening at an alarming rate.I can already tell this book is going to be good and I also like the fact that it not only exposes hierarchy of the enemies kingdom and tactics, but also leads you through some powerful prayers and declarations in order to tear down the enemies strongholds once you have a better understanding of them.

  18. Miss Mariela Cerna

    I think this book is very good because, we have to know the strategies of our enemies and this book reveals how the evil Queen of the coast works. Short but concise. You can read the book in two hours. At the end there’s a section of warfare to break the power of this evil fallen angel.

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