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The Significance of Good Character

Character is comparable to clothing that we all wear and cannot conceal for a prolonged period. This is because character encompasses a collection of traits that differentiate someone or something, particularly their emotional and mental qualities. Even if an insane person dresses impeccably, their character will inevitably reveal their mental disorder. Similarly, character distinguishes an […]

A deviation from God’s Design for Marriage

Nicodemus, an esteemed ruler of the Jews and a prominent Pharisee, sought to meet with Jesus. He disclosed to Jesus the conclusions that the Pharisees had drawn about Him. Nicodemus affirmed that the Pharisees recognized Jesus as a teacher sent from God because of the many miracles He had performed. As a result, both those […]

Prayers Against Marine Spirits

A marine covenant is as binding as a divine covenant. It is a serious issue and cannot be taken lightly. A Covenant is always a binding agreement; a legal contract for mutual benefit, whether good or evil. That is why people, who are involved in any kind of evil covenant, always suffer strange things when […]

Persecution, Tests and Temptations at the Work Place

Persecution, tests, and temptations refer to experiences that believers go through. They are challenges that occur in everyone’s life. Tests reveal one’s strengths and weaknesses, while temptations try to divert and destroy individuals. Christians believe that God permits temptations to come their way to reveal their trust in Him and to grant them opportunities to […]

Overcoming Evil Diversions to Fulfill Your Destiny

Every man is born with a great destiny here on earth. Unfortunately, many people who are born to rule and reign in their lives fail because of evil diversions. The devil diverts their destinies through the wrong choices they make. They forsake God’s ways and follow their own. You cannot be successful in life if […]

Reality of Prolonged Pregnancy

Carrying a baby for more than nine months is not considered normal as it goes against God’s design. However, in the current age, evil forces are at work and there will likely be a rise in witchcraft and other forms of evil. It is important for believers to take action and engage in spiritual warfare […]

Prayers Against Drug Addiction

The addiction to dangerous substances is a primary peril that ensnares many young individuals and leads to their demise. This is a widespread predicament affecting youths globally, who find themselves trapped and unable to break free. Many of them are bewildered and have reached a point where they are unable to help themselves. For we […]

The Purpose of God’s Blessings

God has established a purpose for blessing His people. The main purpose God blesses His children is to establish His covenant. As it is written, “…For it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day” (Deuteronomy 8:18). […]