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The Crying Blood of Jesus

Blood was mentioned throughout the scripture. When Abraham was told to sacrifice his son Isaac, he was stopped just before he could sacrifice his son, and Isaac was set free. The blood of a ram was shed instead. The Israelites smeared blood on their doors as God had instructed them. In the temple, a countless […]

Leviathan the Beast: Who Is He?

An emissary is someone who takes charge or represents authority or who they work for. He operates on so many different levels. I’ll tell you about Leviathan now.

The Fountain of Life

When you are separated from God as a result of sin, you are eternally dead. You are no longer under God’s protection in your life anymore and the devil can do with you as he pleases. 

The Fruit of the Womb – 2

You must understand that God abhors infertility. It has never been his will for you. He commanded that neither male nor female barrenness exist among His children.

Overcoming Your Fears and Intimidation

If you have not heard about it, there have been cases where fearful and easily intimidated people claim to hear terrible voices. These voices echo in their ears and diminish their hope and confidence in God.

As You Journey Through Life…

Usually, many people don’t pray because they believe that nothing will happen to them while they travel. While this may be good, there are such things as evil journeys.

The Power of Sin Over Your Life

Have you sinned and fallen short of the glory of God? Have you found yourself doing things that you know you don’t want to do? You have tried again and again to overcome them but it hasn’t worked?

5 Characteristics of a Good Man

When he speaks, he maintains his composure and resists giving in to his rage, choosing instead to be watchful of how his words can affect those around him.

The Home of Your Dreams

Your home is your place of refuge. Your home is your safe place, your happy place. Somewhere you can go to and ease off the stress and frustration after a long day.