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The Evil Spirit of Insanity

If you were born into a family where someone has ever been insane, then there is a need for you to start praying these prayers immediately. Jesus empowered us to cast out demons, including the spirit of madness.

The Distinctive Fruits of Excellence

In times of crisis, people with excellent spirits are always courageous. A person with an excellent spirit has faith in God. They are always confident and committed to God.

Repentance: A Journey of Transformation

Repentance consists of a radical change of mind about God, sin, yourself, and the world. Previously, sin was delighted in, but now it is hated and mourned over. With repentance, self was esteemed, but now it is abhorred.

The Supremacy of God

If you refuse to serve God and honor Him with all you have, it can be transferred to someone who will use it better to serve and honor God, even your ancestral inheritance or birthright.

Consecration for Service

It is God’s will throughout our lives to completely, wholeheartedly give our lives over to Him. Our consecration should be constant at all times and not given only when we need a particular blessing from the Lord.

The Heart of Man

If you want God’s word to effectively minister to you, you have to forget whatever you know about Him and be ready to accept His word as it is written.

The Importance of Prayer in Your Life

Every Christian has great struggles lying ahead, and only God can see you through them in this wicked world we live in. In the past, everyone who dialed this great phone number to communicate with God in prayer was victorious.

Repentance and Salvation Through Christ

No matter how corrupt, averse, spiritually blind, deaf or dead you are, if you accept Christ, He will give you abundant life and bring you back to Your Father, the creator of heaven and earth.