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Good Health for God’s Covenant Children

If you are a covenant child of God, you don’t have to allow sickness or diseases to oppress or eat up your flesh, as God has promised that He will not put any diseases upon your life.

Overcoming Sickness and Disease Through Faith

Many people believe more in the strength of their problem and the devil than in God’s ability to heal them. When a child of God cries out to God in faith, no matter the problem, Jesus will respond.

Breaking Free From the Devil’s Hold

There are people whose fates have already been buried by the devil. Those people have lost their peace, marriages, businesses, children, etc., to the devil. Many others are living under the affliction, oppression, and influence of evil powers.

Long Life and Good Health

God wants His children to enjoy a healthy and long life. He does not want you to wallow in sickness and disease, which are from Satan. That is why you need to enter the covenant of healing with God immediately.

Prayers for Strength

All creatures require strength to survive. That is why the Scriptures rightly reveal that God is our only source of strength. However, evil spirits continue to labor tirelessly to deplete your strength.

How to Receive Your Healing From God

Your covenant with God is extremely important. When a believer backslides, he breaks his covenant relationship with God. He is no longer in covenant with God, and so it would be difficult for God to reach that believer for healing.

Effects of Sin Against Your Health

Sin has many consequences but the worst is separation from God, which is eternal death. It is possible to be alive physically on earth while you are dead before God spiritually. Sin is extremely deadly and dangerous.  “And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; That at that time ye were without […]