Christian Eschatology (eBook Bundle) by Prayer M. Madueke
Christian Eschatology (eBook Bundle)
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Christian Eschatology (eBook Bundle)

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This series takes you verse by verse through the entire book of Revelation, clearly communicating God’s truth, warnings, and promises to a world poised for both judgment and redemption.

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The very name of the last book of the Bible means “unveiling” Yet this mysterious and misunderstood book seems to do anything but unveil, especially when we read it on our own. Book of Revelation – Study of the End Times takes you verse by verse through the entire book of Revelation, clearly communicating God's truth, warnings, and promises to a world poised for both judgment and redemption.

In Prayer Madueke's latest book, he takes us on a journey through the thought-provoking book of Revelation. Prayer Madueke's goal in writing this study is to help us discover the “hidden gems” inside Revelation, as well as prepare us for what is to come. This book is a must-have for any Christian seeking to study God’s word in an easily understandable way. Prayer Madueke's heart to prepare each believer for the mission field is evident in every word he writes. His love for God and people shines through each page, and will surely be a blessing to anyone in every stage of their walk with Christ.

10 reviews for Christian Eschatology (eBook Bundle)

  1. Trells MO

    This book explained very well the scriptures. I appreciate the prayer for deliverance. I pray the Lord continues revelations through this ministry.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Very enlightening and informative indeed, I would recommend this book to any child of God who is tired of living in bondage and would want to live a life of freedom in Christ

  3. David Searcy

    Very good book to read. I liked it.

  4. Deandra Dyer

    I love this book. Anyone looking to grow spiritual this book will help

  5. Rachel

    Besides the bible, This is one of the best books I have ever read.

  6. D.k

    I really did like this read , its definitely one I\’d like to pass on . I recommend it .

  7. joel scott

    It was a very thorough read. Reminded me of Dr. Olukoya’s books. Good book!

  8. Monique Smith

    I love reading books from this author. This book has opened my eyes to the super natural world. I have learn how to pray fire prayers for break through. This book has inspired me I have to read it again.

  9. Yvonne

    I love this book during my 2020 prayer watch. It helped fortify my prayer life immensely. Every word was backed by scripture and the content was revealing….I need to get copies for my team.

  10. Constance H.

    This book opened my understanding to many things I took for granted such as the amazing things that faith in God can do. I\’m now ready to make . My decrees in the mighty name of Jesus.May God continue to bless PASTOR Madueke and his family always.

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Prayer M. Madueke

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303 pages



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2020, September 27


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