Breaking Free
From Evil Altars

This course gives you insight into the concept of Evil altars and their influence on individuals and families. It also empowers you with knowledge and practical tools to dismantle evil altars and reclaim your faith journey.

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Unlock the Path to
Spiritual Freedom

Discover the power of deliverance in this comprehensive course and experience the transformation that awaits.

What's in the Course?

Introduction: Understanding Evil Altars

An overview of the course, introducing the concept of evil altars, with a foundational scripture reference from Numbers 23. Defining evil altars and discussing their spiritual implications, with an exploration of how they relate to scriptural examples.

What is an Evil Altar?

Delving into how evil altars can affect both the spiritual and physical realms, based on biblical contexts. Examining the far-reaching influence of evil altars on personal, familial, and national levels through a biblical lens.

Characteristics of Evil Altars

Outlining the roles evil altars play in spiritual warfare, from promoting sin to establishing covenants.

The Effects of Evil Altars on Individuals

Describing the signs and symptoms exhibited by individuals under the influence of evil altars.

Different Types of Evil Altars

A detailed look at the different types of evil altars, from crossroad to forest altars, and their unique characteristics. Providing scriptural references that correlate with each type of evil altar discussed in the course.

Identifying Victims of Evil Altars

Offering insights into identifying those affected by evil altars through behavioral and spiritual markers. Exploring the tangible and spiritual effects that evil altars can have on a person’s life.

Preconditions for Liberation

Emphasizing the necessity of new birth in Christ and consistent Christian living as a foundation for spiritual liberation.

Strategies for Overcoming Evil Altars

Underlining the power of prayer and restitution in combating evil altars, supported by key biblical teachings.

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