Unveiling the Power of Fasting: Breaking Free from Evil Altars

In today’s fast-paced world, the ancient discipline of fasting, a cornerstone of Christian spiritual warfare, may seem out of date, yet its significance and potency in spiritual battle have never faded. When it comes to battling the powers of demonic altars—those dark forces and influences that aim to bind and control lives—fasting emerges as a […]

Dreams: Exploring Their Spiritual Significance

Types of Dreams A. God-given Dreams: Recognising Divine CommunicationB. Human Imagination or Meditation Dreams: Products of the MindC. Natural Dreams: Reflections of Desires and ExperiencesD. Fleshly Dreams: Temptations and Carnal DesiresE. Occultic Dreams: Lingering Effects of Past AssociationsF. Nightmare Dreams: Manifestations of Fear and Anxiety God-given Dreams: These dreams, illuminated by divine intervention, serve as […]

Suffering From Evil Dreams

Any bad thing that happens in the dream is exactly what the devil intends to do physically in people’s lives, and as a result, if you neglect evil dreams as a believer, your life will be in trouble.

Dreams as a Warning System

In the dream, not all activities are from God. Some of them are from the devil, and this is why you need to have a good relationship with God to attract good dreams from Him.