Dealing with Heart Diseases in Prayers

Heart disease refers to a range of medical conditions that affect the proper functioning of the heart or the blood vessels that supply it. In addition, the heart can also be a target for evil spirits who take pleasure in causing harm to the heart of individuals until they pass away and are buried. It […]

Overcoming the Threat of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is a demon of destruction that attacks health in all areas of life and brings darkness into your life. It often attacks its victims from the kingdom of darkness.

Prayers Against Breast Lumps

Most often, a lot of women are diagnosed with this deadly ailment out of nowhere. Obviously, lumps are not part of the body system as created by God.

Good Health for God’s Covenant Children

If you are a covenant child of God, you don’t have to allow sickness or diseases to oppress or eat up your flesh, as God has promised that He will not put any diseases upon your life.

Overcoming Sickness and Disease Through Faith

Many people believe more in the strength of their problem and the devil than in God’s ability to heal them. When a child of God cries out to God in faith, no matter the problem, Jesus will respond.

Breaking Free From the Devil’s Hold

There are people whose fates have already been buried by the devil. Those people have lost their peace, marriages, businesses, children, etc., to the devil. Many others are living under the affliction, oppression, and influence of evil powers.

Overcoming the Obstacles of Sin and Curses in Your Life

Cursed people are constantly subjected to limitations and satanic attacks. They suffer premature death, hatred, and rejection. Some of them suffer from infertility, barrenness, prolonged pregnancies, or miscarriage.

Long Life and Good Health

God wants His children to enjoy a healthy and long life. He does not want you to wallow in sickness and disease, which are from Satan. That is why you need to enter the covenant of healing with God immediately.