Building Godly Altars: The Pathway to Spiritual Victory

In today’s world, full of distractions and challenges, achieving spiritual victory can seem daunting. Yet, one timeless practice offers a beacon of hope: building godly altars. This concept, deeply rooted in biblical worship practices, represents not just a physical structure but a profound spiritual act of drawing closer to God. The Essence of Altars in […]

Empowering Yourself for Deliverance Through the Word

As a born-again Christian, Jesus empowered you to tread on demons, and nothing can hurt you by any means. The moment you repented, confessed, and forsook your sins, you received the power to stop or dislodge demonic activities anywhere you saw them.

Overcoming the Influence of Witchcraft in Relationships

One of the deadliest weapons of witchcraft is the weapon of mismatch. The Devil is the worst and most desperate matchmaker. He wants you to make mistakes in your family, in your choice of marriage partner, in your businesses.

Dreams as a Warning System

In the dream, not all activities are from God. Some of them are from the devil, and this is why you need to have a good relationship with God to attract good dreams from Him.

Overcoming the Yoke of Oppression

If you don’t say what you are supposed to say, you may die before your time. It is possible that you may die while your parents are still alive.

Consequences of Practicing Witchcraft

Witchcraft powers can help you purchase your destruction on credit. They may allow you to enjoy yourself for a short time, but you will undoubtedly pay with your life in eternity after you have lost everything.

Operations of the Queen of the Coast

Many ministers and ministries have become ineffective because of worldliness, prayerlessness, and attacks by satanic forces, false doctrines, persecutions, financial mismanagement, women, and persecution from government authorities. Many churches are dormant today without recognizing that we are fighting a great enemy.