Combating Monitoring Spirits

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About Course

Dive into the spiritual battlefield and gain mastery over the unseen forces that impact our daily lives. This course peels back the layers of mystery surrounding monitoring spirits, equipping you with the knowledge and strategies needed to identify, confront, and overcome these spiritual adversaries.
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What will I learn?

  • Understand the concept and operations of monitoring spirits
  • Identify the biblical instances and examples of monitoring spirits
  • Recognize the tactics used by monitoring spirits to influence and disrupt
  • Discover personal and collective consequences of spiritual warfare
  • Learn the importance of righteous living and repentance in spiritual defense
  • Explore the power of continuous prayer and faith in maintaining spiritual strength
  • Gain insights from the lives of biblical characters who overcame spiritual adversities
  • Understand the protective role of God's commandments
  • Formulate strategies to avoid the snares set by monitoring spirits
  • Experience the power of divine intervention and recognize God's sovereign protection

What's in the Course?

Course Book Material

  • Download “Monitoring Spirits” eBook guide

The Nature of Monitoring Spirits
Unveil the mysterious realm of monitoring spirits, their characteristics, historical biblical presence, and the insidious methods they use to influence the earthly realm. This module also includes case studies that bring theoretical knowledge into the context of real-world applications.

The Impact of Monitoring Spirits
Examine the profound impact monitoring spirits have on personal lives and nations, learn from the experiences of the Israelites, and identify the relationship between idolatry and spiritual decline, concluding with a case study on the Israelites' idol worship.

Combating Monitoring Spirits
Equip yourself with strategies to combat monitoring spirits through righteous living, witness examples of triumph over evil, and grasp the importance of continuous prayer and faith through the experiences of biblical figures.

The Role of Righteousness and Obedience
This module delves into the transformative power of obedience to God's commandments, the perils of spiritual traps, and the assurance of divine intervention, reinforcing the protective role of living according to God's laws.

Closing Thoughts and Reflections
Conclude the course with reflections on the key takeaways, encouragement for ongoing spiritual growth, personal application of the teachings, and a final prayer session to solidify the commitment to vigilant spiritual practice.

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$49.99 $99.99

What will I get?

  • Video lectures outlining each lesson
  • Supplementary reading materials on spiritual warfare
  • Guided prayer and reflection exercises
  • Interactive forums for discussion with other students


  • A Bible for reference and study
  • Willingness to engage in daily prayer and application of course principles
  • Commitment to complete the course and engage with the materials provided.
  • Suggested: Establish a personal quiet space for reflection and prayer during the course.
  • Optional: Keep a journal for personal insights and revelations received during fasting.
  • Basic understanding of Christian principles is beneficial but not required.

Target Audience

  • Individuals seeking deeper understanding of spiritual warfare
  • Christians desiring to enhance their spiritual defense
  • Church leaders and ministers involved in deliverance ministries
  • Believers looking for biblical strategies to combat evil influences
  • Students of theology and biblical studies interested in the topic of spiritual warfare