Monitoring Spirits Exposed

Discover how to detect and defeat monitoring spirits to secure your spiritual freedom. Learn protective strategies for lasting peace and personal victory.
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Chidubem Nkem
2 months ago
The course is presented in a way we can understand everything. It opened my mind and helped me to see things in a different way. Yes, there are evil altars, and they can destroy lives. The prayers are so powerful! I’m praying those prayers every day, and it’s changing my family and marriage.

Monitoring Spirits
Exposed and Defeated

Learn how to protect and liberate yourself from spiritual monitors and claim your breakthrough.

What's in the Course?

The Nature of Monitoring Spirits

Discusses monitoring spirits aiming to derail divine paths, emphasizing divine protection, spiritual vigilance, and resistance through prayer and Christ’s authority

The Impact of Monitoring Spirits

Explores monitoring spirits’ effects on health, relationships, and society, stressing the need for vigilance, prayer, and faithfulness to combat their influence.

Combating Monitoring Spirits

Delves into combating evil through righteous living, continuous prayer, and biblical examples, advocating for a lifestyle aligned with divine commandments.

The Role of Righteousness and Obedience

Emphasizes prayer, divine instruction adherence, and the protective power of obedience, underscoring devout living and compliance for God’s favor.

What students are saying


Ethan Davis
2 months ago
Just completed the ‘Monitoring Spirits’ course and it was a revelation. The decree section was particularly moving. Your teachings are divinely inspired. I’ve gained a newfound lightness after this course. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


Sophia Martinez
2 months ago
This course offers deep wisdom on spiritual vulnerabilities through evil altars and curses, a topic rarely discussed with such clarity. Having been a Christian for decades, this was the first time I’ve encountered such a thorough exploration of demonic influences.


Tolu Adeyemi
2 months ago
An absolute spiritual game-changer! This course equipped me for spiritual warfare like nothing else. The prayers and decrees have transformed my prayer life. God bless the author for this powerful guide.


Hannah Brown
2 months ago
Rich in spiritual knowledge, this course illuminates the path to harnessing divine power through scripture-backed prayers. Deeply grateful for Dr. Madueke’s role in delivering this enlightenment.


Isaac Thompson
2 months ago
The timing of this course couldn’t have been better, providing clear, actionable advice. The power of the decrees was uplifting. It’s an essential resource for spiritual education and empowerment.


Mia Johnson
2 months ago
Fascinating take on less common spiritual alters. Including summaries of these alters would improve comprehension. The power felt through the spoken declarations was truly stirring.


John Okoye
2 months ago
Insightful content on ‘Monitoring Spirits’ and their impact, but the course could benefit from clearer explanations on some spiritual concepts.


Natalie Smith
2 months ago
A critical watch for those dedicated to spiritual warfare, though some explanations are a bit difficult to follow due to the instructor’s background. Nonetheless, the spiritual insights offered are invaluable.


Kevin Brown
2 months ago
This course gives useful insights into defending against ‘Monitoring Spirits.’ It would be more effective with detailed strategies on dealing with these spiritual challenges.


Amara Chukwu
2 months ago
Touches on key points but lacks detailed explanations. Expanding on terms and providing examples would enhance the learning experience. The potential is there, despite some issues with clarity.

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