Overcoming Rejection & Hatred

Overcome the weakening effects of rejection and hatred with proven spiritual strategies. Gain healing and strength to face life with renewed confidence.
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Olivia Smith
2 months ago
Dr. Prayer Madueke’s course is packed with crucial insights and powerful prayers to overcome the spirit of rejection. It’s a must-watch for anyone facing rejection. The decrees are empowering, offering hope and liberation.

Breaking the Spirit
of Rejection and Hatred

Empower yourself with tactics for spiritual warfare, break free from the chains of rejection and hatred and reclaim your peace and mental strength.

What's in the Course?

The Roots of Rejection and Hatred

Covers hatred and rejection’s impact, emphasizing spiritual battles behind them and paths towards overcoming through personal and spiritual growth.

The Causes of Hatred and Rejection

Links rejection to spiritual causes, emphasizing overcoming through repentance and righteousness, viewing trials as divine purpose opportunities.

The Sources of Hatred and Rejection

Discusses sin and satanic influences as hatred and rejection roots, highlighting the transformative power of divine alignment and repentance.

Overcoming Hatred and Rejection

Highlights repentance, prayer, and decrees in overcoming spiritual marks of rejection, stressing the believer’s authority to change circumstances.

Empowering the Righteous Against Rejection

Elaborates on spiritual warfare practices and the believer’s authority to combat rejection and hatred, emphasizing active engagement and divine tools usage.

Applying Decrees and Faith

Outlines using decrees and faith in spiritual warfare against rejection and hatred, emphasizing the believer’s power to alter spiritual realities.

What students are saying


Michael Johnson
2 months ago
This video course was enlightening. It began by addressing the ‘root of rejection’ with clarity, providing a strong foundation. Despite shifting towards heavy scripture use, it remained insightful. The Holy Spirit’s presence was a constant reassurance.


Adebayo Okeke
2 months ago
Exceeding expectations, this course provided not just knowledge but powerful decrees that I’ve incorporated into my daily routine. Identifying the ‘spirit of rejection and hatred’ has been transformative.


Emma Williams
2 months ago
Addressing hatred and rejection’s impact, this course opens up understanding and healing paths. It’s a beacon of hope for those trapped in negative cycles, reminding us of God’s unwavering love.


James Wilson
2 months ago
Invaluable for the time and money. The scriptural depth and the breakthroughs I’ve experienced are profound. This course is a journey of freedom and deeper revelation.


Chinwe Ike
2 months ago
Extremely thorough, leaving no stone unturned in battling life’s limitations. For anyone seeking deliverance, this prayer program is a beacon of total freedom.


Sarah Brown
2 months ago
A resonating course that speaks directly to the soul. It was compelling and infused with the Holy Spirit’s inspiration. A must-watch for deep personal prayer sessions.


Kemi Adewale
2 months ago
This course is a revelation for many, addressing the often-denied struggle with rejection. The midnight prayer sessions brought me unparalleled spiritual release and peace.


John Davis
2 months ago
Breaking cycles of stagnation, this course offered a clear understanding and actionable decrees. For anyone seeking healing and freedom, it’s nearly perfect.


Grace Thompson
2 months ago
Touches on key points but lacks detailed explanations. Expanding on terms and providing examples would enhance the learning experience. The potential is there, despite some issues with clarity.


Charles Okon
2 months ago
An OK watch with great points. However, the course began to lose depth, relying too much on scripture and less on deep content regarding rejection.

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