The Transformative Power
of Christian Fasting

Unlock the secrets to releasing God’s miraculous power through fasting and prayer. Enhance your spiritual journey for breakthroughs, healing, and resilience.
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Oluwaseun Adeboye
2 months ago
I appreciated the clear and simple presentation of the subject in this video course. The instructor has the ability to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. Thank you.

Releasing the Miraculous
Through Fasting and Prayer

Elevate your spiritual awareness and invoke divine interventions for inner peace and healing by learning how to tap into the extraordinary power of fasting and prayer

What's in the Course?

Understanding the Basics of Fasting

This overview details Christian fasting’s essence, origins, and variations, highlighting intentional abstention for spiritual enhancement with biblical instances such as Moses and Daniel, across different fasting types.

Biblical Insights into Fasting

The section sheds light on biblical fasting principles, emphasizing a correct attitude and heart, informed by Isaiah and Jesus. It notes fasting’s role in repentance, guidance, and its historical significance.

The Spiritual Impact of Fasting in Deliverance Ministry

Discusses fasting’s role in boosting spiritual awareness and assisting believers in spiritual warfare and revelations, with a focus on Jesus and Daniel’s examples, and its benefits in overcoming negative habits.

Proper Mindset and Preparations for Fasting

Addresses the importance of sincerity and the correct mindset in fasting, cautioning against hypocrisy, as per biblical teachings. It emphasizes faith, focus, and the quest to know God more intimately.

Requirements During Fasting

Highlights the necessity of a sincere heart and pursuit of God’s will during fasting, advising against ostentation. It calls for humility, avoiding negative behaviors, and meditating on the Word of God.

The Benefits of Fasting

Outlines fasting’s positive impacts, including insight into God’s will, spiritual victories, and transformative experiences, as demonstrated by biblical figures like Moses, Esther, and Daniel.

What students are saying


John Anderson
2 months ago
The video course’s content and presentation caught my attention. All I needed to know about fasting and prayer was in this course, and it was well-supported with scripture references. I loved that there were sections for various situations that might require prayer. I would recommend this video course to anyone interested in enhancing their spiritual relationship with fasting and prayer.


David Williams
2 months ago
I give glory to God for bringing this video course into my life to help me effectively engage in spiritual warfare through fasting and prayer. I pray for continued blessings upon the instructor, their family, and ministry. This course is changing my life and helping me overcome spiritual battles. God Bless you.


Fatimah Adekunle
2 months ago
I’ve been searching for in-depth information on fasting and prayer for a long time, and while there’s a lot of material out there, nothing covers the specifics like this video course. I love how the instructor intricately explains what fasting is and what it isn’t. The most amazing thing is that viewers are provided with prayers and decrees to use during their fasting journey. This is a manual every believer should watch. Absolutely fabulous!


Daniel Jackson
2 months ago
I highly recommend that you watch this video course. It’s amazing and will help you with your prayer life and understanding how to pray using the Word of God. If you want to take your prayer life to another dimension, you better watch this course. It’s detailed, step-by-step, and provides scriptures to use so that your fasting and prayers are purposeful. You will be pleased with the transformation in your prayer life. Buy this course and elevate your prayer life!


Emily Turner
2 months ago
The video course briefly mentions fasting and how combining it with prayer produces hidden supernatural power. It also includes powerful word-based decrees for intercessory prayer, which can be spoken with fervency and faith during prayer times.


Grace Omondi
2 months ago
In this video course, Dr. Prayer M. Madueke unveils the atomic power of prayer and fasting. It provides kingdom strategies to turn situations around. This is a must-watch DIY course. Remember, there are situations that only change through prayer and fasting. This is a must-see course.


Aisha Kamara
2 months ago
I want the instructor to know that they did a phenomenal job, and it’s clear that divine guidance was with them when they created this course. It’s anointed and very powerful. Thank you; it changed my life. I’m excited about taking more courses you have created. KEEP MOVING FORWARD, MAY THE MOST HIGH BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY FOREVER..!! πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎβ€οΈ


Delphine Finney-Scott
2 months ago
It is the beginning of the year and was beginning a time of fasting. I found some aspect of the teaching helping me to focus on the purpose for fasting. I also leant some information that I was not aware of. I feel that using Biblical examples and explaining the benefit of fasting was helpful especially to anyone new to fasting,


Michael Smith
2 months ago
I love this profound video course. It’s full of biblical-based references and revelational knowledge that is unbelievably full of awareness and biblical principles on fasting and prayer that will equip you for ministry. I plan to fill my library with more of this instructor’s treasures!!!!


Sarah Johnson
2 months ago
If you struggle with knowing how to fast and when to and how long and what to fast for, this video course is everything you need. It will guide you on when, how long, and when to pray during your fasting journey, as well as what subjects to pray about. If you think you know it all about this subject, well, I’m here to tell you this video course knows way more than you think, and it’s most helpful!

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