Unlocking the Power
of the Blood of Jesus

Experience the transformative power of the blood of Jesus. Unlock your right to divine health, protection, and spiritual empowerment for a fearless life.

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Benjamin Clark
2 months ago
This course reaffirmed that the power of the Blood will never diminish. It provides invaluable teachings for believers on how to harness this power. Witness miracles in your life by applying these teachings.

The Supernatural Power
of the Blood of Jesus

Learn how to get miracles, healing, protection and empower yourself to walk in divine authority and live fearlessly using the blood of  Jesus.

What's in the Course?

Understanding the Crying Blood

Explores blood’s biblical significance, emphasizing its call for justice and atonement, contrasting innocent and covenant blood, and highlighting Jesus’ redemptive power.

The Power of the Blood of Jesus

Details invoking the blood of Jesus in prayer for spiritual warfare, silencing negative voices, and claiming victory over sin, emphasizing its protective and redemptive power.

Practical Application in Prayer

Focuses on using the blood of Jesus in warfare prayers to confront evil, break curses, and achieve victory, stressing repentance and faith for accessing its protective power.

Living Under the Cover of the Blood

Advocates daily invoking the blood of Jesus for protection and overcoming challenges, emphasizing its role in healing, peace, and empowering societal change and personal growth.

What students are saying


James Parker
2 months ago
This video course left me incredibly encouraged, motivated, and empowered. The instructor provided comprehensive strategies for overcoming common challenges through the application of the Blood of Jesus and the power of prayer. An essential resource for believers and intercessors alike.


Emily Johnson
2 months ago
After watching this course, I feel as though Madueke has become part of my spiritual family. The teachings ignited a passion in me to fight back against the darkness I was previously unaware of. I revisit the course almost daily for guidance in my prayers. God bless Madueke and his family for this divine gift.


Kwame Appiah
2 months ago
The course was SIMPLY POWERFUL! It has enriched my life by teaching me how to effectively plead the Blood of Jesus in every aspect of life. This is a resource I will use and cherish forever. Blessings to the instructor for sharing such profound wisdom.


Sarah White
2 months ago
Madueke’s course on applying the Blood of Jesus in our prayers was both enlightening and engaging. It’s rare to find such a spiritually enriching and entertaining course. My deepest thanks for this invaluable learning experience.


Abena Dapaah
2 months ago

This is one of the most enlightening courses on the blood of Jesus I’ve ever taken. The prayers are charged with anointing, making it a spiritual powerhouse for victory in warfare.


Lauren Davis
2 months ago
I felt led to this course and it did not disappoint. The insights, coupled with powerful scriptural references, made the message resonate deeply. The prayers felt anointed. This teaching has truly empowered me. God bless the instructor.


Nathan Brooks
2 months ago
Stumbling upon Madueke’s courses has been a game-changer for my spiritual journey. His latest on praying the Blood of Jesus is an invaluable addition to my spiritual toolbox. Thank you for continuing to enlighten and equip us.


Haley Roberts
2 months ago
The instructor’s deep dive into spiritual warfare is accessible even to the newest of believers, clearly explaining how to grasp and exercise their authority in Christ. Every lesson is worth engaging with.


Fatoumata Binta
2 months ago
In my search for spiritual guidance, this course was a divine find. Initially hesitant to invest, I now recognize it as a nudge from the Lord. After completing the prayers, I felt an undeniable presence of peace and anticipation for the miracles to come. Eagerly awaiting to share updates.


Diana Kimathi
2 months ago
This powerful course on the freedom found in the Blood of Jesus uses precisely chosen words to convey liberation from any form of bondage. It’s a testament to the instructor’s dedication and the transformative power of the Lamb’s sacrifice.

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