Overcoming Fear with Faith: Standing Firm Against Evil Altars

In our journey of faith, encountering moments of spiritual fear can be daunting. The concept of evil altars—places of opposition in the spiritual realm that work against God’s purposes—can often be the source of this fear. However, as followers of Christ, we’re equipped with a powerful tool to overcome these challenges: faith. This faith, deeply […]

Understanding Dreams in Spiritual Warfare

  Ever wonder whether your dreams are more than simply random night visions? What if I told you that dreams may provide insight into spiritual warfare in your life? This may seem like something out of a movie, but it’s a reality that many Christians face. In this piece, we’ll look at how dreams might […]


What is a Dream? Dreams are series of thoughts, images or emotions that occur while one is sleeping.  Dream is an activity observed or enacted in one’s sleep and impressed in one’s memory so that when one wakes up, it is remembered vividly and can be relayed.  “And being warned of God in a dream […]

While Men Slept…

Any bad thing that happens in the dream is exactly what the devil intends to do physically in people’s lives. Most of the time, dreams from the devil afflict victims with sickness and darken their visions.

Attacks in the dream: What does it mean?

Many people today are afraid to sleep as a result of the hell they pass through in their dreams because the devil has gained access to their lives through dreams and unleashed terror and wickedness.