Reasons why God blesses His Children

God has prepared all blessings His children would need. So, if you are not ready to compromise your faith, He can go to any extent to bless you. Every believer belongs to God by creation and by redemption. We also belong to God because He watches over our lives and preserves us all. I do […]

Win Back What’s Yours: A Simple Guide to Reclaiming Stolen Blessings

Feeling trapped or like your blessings are slipping through your fingertips may be frustrating. Sometimes it seems like an unseen force is keeping you back, no matter how hard you pray or strive. This is when understanding and combating what some refer to as “evil altars” comes into play. Don’t worry, we’ll break it down […]

The True Purpose of God’s Blessings

Believers who will truly benefit from God’s blessings are those who pray against the spirit of selfishness and greed. He is looking for people who can use their blessings to bless others even more.