PRAYERS TO PRAY Dreaming about drinking alcohol, being deceived, or poisoned in the dream can have various interpretations depending on the context and personal associations. Below are the prayers to engage in in order to break through. PRAISE AND WORSHIP Begin by singing songs of praise unto God, the owner of all life and power. […]


Dreams about achieving goals can be incredibly fulfilling and motivating. When we envision ourselves reaching our goals, whether they’re personal, professional, or creative, it ignites a sense of excitement and purpose within us. These dreams serve as mental rehearsals, allowing us to explore various pathways and potential outcomes. They help us clarify our desires, define […]

Dreams: Exploring Their Spiritual Significance

Types of Dreams A. God-given Dreams: Recognising Divine CommunicationB. Human Imagination or Meditation Dreams: Products of the MindC. Natural Dreams: Reflections of Desires and ExperiencesD. Fleshly Dreams: Temptations and Carnal DesiresE. Occultic Dreams: Lingering Effects of Past AssociationsF. Nightmare Dreams: Manifestations of Fear and Anxiety God-given Dreams: These dreams, illuminated by divine intervention, serve as […]

The Healing Covenant

A covenant is a lawful agreement that obligates two or more parties to a certain course of action. In the context of God and His followers, God established a covenant of healing with His children via His Word. It is, therefore, crucial for every Christian to comprehend and partake in God’s healing covenant. As mentioned […]

God’s Natural Goodness and Healing Power

Because goodness is inherent in God’s nature, He has the power to heal those who are suffering. His love is demonstrated through His acts of delivering those who are afflicted. For instance, in the Bible, Jesus showed His love by healing Jairus’ daughter who was close to death. He also cured people with various illnesses […]

The Healing Power of Jesus

By identifying with God’s name, you can experience healing in your life and receive numerous benefits and promises, as mentioned in Proverbs 18:10. Speaking God’s name can release you from the power of any disease and bring you to a place of safety, like a strong tower. If you live righteously, you can pray to […]

Reasons why Many Christians have not experienced Healing

The bible is filled with great promises of assurance for answers to our prayers when we pray for healing. Believers have many reasons they pray for healing. We pray for healing because we need to serve God in good health and fulfill our destinies on earth. When God answers our prayers, we have joy, but […]

Maintaining your Covenant Walk With God for your Healing

When a believer backslides, he breaks his covenant relationship with God. He is no longer in covenant with God. It would be difficult for God to reach that believer for healing. His prayers cannot be answered until he repents and returns to God. “Behold, ye trust in lying words that cannot profit. Will ye steal, […]

Overcoming Sickness and Disease Through Faith

Many people believe more in the strength of their problem and the devil than in God’s ability to heal them. When a child of God cries out to God in faith, no matter the problem, Jesus will respond.

Divine Conception and Child-Birth

Knowing God intended that you should conceive and be fruitful through His Word, the next thing is for you to stand on the written Word of God and decree that your conception obeys the Word of God and appear. For “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the […]