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Breaking Free From the Devil’s Yoke

Many Christians are already under the yoke of the devil, and it is sad that believers who possess the power of Christ can become captives of Satan.

Importance of the Scriptures

Deliverance ministers who do not know the scriptures cannot last. Without a thorough study of the scriptures and their right application, no deliverance minister or pastor can make meaningful progress toward the level of eternity.

The Existence of Demons

When a man has enough demons in him, he can be used by them to defile his fellow men, thereby bringing the demonic kingdom into physical manifestation to oppose God and good things.

Overcoming Sickness and Disease Through Faith

Many people believe more in the strength of their problem and the devil than in God’s ability to heal them. When a child of God cries out to God in faith, no matter the problem, Jesus will respond.

The Dangers of Traditions That Contradict the Gospel

No matter who is in charge, once a tradition contradicts the Word of God, reject and avoid it. Therefore, you must learn to scrutinize the traditions, rudiments, and philosophies involved in marriage, business, and families before you get involved. Otherwise, you may enter into collective bondage.

Breaking the Bonds of Occultism

Joining witchcraft and occultism to prosper and live well is shortsighted and myopic. It is an evil exchange: the sale of your birthright, the destruction of your future and eternity, including those of your born and unborn children.

Demonic Attacks and Deliverance

Many people today are suffering immensely in one or two areas of their lives. This problem has vowed to take them to the grave before returning to their kingdom.

Authority of a Believer

The authority you have has no limits as a child of God. Everything living on earth and in the sea is to obey you, including non-living things. Whatever you say on earth is final, not what the devil says.

Fighting the Devil

No matter what you go through now or will ever go through, let your decision to serve God be uncompromised. It is better to die in pain, in poverty, or with the worst problem instead of bowing down to worship the devil.