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A detestable sin to God

Idol worship is the most detested sin by God. God views it as disgusting, loathsome, pointless, violent, foolish, unbeneficial, and unclean. To enter and occupy the Promised Land, God instructed the Israelites to destroy the statues of heathen gods by fire. God stressed the severity of this act by warning them not to covet wealth […]

Worshipping Idols

Idolatry defiles God’s sanctuary. It defiles the name of God and provokes Him. When you choose your idols, you reject God. In turn, when you turn away from idols, you escape the wrath of God.

Let’s Talk About Your Idols…

You know that thing that you don’t joke with? That which you can always make time for, even at the expense of your day-to-day? That’s your Idol…