David and Goliath: Overcoming Fear with Faith

“Every Christian must confront their concerns at some point in their lives. But with trust in God, it is possible to overcome them. A powerful Biblical tale that best illustrates this idea is the one about David and Goliath. This story, which is recorded in 1 Samuel 17, provides us important lessons about how having […]

The Power of a Praying Parent: Testimonies and Tips

Parenting is not just a responsibility; it’s a divine assignment that molds the next generation. Prayer is one of the most potent tools a parent can wield in this quest, serving both as a shield and guide for their children. Throughout Scripture, we are reminded of the powerful impact prayer can have in our lives […]

Preparing Children for Spiritual Warfare

Equipping Our Young Warriors: Spiritual Warfare for Children In a world full of spiritual difficulties and struggles, we must train our children for spiritual combat from a young age. This preparation provides them with the knowledge and power they need to stay steady in their faith while resisting the enemy’s temptations and assaults. Ephesians 6:11-12 […]

The Interrelationship Between Faith, Hope, and Love

“Faith, hope, and love are the three foundations that support a believer’s journey. These three qualities interact to provide the basis for our spiritual existence. Understanding their interconnectedness not only broadens our comprehension of scripture, but also enables us to live out our religion more completely, embodying the essence of faith-based living. Faith: Trusting in […]

Persecution, Tests and Temptations at the Work Place

Persecution, tests, and temptations refer to experiences that believers go through. They are challenges that occur in everyone’s life. Tests reveal one’s strengths and weaknesses, while temptations try to divert and destroy individuals. Christians believe that God permits temptations to come their way to reveal their trust in Him and to grant them opportunities to […]

Finding Purpose in the Job Search

When Jesus came to earth, he did not waste time looking for jobs or doing every other job that was advertised. He went about doing what God had called him to do. The question now is, “What has God called you to do on earth?”

Prayer and Preparation in Ministry

Most people who enter ministry do not take God’s Word seriously and do not pray for God’s presence in their ministries. How could any ministry survive without prayers?

Seeking Promotions as a Christian

A lot of times, the need to be promoted turns into desperation, causing certain people to do things they would not do under normal circumstances. People who search for promotions through many other means do not receive true promotions.

Prayers to Preserve Your Job

It is rather unfortunate that most people do not strive to preserve their jobs or destiny through prayers. They forget that Satan’s job is to keep people out of jobs, frustrate destinies, and push you out of God’s plan and purposes.

Prayer for Divine Connections

In your business, your career, and your dealings with people, you are going to need to be connected if you wish to make headway and rise to the top.