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God’s Word in Your Child’s Heart

Your main responsibility is not only to give birth or feed your children natural foods. Rather, it is to also show them the way back to God. It is a sin to bring a child into this world without guiding that child to God, the source of all things.

Raising a Godly Child

The joy of a well-trained child and his success cannot be overemphasized. Only Jacob could tell how it felt to hear that his love and commitment to Joseph was never a waste.

Training a Child in a Godly Way

I have often come across children who leave one question in my mind, “Do they have parents at all?” It is one thing to have children, and another thing for them to be well trained.

Spare the Rod…

So I was scrolling on Instagram a few weeks ago and I came across a video of 3 cute little girls, I assumed there were friends.