Raising a Godly Child

God gave a man and a woman the ability to come together in marriage and bear fruit. From the very beginning, in the Garden of Eden, God established marriage, blessed it, and favored childbearing and childrearing. Therefore, the responsibility of being a parent is a sacred trust placed in us by God; it is a huge responsibility and an even bigger privilege.

A child’s parents are the first people he or she encounters after birth. Since you are the first real thing in their lives, everything you do will follow the example you set for them. In light of this, God places great importance on the upbringing and instruction of his children. Before Abraham gave birth to his only son, Isaac, God knew he was going to train him well.

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The joy of a well-trained child and his success cannot be overemphasized. Only Jacob could tell how it felt to hear that his love and commitment to Joseph was never a waste. Parents who take the issue of training their children lightly are destroying the continued existence of future generations.

You are obligated to love, respect, and guide your children in their relationship with Christ by setting a good example for them. Children are to be chastised with love while there is hope and should not be spared no matter how much they cry. Ignoring a child when he arrogantly departs from the right path is giving him up to the devil. He also said in His Word to train your children in the way they should grow and not to let them grow up in their own folly. They need the rod of correction! And this is something you must ensure from your child’s childhood.

The Word of God

Many children cannot tell what they need or what to expect from the Lord, and this leaves them confused and unstable as they grow. The Word of God is the best manual suitable for training children. When a child learns and observes God’s Word from a tender age, he or she prospers greatly in life. When you teach your child how to meditate on God’s Word day and night, it becomes easier for him or her to dislodge evil thoughts and wicked desires.

It also shapes their lives as adults and guides their decisions. Jacob’s love for Joseph and Benjamin accounted for much of the love and discipline he showed to them. Because of this, despite all the hatred and attempts to stop him, the love and training Joseph received from his father were instrumental in his survival. His training made him obedient to God, even in temptations and difficult times.

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God blessed his faithfulness beyond his imagination. He gave him victory over temptations (See Genesis 39:7-13), and promotions (See Genesis 41:14-46). His godly training preserved him as a slave and a prisoner. In any environment he found himself, he sought for nothing else except the glory of God. He was tempted many times, but he did not fall.

People who have never received any godly training always experience a sudden fall when promoted. However, it was not so with Joseph. He still trusted God, having the wisdom of God, divine foresight, and was very industrious, and God used him to keep his people alive. Jacob’s heart was gladdened until his dying breath.

Children trained by godly parents in godly homes are sources of joy to their families. You may not see the immediate reward for chastising a child, but with time, it brings peace. When you fail to instruct and chastise your children, in the long run, you are bound to suffer for their negligence.

“He that begetteth a fool doeth it to his sorrow: and the father of a fool hath no joy”

Proverbs 17:21

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