Submission and Respect in the Christian Family

Where there is true love in the family, there is no animosity, no struggle, no fighting, nothing but a perfect, glorious union. Love must be noticed at the very heart and center of Christian homes.

Avoiding Separation as a Solution: Seeking God’s Will

Similarly, separation may not necessarily be the best solution to the serious conflict you are facing in your marriage right now. is able to instruct you on a path to follow that will lead you to His goodness and mercies. You only have to listen and obey his instructions.

Our True Home: Heaven

The earthly home is a shadow or model of our heavenly home. Therefore, if your earthly home lacks the presence of God, how can you partake in the heavenly home?

Dealing With Family Distress

A lot of times, you give the devil a place in your home, and you end up battling diverse kinds of problems. He seizes every such opportunity to build his altar in families that are in distress, and he makes sure peace never enters.