Submission and Respect in the Christian Family

A Christian home is not an unbelieving home, a worldly family, or a home filled with wine and worldly pleasures. It is a place where the spirit of God reigns with divine praise, always giving thanks to God in all situations, exhorting, honoring, and respecting one another.

It is a place of submission to one another. A spirit-filled home speaks truth freely with boldness, witnesses with love and convicting power, and overflows with joy no matter their situations. Such families do not lack God’s presence; they sing and praise God together, exhort, and encourage one another with scriptures. They thank God at all times, working in the fear of God.

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God commands Christian wives to be lovely, tender, gentle, and submissive. God established the husband as the head and the wife as the subordinate. In domestic matters, the husband has the authority to direct living styles and family expenses. He has to regulate family life, education, and employment. Nevertheless, the husband has no right to require his wife to disobey God because it is contrary to faith and pure conscience.

It is not degrading for the church to obey Christ; likewise, when the wife obeys her husband, it is well pleasing to God and an honor to God and not man. Where there is true love in the family, there is no animosity, no struggle, no fighting, nothing but a perfect, glorious union. Love must be noticed at the very heart and center of Christian homes.

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A husband has nothing to lose by loving his wife too much, provided she is not loved more than God. He must be willing to deny himself, toil and trial in order to provide for, care for, and defend her. He should have the same care for the comfort of his wife that he has for himself and regard her as one with himself, to nourish and cherish which includes providing food, clothing, and necessities for her. When your body has needs, you meet them.

Thus, the great secret of conjugal happiness is mutual love, kindness, tenderness, and loveliness of character in the home. When the wife respects and obeys the husband, and the husband loves and cares for the wife, God will make the impossible possible in the home.

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