How to Conduct Family Devotions that Engage Young Minds

Family Devotions: A Key to spiritual growth in Christian Homes Family devotions are an important part of a Christian home because they foster faith and help families connect. Engaging children, particularly young brains, needs ingenuity, patience, and a dedication to keeping the Bible relevant and accessible. Here’s how to lead family devotions that not only […]

Addressing the Spirit of Delay Through Fasting and Prayer

“Many Christians face times of unanswered prayers and spiritual stagnation on their religious journey. This disease, often known as the “spirit of delay,” may have an impact on many facets of life, including personal ambitions and professional successes. However, fasting and prayer are effective methods for addressing these spiritual obstacles. The Power of Fasting Fasting […]

Finding Christ in the End of Christmas

As these last days of the year have come, so the last days of your life on earth will one day come. Today may even be that day, so do not delay your salvation.

In the Spirit of Christmas

A lot of people leverage on repentance after Christmas to commit all manner of atrocities during the Christmas season. Some people will increase wickedness and all manner of evil before and during Christmas, hoping to repent after the holiday.

A New Perspective on the New Year

A lot of people enter a new year without any form of preparation; some do not even know that there is a need for preparation. Every area of your life will need to be put to work if you are to succeed today.

Prayers for Christmas Season

Christmas is such a beautiful season. The noise that comes with this festive season is a resounding one. it might interest you to know that Christmas means different things to different people.

An Authentic Call after Christmas

To me, the end of Christmas every year which is not even in the Bible ends every 25th midnight. But to many, their Christmas continues in sin, celebrating Christmas without Christ in their lives. Seven days Prayer after Christmas can start from the 25th midnight of December of every year to 1st January for those […]

Realities after Christmas

With Christmas come and gone, the whole world and all human beings are facing another direction, new year, new problems and new responsibilities. You are going to add into your life another year whether you like it or not. In this year you need godly preparation, a new and a better foundation. You need a […]

Life After Christmas

To prepare adequately and receive the best that God has for you this year, you must examine your life, strengthen your past, correct your immediate…