Building Strong Christian Relationships: Advice & Tips

Welcome to our guide on building strong Christian relationships. Whether you’re looking to establish a new connection or strengthen an existing one, this article will provide you with valuable insights and guidance on how to cultivate healthy, godly relationships based on biblical principles. At the heart of Christian relationships lies the belief in putting faith in God and His love […]

A deviation from God’s Design for Marriage

Nicodemus, an esteemed ruler of the Jews and a prominent Pharisee, sought to meet with Jesus. He disclosed to Jesus the conclusions that the Pharisees had drawn about Him. Nicodemus affirmed that the Pharisees recognized Jesus as a teacher sent from God because of the many miracles He had performed. As a result, both those […]

Marriage: A Journey of Love and Sacrifice

Jesus demonstrated His love for us when He died on the cross of Calvary. This love was not abstract; instead, it was concrete. Therefore, the love that exists in your family must be concrete, not abstract.

Submission and Respect in the Christian Family

Where there is true love in the family, there is no animosity, no struggle, no fighting, nothing but a perfect, glorious union. Love must be noticed at the very heart and center of Christian homes.

Overcoming the Influence of Witchcraft in Relationships

One of the deadliest weapons of witchcraft is the weapon of mismatch. The Devil is the worst and most desperate matchmaker. He wants you to make mistakes in your family, in your choice of marriage partner, in your businesses.

Avoiding Separation as a Solution: Seeking God’s Will

Similarly, separation may not necessarily be the best solution to the serious conflict you are facing in your marriage right now. is able to instruct you on a path to follow that will lead you to His goodness and mercies. You only have to listen and obey his instructions.