The Dangers of Traditions That Contradict the Gospel

No matter who is in charge, once a tradition contradicts the Word of God, reject and avoid it. Therefore, you must learn to scrutinize the traditions, rudiments, and philosophies involved in marriage, business, and families before you get involved. Otherwise, you may enter into collective bondage.

The Importance of Preparation in Life

You cannot jump into life without due preparation and succeed. You must be a child before you become a man. You must serve others before others serve you.

Dangers of Marrying the Wrong Person

Someone may check all the boxes and appear physically satisfactory and may even be very intelligent, but they lack the discipline, temperance, and selflessness that would enable the two of you to live in peace.

Why Do Couples Separate?

Unlike the popular belief of today, submission does not make any woman a slave. Rather, it is a demonstration of your love for Christ and His Word.

Seeds of Divorce

You cannot underestimate what the devil could do with a little foothold in your marriage. A little pride or anger can give the devil a place.

What Is a Lifetime Commitment?

Failing to love your wife is the same thing as hating your own body. You may not really realize that you hate yourself or your own body by not loving your wife, but it is true.

The Enemy in Your Marriage

You must understand that great marriages face great challenges. The devil does not spare any person who plans to set up a family. One of the strategic areas he attacks successfully is people’s marriages.

The Road to Marriage

The period of courtship is certainly one of those times when couples tend to relax and rest their oars. However, courtship is as important as marriage itself, and so it ought to be taken as seriously.

How to Restore Peace in a Marriage

Every marriage comes with its own concerns. One of the major concerns that may arise in a marriage is the absence of peace. At one point or another, peace may seemingly elude your union.

Dealing With Family Distress

A lot of times, you give the devil a place in your home, and you end up battling diverse kinds of problems. He seizes every such opportunity to build his altar in families that are in distress, and he makes sure peace never enters.