A deviation from God’s Design for Marriage

Nicodemus, an esteemed ruler of the Jews and a prominent Pharisee, sought to meet with Jesus. He disclosed to Jesus the conclusions that the Pharisees had drawn about Him. Nicodemus affirmed that the Pharisees recognized Jesus as a teacher sent from God because of the many miracles He had performed. As a result, both those […]

Avoiding Separation as a Solution: Seeking God’s Will

Similarly, separation may not necessarily be the best solution to the serious conflict you are facing in your marriage right now. is able to instruct you on a path to follow that will lead you to His goodness and mercies. You only have to listen and obey his instructions.

Why Do Couples Separate?

Unlike the popular belief of today, submission does not make any woman a slave. Rather, it is a demonstration of your love for Christ and His Word.

Seeds of Divorce

You cannot underestimate what the devil could do with a little foothold in your marriage. A little pride or anger can give the devil a place.

What Is a Lifetime Commitment?

Failing to love your wife is the same thing as hating your own body. You may not really realize that you hate yourself or your own body by not loving your wife, but it is true.

The Road to Marriage

The period of courtship is certainly one of those times when couples tend to relax and rest their oars. However, courtship is as important as marriage itself, and so it ought to be taken as seriously.

Dealing With Family Distress

A lot of times, you give the devil a place in your home, and you end up battling diverse kinds of problems. He seizes every such opportunity to build his altar in families that are in distress, and he makes sure peace never enters.

Restoring Broken Homes

Families are the core of society. Families that break up cause society to experience a social and cultural collapse. When a family disintegrates, the children suffer.

When Your Husband Hates You

Many women are on the receiving end of hate in their homes. It just so happens that your husband now appears to despise you as much as he did love you, and you have no idea why.

Troubled Waters in Your Marriage

Other times, when you give a place to the devil by permitting worldly lifestyles, criticisms, and a lack of love and affection, troubles are bound to rise in your marriage.