Restoring Broken Homes

You must have seen a broken home at some point in your life. Perhaps it is your own family, the family of a friend, or a distant relative. Families disintegrate in ways that are both short-lived and permanent, in ways that are both hidden from view and obvious to everyone. Whatever the case, the breakup of families is one of the things that frustrates and confuses us the most.

Unfortunately, its consequences tend to leave scars on the children involved. Families are the core of society. Families that break up cause society to experience a social and cultural collapse. When a family disintegrates, the children suffer. These are experiences you do not want to witness or see someone you love witness.

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As a result of broken homes, husbands often abandon their wives and children. Women abandon their spouses and their children, leaving them in a devastated situation. Though this issue may not make headlines, like termites, it is nonetheless eating away at the very foundation of our social and moral structure.

In the first marriage, it was God himself who introduced the bride to her husband. God did not plan for the separation of husband and wife when He established matrimony. They were to cleave to one another. Marriage, according to divine command, is a lifetime commitment. God, who instituted marriage, has adequately provided love and happiness for every family, and as such, broken homes and delinquent children in our society are not the will of God for His people.

It is not God’s will for a man and his wife to be separated or divorced; rather, it is the will of satan and his agents. Thankfully, through prayer, you can trust God to restore broken homes and keep your family together in the bond of peace and godly unity.

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Prayers for Broken Homes

  1. Every spirit of hatred upon my marriage, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Any power that has driven my partner away from me, bring him or her back now, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every resident demon attacking my home, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.
  4. I put to shame every evil influence assigned to destroy my home, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Any stranger in my home, visible or invisible, be exposed and be disgraced, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Any evil altar manipulating my marriage, scatter by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  7. Let every issue bringing quarrels in my home die now, in the name of Jesus.
  8. O Lord, provide whatever that is lacking in my home, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Every satanic plan against my home, be destabilized, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Father Lord, arise and bring my life partner back to me, in the name of Jesus.

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