The Ultimate Choice: Repent or Suffer Eternally

No matter how wicked a person is, if he turns from all his sins, keeps God’s command, and starts living right, he will receive divine mercy, life, and salvation, not judgment.

Breaking Free From the Devil’s Yoke

Many Christians are already under the yoke of the devil, and it is sad that believers who possess the power of Christ can become captives of Satan.

Winning the Battle Against Fear

Fear is one of the tools the devil uses to control humanity and keep them out of God’s plans. Believers must not allow fear to prosper in their lives.

The New Jerusalem: A Sin-Free Haven

All that enter into this city will never for a moment, think evil, desire evil, see evil or have any need that is not met, because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple.

Fighting Against the Devil: A Battle for Your Soul

The worst decision in life is to give the devil an audience, listen to his lies, consider him, accept his suggestions, doubt God, desire what God prohibits, or commit sin and befriend the worst enemy of God.

Understanding the Enemy: Overcoming Satan

The devil, the wicked one, may be strong, but if you want to be stronger to overcome him, you have to be born again. If you keep God’s word and obey Him, the devil will not touch you.

The Consequences of Idolatry: God’s Coming Vengeance

Hypocrites are ungodly people who have a false assumption of virtue and pretense of goodness, and it is their wickedness for which God will judge. Therefore, God expects every act of hypocrisy to be repented of without further delay to avoid judgment.

Repentance: A Journey of Transformation

Repentance consists of a radical change of mind about God, sin, yourself, and the world. Previously, sin was delighted in, but now it is hated and mourned over. With repentance, self was esteemed, but now it is abhorred.