The Consequences of Idolatry: God’s Coming Vengeance

More people, including believers, are going to miss the rapture and partake in the Great Tribulation because of the lack of preaching, teaching, and discipleship ministry in the body of Christ. The reason for God’s inevitable and unavoidable wrath is the absence of the ministry of preaching, teaching, and discipleship in the body.

Many people with the Aaronic ministry of idolatry, false prophets, and antichrist have taken away the crowd from Moses in many cities. The church needs to repent and go back to preaching, teaching, and discipleship ministry to deliver people from God’s coming vengeance as a result of this. For God to be known as a righteous God, the wicked must be judged to maintain the cause of the upright on this earth. Unless they repent, they will fall into the pit they create and be caught in their own snares or traps they set for others. 

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Utter destruction shall be the lot of all the ungodly and the hypocrites, but the righteous shall be delivered from all troubles. Hypocrites are ungodly people who have a false assumption of virtue and pretense of goodness, and it is their wickedness for which God will judge. Therefore, God expects every act of hypocrisy to be repented of without further delay to avoid judgment.

You may be the most ungodly person on earth now, but if you repent, confess, and forsake your sins, you will be exempted from these last seven plagues revealed in the book of revelations. As a believer, a minister of the gospel, and a respected and gifted minister, if you backslide, you will be plagued with the seven plagues.

No matter what you are going through now—the pains, the suffering—wait for God’s deliverance. Do not allow anything to divert your worship; wait, even if it seems that God has forgotten you. The righteous will not be forgotten forever as long as he keeps to his way, holds on to his way, and maintains clean hands.

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The righteous also shall hold on his way, and he that hath clean hands shall be stronger and stronger’

Job 17:9

As for the wicked—all classes of sinners—God loves you and does not want you to perish. Seek Him today, right now, call on Him, and repent of your wicked ways, unrighteous thoughts, evil schemes, idolatry, and witchcraft. Take your decision and return to God, and He will have mercy on you. You will be pardoned, forgiven, and exempted from the last seven plagues. People are already dying, and those who die in their sins will not escape these last seven plagues, but you can, if you repent now, forsake your sins, and begin to worship and serve only God.

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