The Ultimate Choice: Repent or Suffer Eternally

Christ, the Prince of Life and Savior, wrote to the church in Pergamos and commanded them to repent. He was ready to save the penitent ones among them. He did not first present them with judgment, but rather with salvation. 

His will for them, for you, and for us all is not to condemn but to convince, convict, and convert them. There is no heart too hard that cannot be surrendered to Christ, that cannot give up sin, or that cannot be pardoned. If you can believe the gospel and come to Christ’s light, you will be saved and not judged.

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You can only be fought by Christ and condemned if you do not believe, love darkness, love the deed of evil, hate light, refuse to come to light, or neglect the great offer of salvation.

‘Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth’

Revelation 2:16

Christ gave the church at Pergamos the offer to repent, confess, and forsake their sin of compromising for false doctrines. Therefore, it is only when you despise this offer, neglect it, do not believe, and hate the light offered to you that Christ will fight you, condemn you, and allow you to suffer eternally.

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He asked them to humble themselves, repent of practicing false doctrine, pray, seek His face, and turn away from every wicked practice and in turn, He will give them true life, and they will be saved and not be judged. There are things God expects from you, every family, and every church to do so that deliverance will come. Deliverance does not come only through prayer.

You need to humble yourself, believe in Christ, come to the light, walk in it, pray, seek God, and believe that your prayers are answered. No matter how wicked a person is, if he turns from all his sins, keeps God’s command, and starts living right, he will receive divine mercy, life, and salvation, not judgment. If a sinner casts away his transgressions and prays for a new heart, he will be saved, no matter how unsafe he was.

Christ knows everything, including your flaws and shortcomings which is why He made plans for your repentance and recorded them. The consequence of every sin you have ever committed is that all your wickedness can be removed and forgotten forever and ever. Check your life; find out where you need to repent, confess, and forsake your sins now.

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