Breaking Free from Evil Altars

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This course gives you insight into the concept of Evil altars and their influence on individuals and families.
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What will I learn?

  • Understanding the biblical and spiritual principles behind evil altars.
  • Identifying the roles and characteristics of evil altars.
  • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of evil altar influences in your life.
  • Biblical strategies for overcoming and breaking free from the bondage of evil altars.
  • Implementing spiritual disciplines to maintain deliverance and protect against spiritual attacks.

What's in the Course?

Course Book Material

  • Download “When Evil Altars are Multiplied” & “A Jump From Evil Altar”

Introduction: Understanding Evil Altars
An overview of the course, introducing the concept of evil altars, with a foundational scripture reference from Numbers 23. Defining evil altars and discussing their spiritual implications, with an exploration of how they relate to scriptural examples.

What is an Evil Altar?
Delving into how evil altars can affect both the spiritual and physical realms, based on biblical contexts. Examining the far-reaching influence of evil altars on personal, familial, and national levels through a biblical lens. Highlighting specific biblical passages that illustrate the concept of evil altars and their operations.

Characteristics of Evil Altars
Outlining the roles evil altars play in spiritual warfare, from promoting sin to establishing covenants.

The Effects of Evil Altars on Individuals
Describing the signs and symptoms exhibited by individuals under the influence of evil altars.

Different Types of Evil Altars
A detailed look at the different types of evil altars, from crossroad to forest altars, and their unique characteristics. Providing scriptural references that correlate with each type of evil altar discussed in the course.

Identifying Victims of Evil Altars
Offering insights into identifying those affected by evil altars through behavioral and spiritual markers. Exploring the tangible and spiritual effects that evil altars can have on a person's life.

Preconditions for Liberation
Emphasizing the necessity of new birth in Christ and consistent Christian living as a foundation for spiritual liberation.

Strategies for Overcoming Evil Altars
Discussing the process of building a new spiritual foundation while addressing past vulnerabilities. Underlining the power of prayer in combating evil altars, supported by key biblical teachings. Explaining the role of restitution in the process of breaking free from the bonds of evil altars.

What People are Saying

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4 months ago
To the spiritual man, all things are spiritual. Certainly worth listening/watching all over again, and every time taking fresh notes. This is one of those lessons that need to be heard with the ears of the spirit. Simple and yet profound!
4 months ago
Such an interesting and informative course; you cannot put it down. Also, if you have a lot of unanswered questions about your life and those you know, it helps make life make sense!!! Highly suggest it to anyone dealing with unexplained issues or interested in the true paranormal, etc.
5 months ago
The content was not what I expected. I had a problem following some of the information as it was presented. I did not complete the course because it did not hold my interest.
5 months ago
Fascinating information!! I'm just getting into the course. The instructor is a very experienced minister understanding the dark side of life. Two thumbs up! I'm learning a lot.
4 months ago
The course is presented in a way we can understand everything. It opened my mind and helped me to see things in a different way. Yes, there are evil altars, and they can destroy lives. The prayers are so powerful! I’m praying those prayers every day, and it’s changing my family and marriage.
4 months ago
Bible verses taken out of context and randomly placed without relating to anything. Pulling 'facts' and determinations from thin air. Test that spirit if you watch it.
5 months ago
Very enlightening and informative indeed. I would recommend this course to any child of God who is tired of living in bondage and would want to live a life of freedom in Christ.
5 months ago
It was an exhausting watch, but gave information needed for understanding. Answered all my questions concerning altars. Thank You, Jesus.
5 months ago
I've watched many videos on evil altars, but this one just didn't do it for me.
5 months ago
This was a great video course. I've been living in bondage for years and did not know that the dreams I was having were coming from evil family altars. The instructor uses Bible verses on everything to support every piece of information given. I learned how to destroy evil altars. The instructor has some powerful prayer points at the last chapter. GOD bless the instructor and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
5 months ago
I've watched various videos on evil altars; however, this course opened my understanding to the possibility of being in bondage to various altars! I fully understand why I was free in other areas of my life and in bondage in others. The information in this course will teach, enlighten, and guide you to your freedom from multiple evil altars.
4 months ago
One will never learn the depths of the war we are involved in against the enemy from a local church. You have to dig it out. I would recommend all the instructor's courses on the topic of spiritual warfare.
4 months ago
Definitely not what I expected. I didn't expect it to be one minister's ideas. Very hard to understand what the instructor is talking about.
5 months ago
The course was good, not worth $50, maybe $25. Also there aren’t many details in any of the videos. A detailed prayer points like in your books would be helpful. Overall 4/5, would buy again, preferably on sale.
$47.00 $497.00
Books Included in this Course

What will I get?

  • Video lectures on evil altars and strategies for liberation.
  • Comprehensive study notes for each module.
  • List of related biblical references for personal study and meditation.
  • Prayer guides and spiritual exercises for practical application.


  • Access to a Bible for scripture reference and study.
  • Willingness to engage in personal reflection and prayer.
  • Recommended to have a quiet space for watching the course and participating in the exercises.

Target Audience

  • Individuals seeking spiritual growth and understanding of spiritual warfare.
  • Christians desiring to learn about deliverance from spiritual oppression.
  • Church prayer groups and spiritual leaders looking for teaching materials on evil altars.
  • Believers who want to deepen their knowledge of biblical principles regarding spiritual strongholds.