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What is Deliverance?

What is Deliverance?

Deliverance is a concept deeply rooted in the Bible, holding profound significance for those who seek spiritual freedom and growth. The biblical meaning of deliverance goes beyond a simple definition; it encompasses a whole range of ideas and principles that can transform our lives. To truly understand the biblical definition of deliverance, we must explore the […]

Operations of the Queen of the Coast

A male or female-like spirit, filled with jealousy and wickedness, seeks to marry or be wedded to humans. This marks the beginning of evil marriages with evil spirits known as “spirit husbands” and “spirit wives.” In the hierarchy of satanic forces, the queen of the coast is more powerful than the queen of heaven and […]

The Power of Satan in Controlling Sinners

Satan is incredibly evil and dangerous. Sinners are dominated by him. It’s impossible to serve both Satan and a higher power at the same time. Jesus stated that it’s not possible to drive out demons if one is under Satan’s control. One may potentially ease Satan’s aggression or alter its location in one’s body through […]

The Destructive Influence of Leviathan

Out of all the entities currently allied with Satan, Leviathan is considered the most destructive. It is responsible for causing destruction and undermining God’s creations, as well as tarnishing people’s reputations. Leviathan leads the killing squad within the satanic kingdom and is known as the great destroyer, conqueror, and crippler of God’s work in humanity. […]

The Power of God’s Grace in Overthrowing the Enemy

“Without God’s assistance and spiritual empowerment, no one has the strength to defeat our enemies. Only through faith in Christ and the grace of God can we overcome the formidable powers of the devil, who is our ultimate adversary. Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had […]

The Importance of Warfare Prayers

While prayer is communication with the Almighty, prayer warfare is resisting and confronting the devil through intensive prayers until he gives way. Unbelievably, every human on earth is involved in spiritual warfare. But only true Christians achieve complete victory. Confronting Satan while remaining a sinner will be disastrous. You cannot win. That Is why you […]

Breaking the Yoke of Wood

‘Wood’ is defined as a dense growth of trees usually greater in extent than a grove; and smaller than a forest. It is often used in plants or construction. It is the hard-fibrous substance consisting basically of xylem that makes up the greater part of the stems; branches; and roots of trees or shrubs beneath […]

The Ministerial Calling of the Devil

One of the greatest hindrances in deliverance is not being able to discern the difference between the work of devil and the work of God. Many people misinterpret devil’s work to be God’s work. Where this error existed, it is hard to resist the devil. While many Christians remain complacent, hoping that devil would someday […]

Personal Deliverance with Ignorance

It is very disappointing to let you know that many deliverance ministries on earth lack the knowledge of God’s Word. Yet the same ministers are specialists in prayers that do not have reference to the Holy Spirit. As a result, they produce counterfeit results and deceptive miracles and wonders. Some of these ministers preach the […]

Who is a Witch or Wizard?

Using Deuteronomy_18:10 definition, a witch or wizard is someone who makes his son or daughter to pass through the fire (initiation of any sort), or uses divination, or makes enchantments, or communicates with spirits. All these are motivated by demons. A witch or a wizard can be a living being with an ability to change […]