Understanding Spiritual Attacks Through Dreams

Witchcraft dreams refer to dreams that are believed to originate from the devil or dark forces, with the aim of placing a curse on an individual. These dreams are intended to lead people astray from God and his plans, and can even unknowingly initiate someone into an evil group, with the potential to cause harm […]

Converting Witchcraft Dreams into Blessings Through Prayer

Bad dreams caused by witchcraft can be transformed into blessings through prayer. Review the prayer list and pray against the evil dreams that regularly affect your life. It’s also possible to pray after having such a dream. The prayers in this book are sure to change your bad dreams into good ones, leading to an […]

Dreams as a Warning System

In the dream, not all activities are from God. Some of them are from the devil, and this is why you need to have a good relationship with God to attract good dreams from Him.

What Are Dreams?

A lot of the time, it is a common experience for most people to forget their dreams and find them difficult to recall. However, if dreams are not remembered, they could bring disaster.