In the domain of spiritual warfare, the concept of wicked altars is both fascinating and critical for believers to understand. Prayer M. Madueke’s insights on these altars shed light on a spiritual reality that many people are unaware of but that plays an important role in the battle between good and evil. This blog post seeks to explain wicked altars by tracing their history, analyzing their intentions, and finally offering advice on how to fight their impact through prayer.

Origins of Evil Altars

Evil altars are not a contemporary idea, but have ancient origins. Historically, altars served as places of worship and sacrifice to many deities. While some were committed to the worship of the one true God, others were founded in honor of false gods and idols, becoming conduits for evil practices and demonic activity. In the Bible, God’s people are told to remove these altars in order to clear the country of idolatry (Deuteronomy 12:3).

Purposes of Evil Altars

The fundamental function of an evil altar is to act as a conduit between the physical and spiritual realms, allowing dark forces to influence, control, and wreak havoc in the lives of people, families, and communities. These altars can be used to summon malevolent spirits, cast curses, and control people’s fates. They provide a legal basis in the spiritual realm for demonic entities to operate and carry out their malicious goals.

Identifying the presence of evil altars

Recognizing the influence of an evil altar might be difficult, but some clues may suggest its presence:

Unexplained family conflicts and divides.
Chronic illnesses without a medical reason.
Continuing financial troubles despite hard work
Unusual patterns of failure or accidents
Dismantling Evil Altars with Prayer and Fasting
As followers of Christ, we are not powerless against the enemy’s schemes. Prayer M. Madueke emphasizes the use of prayer and fasting as strategies for disassembling these shrines. By saying Jesus’ name, we can remove the chains that bind us and destroy the legal foundations that wicked altars use to control our life.

Prayer Points to Destroy Evil Altars

  1. Prayer for Breaking Covenants with Evil Altars: “Lord Almighty, I pray for Your intervention to break every covenant made with evil altars in my lineage. Sever these ties with Your holy fire, setting us free from bondage.”
  2. Prayer Against Spiritual Manipulation: “Heavenly Father, shield my mind and heart against the manipulations of evil altars. Grant me the wisdom to discern their deceptions and the strength to resist them.”
  3. Prayer for the Cleansing of Ancestral Ties: “God of all generations, I seek Your cleansing over my family’s ancestral ties. Purify our lineage from any connections to evil altars, and bless our generations with Your grace.”
  4. Prayer for Revealing Hidden Evil Altars: “Lord Jesus, reveal the hidden evil altars working against my destiny. Illuminate them with Your light, and dismantle their structures by Your mighty hand.”
  5. Prayer for Healing from Altar-induced Afflictions: “Merciful Father, heal my body, soul, and spirit from afflictions caused by evil altars. Restore my health and vitality, and let Your peace reign in my life.”
  6. Prayer for Protection of Properties and Assets: “God of provision, protect my properties and assets from the influence of evil altars. Guard them with Your angelic hosts, and let no harm come to my earthly possessions.”
  7. Prayer Against Environmental Evil Altars: “Creator of heaven and earth, I stand against any evil altars in my environment. Sanctify the land on which I live and work, making it a place of Your dwelling.”
  8. Prayer for Victory in Legal and Financial Battles: “Righteous Judge, grant me victory in legal and financial battles influenced by evil altars. Provide Your favor and wisdom, leading me to triumph through Your justice.”
  9. Prayer for Shielding Children from Evil Altars: “Heavenly Protector, shield my children from the influence of evil altars. Cover them with Your wings, ensuring their safety and guiding them in Your ways.”
  10. Thanksgiving for Deliverance from Evil Altars: “Father, I thank You for deliverance from the powers of evil altars. I celebrate Your faithfulness and power, knowing that no force can stand against Your will in Jesus name, Amen.

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