What Does Divine Provision Mean?

Most likely, when you hear of provision, the first thing that comes to mind is riches, and wealth. Of course, God can provide you with all of these. However, there are certain things you require in life that essentially become more important than money and wealth. Sometimes, they may be the very things that can launch you into wealth. The needs of humanity are met in every area of life by divine provision, which is a result of God’s power.

Divine provision from God is supply beyond human or earthly sources. It is inexhaustible. A lot of times, we go looking for provision and security in the wrong places. The truth is that God knows your every need before you even ask, and his promise to provide everything you need has not changed.

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Confidence in God’s Promises

Sometimes, you may not completely believe that God is capable of providing everything you need. Circumstances may overwhelm you; your life may be filled with sorrow, bitterness, confusion, lack, sickness, diseases, and so much more that put your faith to the test. This is where you need to exercise confidence in God’s promise to you.

When God instructed Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, he showed his confidence and obeyed God. God provided him with a ram instead, out of nowhere. Likewise, the children of Israel based their claim on God’s promises and provision. They were determined to possess the land despite all the opposition on their way, and they trusted God to fulfill his promises to them.

Access to Divine Provision

God’s promise to Caleb was fulfilled after forty years when he was kept alive to receive the fulfillment. He came to the land that God promised to give him. He did not inherit or possess his possessions until he asked. If you do not ask God for what He has provided for you, then how would you receive and possess it? When there is a promise, wise people pray, but the unwise postpone their prayers until the master of the house has risen up and shut the door before they start knocking.

When you pray, you must pray with faith, believing God for the impossible. David faced great problems, but the promise of God kept him until he fulfilled his destiny. If you need deliverance, God will provide for you. If you desire healing, your healing will come. Whatever they may be, God is able to fulfill his promises to you. Therefore, put your trust in God today; He will deliver your enemies into your hands.

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