The Dangers of Summoning at Evil Altars

An evil altar is a place where evil personalities summon a Christian, an unbeliever, a group of persons, or even a nation, to assess their spiritual strength. It is done before attacking them. Intelligent occult priests do not attack a person until they have determined the target’s spiritual level and thus the appropriate weapon to use. 

If an evil priest does not assess his target before attacking, he may end up attacking a higher occult member, and this may cause much damage or even the loss of his life in the satanic kingdom. Reckless and unintelligent occult priests may just attack anybody they see, and that may be disastrous for them. All the same, it is dangerous for anyone to appear on an evil altar at all.

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The truth is, as a Christian, you are not supposed to appear there at all. This is because once you appear, you can be deposited for future attack, and if you do not withdraw yourself in your weak moment, they may destroy something in your life, steal something very important from it, or even kill you.

They can also steal your brain, your business, your finances, your joy, your prosperity, or even destroy an important organ in your body. Once somebody appears on the evil altar, he receives extra evil luggage. Therefore, every Christian should always be on fire for the Lord so as not to appear at all on any evil altar. An evil altar is also a place where occult nests store information about a place, person, or thing for evil purposes. From birth to old age, a high-ranking occultist can obtain any information about another person. 

However, once you know how to withdraw things from evil altars, your life will be too hot to be controlled by any evil power. This is because your full identity must have been withdrawn from the satanic world. You may be born again, but all your credentials may be on the marine altar, and as such, you may not be able to get a good job. If your marriage is on the evil altar, either physical marriage will be impossible or these evil powers will allow you to marry your enemy, their agent, through whom they will always manipulate your life. 

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It is true that as soon as you are born again, every condemnation is cancelled as long as such a person walks in the spirit. However, there are many instances where the devil resisted the will of God for man. If Satan can resist God, he can do more harm to you. The Christian life is full of warfare, and many people are ignorant of this. Satan uses this ignorance to keep you from the plans and promises of God. You must therefore fight if you want to keep your relationship with God. 

If you are born again, then rise up and demand your full rights. If you do not demand them through warfare prayers, Satan will not willingly surrender them to you. Salvation is necessary, but you also need spiritual warfare. In fact, salvation and holiness qualify a person for warfare. So what are you waiting for?

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