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Unveiling the power of Prayer

Unveiling the Power of Prayer and Fasting: Transform Your Life Today

Prayer and fasting are spiritual practices that have been observed for centuries and are known for their transformative effects. These practices are not only associated with religious rituals, but they are also regarded as a powerful tool to enhance your spiritual growth, deepen your connection with God, and bring about positive changes in your life. […]

The Destructive Influence of Leviathan

Out of all the entities currently allied with Satan, Leviathan is considered the most destructive. It is responsible for causing destruction and undermining God’s creations, as well as tarnishing people’s reputations. Leviathan leads the killing squad within the satanic kingdom and is known as the great destroyer, conqueror, and crippler of God’s work in humanity. […]

Awakening Lazarus: The Power of Prayer and Fasting

Our Lazarus may need just a simple prayer to be awakened. To some, their Lazarus may need some hours of fasting to be awakened. To some still, they may need more than 40 days. It depends on how far your Lazarus has been taken. Occult people are fasting for 100 days to get power, some […]

Prayers to Break-Free from Anti-Christianity

What is Anti-Christianity? Antichrist is anyone, group of people, or religion that does anything against Christ and his redemptive work on the cross of Calvary.  It is not believing in Christ, his teachings, and ways of life.  An antichrist is an anti-christian; he is a perfect enemy of Christ and the followers of Christ. “But […]

Dealing with Attacks within the Church

Attacks in the church are increasing more and more because many satanic agents have invaded the congregation. It has happened before and it is happening again. Lift up thy feet unto the perpetual desolations; even all that the enemy hath done wickedly in the sanctuary. Thine enemies roar in the midst of thy congregations; they […]

Prayers to Boost your Confidence in Christ

The knowledge of God’s deliverance in the past and His promises should give you the confidence to trust Him in every situation. It is not a sin to expect manna from heaven in our time, when you trust in the ability of God, who you serve. If you have not gotten to your promised land, […]

Prayers to Dominate at your Work Place

Until God determines that you resign from your job and take up another, you do not have any reason to resign your job in fear of enemies in your place of work. No one has ever solved any problem by running away from it. Learn to face your problems and trust God to help you […]

Determined Refusal to Surrender to Satanic Bondage

These prayers are for those who want to reject their bad circumstances and excel over their contemporaries. These prayers must be prayed when you are sick of slavery, defeats, suffering, and servitude. Pray these prayers if you want your name to change and your health to improve. Nothing will prevent those who pray this prayer […]

Prayers to Dwell in a Peaceful Habitation

Most Christians do not consider praying to buy their own homes. While other prayers are also important, you cannot ignore this aspect. When thinking of getting married, you should also think of building your own house or buying a home where you will live with your family. If you do not have enough finance now, […]