Breaking Free: Overcoming the Legal Grounds for Evil Altars

In the domain of spiritual wars, knowing the notion of “legal grounds” is critical for any believer seeking victory. Legal foundations function similarly to spiritual contracts or permissions, allowing evil powers to establish a foothold in our life. These permits may come from a variety of causes, including personal sins, familial connections, and disobedience to […]

The Effectiveness of Holy Communion in Spiritual Warfare

Holy Communion, also known as the Eucharist in different faiths, is a deep and solemn activity at the center of the Christian faith. This ceremony, which is profoundly rooted in Jesus’ Last Supper with His followers, is much more than just a religious practice. It is a spiritual lifeline, a weapon for combating darkness, and […]

Praying Through the Right Channel

Many people who pray, do not direct their prayers to the only true God. They pray but not to the father, and such prayers are not acceptable to God. The majority of prayers are not directed towards the Father who resides in the third heaven. Consequently, these prayers lack the strength to reach God, as […]

The Name of Jesus

It is rather painful to die in sickness or remain in trouble while the name of Jesus is waiting for you to invoke it to get your healing and deliverance.